People are not only nourished by bread but also nourished by good words and “nasihats” (advice, counselling, guidance, admonishing) too.
The cane in the wicker does not turn in to sugar.
May you ask the sugar factory experts and see.
The crow doesn’t know the secret of the nightingale,
it can never know.
If it knew, it would sing like it.
It (the crow) is a bird, and it (the nightingale) is a bird too.
The eye of the fragrance of the rose is the nose.
The eye of the voice is the ear.
The eyes of the bitter and the sweet are the palate and the mouth.
It is impossible to see the face of the man by ear.
The sound is not heard by eye.
The outer (Zahiri: manifested) ear doesn’t hear the voice of the “Shukr[1].
The one being “Sami” and “Alim” hears
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