If you loose your heart to the World, exalted station (maqam) of your Lord (RaBB) goes behind the veils and the spiritual air doesn’t blow towards you.
Allah is “Aziz”, and also “Jalil” [1].
No one has authority to demand rights by blaming on destiny.
A shortage in every abundance will appear.
There is a discomfort hidden in every comfort.
Every affliction is the initiator of a favour (beneficence).
Never forget the white while you are with black!..
This is a word that is related to the spiritual realm [2]
Have “adab” [3]!..

[ Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s), A Friend of ALLAH says that, V.1]

[1] AL- ‘AZIZU (J.J) [Qur’an Ref: 59/23] (dhatī)( اَلْعَزِيزُ) : the Victorious
AL- JALILU (J.J) (dhatī)( اَلْجَلِيلُ) : the Mighty

[2] Spiritual realm : Alem-i ma’na: World of the meaning. Ma’na’ MeaNs MeaNing. It is the inner face of something. Inner hearings e.g. notion, thought. Ma’na is the reason/cause(SaBab) for an action to occur.

[3] Adab (A [derivation: ‘aDuBa, to be well-mannered] ; spelling in Turkish: edeb, edep): refined manners, proper conduct, courtesy and respect, self-discipline. In Islam, adab is to act in accordance with the Sunnat-i Rasul (Tradition, moral conduct and etiquette of the Prophet of Allah). Adab is a power (malaka) protecting someone from committing things which will embarrass him in the end. Meaning in sufism: the modes of conduct and discipline of the dervishes toward their spiritual guide (shaykh), toward each other, and toward other people in general.

“Adab is an acquired habit in someone who holds back from ugly behaviors. In other words, he makes himself refined, polite and purified, and he makes his morals agreeable…. This word, in the terminology of the mystic knowers [`ârif-ân], is derived from the noble verse [of the Qur’ân], “And keep to the limits set by God”

wa ‘l-HâfiZûna li-Hudûdi ‘llâh– 9:112]. And “limits” is an expression concerning the Divine commands and prohibitions, which are either required, recommended, forbidden, or disapproved of [by Islamic Law].

Kalbinizi dünyaya kaptırırsanız, Rabbinizin yüce makamı perdeler arkasına girer, ruhanî hava tarafınıza esmez.
ALLAH hem Azîz, hem de Celîldir.
Hiç kimsenin kadere yüklenerek hak taleb etmeğe yetkisi yoktur.
Her genişliğin bir sıkıntısı çıkar.
Her ferahlıkta bir darlık saklıdır.
Her belâ bir iyiliğin öncüsüdür.
Siyahla olduğunuz zaman katiyyen beyazı unutmayınız!..
Bu mânâ âlemi ile ilgili bir sözdür.
Edebli olunuz!..

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