ResimRain RahmatSpinning spinning on the merry go round
On my back at the playground
My eyes gazing to the sky
My mind finding animals in the clouds going by
ResimShadows start growing longer
Cloud animals are getting bigger, darker
Raindrops looming in the air
The smell like moss growing there
Resim“Drip drip” the sound comes as rain falls
Water kissing terracotta rooftops and glistening the walls
I smile and raise my arms over my head
And feel the rain wetting my forehead
ResimWater washes my face so it glistens anew
It covers the grass like morning dew
Alike flowers and grass who drink up the rain
Both lion and gazelle wait for it to come again
ResimNo one can stop rain when it wishes to come
Every creature on earth at some point will succumb
My thoughts search for answers as my heart answers this bliss:
God in His mercy covers everyone like this
ResimColleen M. Dunn


Comment by Kul Ihvani

You are WE like our SumaYYa
You are a DROP and you are the SEA within WE
(You are a DROP within WE and you are the SEA)
Resim With your undeterred heart (which is not being tired)
You are a SOUL to WE Resim BIZ BIRIZ you are!..

ZAWK 5077
It is not easy for every heart Resim to drink RAHMAD drop by drop!
And to choose the MuhaMMadiNUR..In the junction of infinite roads!
Your MiM jaNNat is in the sky you gazed to ResimOH my CoLLEEn jAN!
mekAN is You!..LIVing is zamAN (Time)..mARIFat is to PASS like an INSAN (Kamil INSAN)

03.09.12 09:13
muğlam i l a s ö r e n shlleri..

Dear Our CoLLEEn jAN,
I lived with many SHAHs and many Servants as
BIZ BIR-IZand walked on the road of MuhaMmaDi “şuur” (Consciousness), MuhaMmaDi “Nur” (Light), MuhaMmaDi “Sürur” (Joy and Secrets), MuhaMmaDi “Onur” (Honour) and the pure breath of my generation without getting fed up, without being sick and tired for 50 years since my mind was aware..
Self-sown (wild), Natural (inbred), Absolute MuhaMmaDi Voluntary (hasbi) Servants like the bird, cloud, wind or sun in the sky (Erenler) have served to this “Kitmir” brother of yours, in the order of saints, in the heat of the suffering, and in the lap of Gurbet (living far from one’s homeland) Alhamdulillahi rabbi’l alameen (Oh Lord of the worlds)!..

In the age we are living in, the world of Islam has overtaken Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. It has remained in the hands of fundamentalist simple racist orders (tariqats), communities, madhabs and mashrabs (temparements) or those who do dialogue by “KUFR” inspite of the COMMAND of the CREATOR. Knowingly or unknowingly, these people are showing their dirty EGOs to our poor people who believe in Allah jalla jalaluhu and Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam loyaly, patiently and sincerely but unaware of their Haqiqat-i MuhaMMadiyya (Truth of MuhaMMad), by giving them the address ofESCAPE from the hell (jahaNNam)! And RUN to the garden (jaNNat)!”..

By seeing this as an opportunity, the materialist Western World who set their own religion in accordance with their own minds are after establishing and ruling a new Mystic-Humanist Religion of Islam which does not have Qur’an and Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam in its core and they want to ruin the bakery by using the baker’s children!..

And WE shall be the “Sirat-i MustakiM SILA SALLs” to the CREATOR for the future generations who shall come until the gathering day (Kiyamat), by cleaning the PATH of the “Firqa-i NAJiyya” of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and His “Aqlee-Naqlee” GOLDEN FOOT PRINT by licking with our tongues, from the the places we are to the RAWDHA of MADINA, in His NAME, in His account and honour in’shaALLAH!..

The honour of being a RaBBani-Qur’ani-MuhaMmaDi Hasbi Servants of the people belongs to Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam so that they can LIVE theHOPE, Angel, jaNNatin Rasuli LEVEL by being their witness (shahid) instead of KILLing and DESTROYing theirFEARs, Satans (shaiytAns), hells (JahaNNams)right at this moment, in Sha’AN. And I, you, he, she, WE are his ETERNAL drops in theBIZ BIR-IZkawthar and heart of Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam inshae ALLAH!..

ALLAH jalla jalaluhu who has Power (who is Al-Qadir) over everything (Kulli SHAY), is also the ONE who creates the opportunities (imkÂn) and may ALLAH j.j give you the GOoD fortune (Baht-ı YÂRlık), open ways, HiMMat of MuhaMaDi Haqiqat! May He make your Hasbi Service (Hizmat) to reach to the degree of KemAL in last-end, YOU. May He make you reach the union of the JAMAL of “MuhaMmaDi BIZ BIR-IZinshae ALLAH!..

May ALLAH jalla jalaluhu can turn the voluntary service of Our GaribAN JANN who, is MuhaMmaDi in his essence, is voluntary rider of the “Sabr SALL”, is the ROAD companion of kul ihvANi Kitmir and has invaluable inner, to AJRR and may Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam be proud of him eternally inshae ALLAH!..

With my heart load MuhaMmaDi Muhabbat and Love of Secret of “B” from ARDH to ARSH inshae ALLAH!..

ResimKul İhvâni

One Reply to “RAIN RAHMAT and ZAWK 5077”

  1. Der-Ya wrote:

    Our Beautiful sister Colleen
    May you attain the boundless rahmat of our Rabb insha’ALLAH.
    your heart be filled and overflowed with His Divine Love, and may the
    one who is approaching you by heart will FIND this Love within you
    With Love.

    How nice Imam Aliyyu’r-Ridha says:

    “There is a spiritual sorbet which Janab-i Haqq offers to His friends and when they drink this sorbet, they lose themselves,
    when they lose, they are overjoyed,
    when they are overjoyed, they become pure,
    when they become pure they melt away,
    when they melt, they reach to “ikhsan”,
    when they reach to “ikhsan”, they join their friends,
    when they join, there would be no separation between themselves and their belovedones.”

    Yunus Emre who lived by the secret of Muhabbat along his life, calls
    the hearts to the “most high friend” by addressing to them with a
    burning cry out of love.


    Let’s be companions, the two of us.
    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Let’s be close intimates, the two of us.
    Lets go to the Friend, my soul.

    Let’s go before this life is over,
    Before our bodies disappear,
    Before enemies come between us —

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Come on, let’s go. Don’t remain alone.
    Let’s be a chisel in the Friend’s hand.
    The only stop will be our sheikh’s station.

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Let’s leave our towns and cities
    and gladly suffer for the Friend.
    Let’s wrap our arms around our Beloved’s waist.

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Let’s not be bewildered by the world.
    Let’s not be cheated by its sudden dying.
    Let’s not sit together never touching.

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Let’s give up this transient world
    and fly to the lasting land of the Friend.
    Let’s give up all the playthings of the nafs.

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Be a guide to me on this journey.
    Let’s set our destination at the Friend,
    Not thinking where we begin or end.

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    This world isn’t everlasting.
    With eyes half-open it is tempting.
    Be a companion of lovers and a lover.

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Before the news of death reaches us,
    Before the hour when he grabs us by the collar,
    Before Azrail makes his sudden move,

    Let’s go to the Friend, my soul.

    Let’s arrive at the Divine Truth
    and inquire there about Reality.
    Let’s take Yunus Emre with us —

    and go to the Friend, my soul.
    English version of the poem by
    Jennifer Ferraro & Latif Bolat
    Original Language:

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