There are tears that come from the secret (sirr) between the Haqq (The Truth) and the Servant (Abd). In a Hadith-i Kudthi, ALLAH is stating about this type of tears :
“I don’t allow them to fall on the ground, I destroy the ground!”

[Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s), Water, Volume 1.]

[*] Abd: This term is Arabic and it is translated as servant or slave to English but it is more comprehensive than these meanings.

Turkish Original:

Gözyaşları vardır HAKK ile kul arasındaki sırrdan gelir.
Bu gözyaşını ALLAH:
Ben yere döktürmem, yeri mahvederim! buyuruyor.
Bir Hadis-i Kudsî de…
[Prof. Dr. Munir Derman (k.s), SU CİLT 1]



by Abdurrahim Karakoc

They have tied my crazy heart to your blonde hair
It is not being untied Oh Mihriban
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It is not being sensed without seeing Oh Mihriban
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