“Do not think that the every dervish [1] seeing his own fault and making effort to destroy his own ego (I) is chasing shadows ! The place where the tent of that nice going one is beyond the existence, abode and even the whole universe!..”
[Rumi (k.s), Selections from the Divan-ul-Kabir, Şefik Can, Vol. 4, Word 179]

Translated by garibAN

[1] Darwish: Darwêsh: (P [lit., “beggar at the door” (dar)]; pronounced in Iran: “darvîsh”; spelling in T, dervish; other spellings: dervish, darvish) a translation of the Arabic word for a sufi– “faqîr,” or “poor one.” The terms “darwêsh,” “faqîr,” and “Sûfî” are all synonyms for “Muslim mystic.” This meaning is in the Holy Qur’ân: “O men, you are poor [fuqarâ] in relation to God, and God is the Rich [al-Ghanî], the Praiseworthy” (35:15).
[*] Tent: Term Otağ is used in Turkish translation of the lines here. Otağ is a large official tent used by important people like Sultans.

Turkish Translation by Şefik Can Effendi:
“Kendi kusurunu gören, kendi benliğini yok etmeye uğraşan her dervişi, hayâl peşinde koşuyor sanma! O hoş gidişlinin otağının bulunduğu yer, varlıktan da, mekândan da ve bütün âlemden de ileridedir.”
[Hz.Rumi (k.s), Divan-I Kebir’den Seçmeler, Şefik Can, Cilt 4. Söz 179]


Ask for knowledge that will solve your hardship and make you reach to the Truth and try to learn it before  death turns up suddenly. Come to your senses (gather your mind), and leave that world that is non-existent but it seems existent , and ask for the existent that you think of to be non-existent!..

[Rumi (k.s), Selections from Divan al- Kabeer, Şefik Can, Vol.4, Word No:85]

Turkish Version:
Müşkülünü çözen, seni hakikata ulaştıran bilgiyi, ölüm gelip çatmadan önce iste, öğrenmeye çalış. Aklını başına al da, şu dünyayı, yani var gibi görünen yoğu bırak, yok gibi sandığın varı iste!..[Hz.Rumi (k.s), Divan-ı Kebir’den Seçmeler, Şefik Can, 4.Cilt, Söz:85]

THIS HEART by Ashrafoglu Rumi



Resim THIS HEART (BU GÖNÜL) by Eşrefoğlu Rumî (k.s)

In this heart’s window, a Divine light (Nur) has sprung up again

IT has allured my mind and turned me to a crazy Nightingale


Bu gönül deriçesinde yine bir nur oldu peyda

Aklımı başımdan aldı beni kıldı delü Şeyda

Yine gönül pencersinde bir NûR doğdu-ortaya çıktı,

Aklımı başımdan aldı ben deli bir bülbül eyyledi… Continue reading “THIS HEART by Ashrafoglu Rumi”

Alif Allah XXII


Alif Allah XXII

It is the self that makes the ascetics and scholars bow thereon__ whenever they see the buttered loaf __ O Hu!
But it is the same self who is our companion and loyal to us __O Hu!
One who rides it, finds out the way to the Name of ALLAH __O Hu!
The Path of Faqir is difficult, says Bahu, It is not straight sailing __ Hu!


The path of Faqir: The path that the Faqirs teach and follow under the guidance of murshid __ the spiritual director.

| Abyat -e- Bahu (Says Bahu) | – Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). Translation with an Introduction & notes by Prof. Syed Ahmed Saeed Hamadani

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“Oh man, two voices that are in contrast with each other come from the world.
I wonder which one of these your heart has the ability to receive?..
One of these voices is the state of those who are getting close to ALLAH, and the other one is the state of those who are deceived.
If you accepted one of these voices, you would not even hear the other one!..
Because the one who loves becomes blind and deaf against the things which are contrary to what he loves.”

Hz. Jalaladdeen-i Rumi (k.s)