Alif Allah XVII

Alif Allah XVII

This body
is the cell of true Lord.
have a peep into it
__ O Hu!

Don’t beseech
master khadir

The fount of life
is within yourself
__ O Hu!

Light the lamp of yearning
in the dark
so that you may find out
the lost abode
__O Hu!

They die
before death,
says Bahu,
who discern
the secret of truth
__ O Hu!

[1] Khadir: In the Sufi love khadir is renowned for leading Sikandar who wished to become immortal, to the Fountain of water of life. Khadir is the name to the person who was found by Moses at “the point where the two seas” met to teach him a particular type of spiritual wisdom. See Quran 18:57-80.

| Abyat -e- Bahu (Says Bahu) | – Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). Translation with an Introduction & notes by Prof. Syed Ahmed Saeed Hamadani.

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