Alif Allah XIV


Alif Allah XIV

Hu within
and Hu without,
the spirit lives
with Hu __O Hu!

Hu is the burning spot of love
that consumes the lover
all the time __O Hu!

Wherever Hu sheds light,
the darkness vanishes __O Hu!

Both the worlds bow before him,
says Bahu,
who comes to see Hu __O Hu!


O Hu!: “Hu is the pronoun of divine presence”. The Sufis repeat it as a form of dhikr (invocation). Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) ends each line of this dohas (odes) generally called abiyat with the exclamation of “O Hu!”
It gives an enchanting sound when sung by the Sufi singers.

| Abyat -e- Bahu (Says Bahu) | – Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). Translation with an Introduction & notes by Prof. Syed Ahmed Saeed Hamadani.

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  1. Merhaba,

    what is the source of the picture? is it from an Ottoman design? has it been interpreted by a modern calligrapher?
    Thank you

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