by Sultan Behâeddîn Veled ( Kaddesallahu Sırrahu) 

When the “feeling of We” has come to “WE”, It has gone from “WE”.

Welcome O Beloved, come in!

When you heard my wailings and agony , You have appeared from a far suddenly. 

Since the day You got in to our soul, every where is full of roses.”

“Feeling of “I” and “Us/We”(I and us represents ego’s voice), does not go from human being by the struggle of human being. Human being can not handle this with his own effort but God states that:

” Cry and weep to me from the hands of an enemy like this! Because, crushing such an enemy is in my hands(easy to me) as I am the owner of the Absolute power(omnipotent). Nobody can do anything but me. However, I have put this rule: O my servant! Despite being incapable, always struggle and work to defeat it and do not surrender to it.

I am God ; wish(seek) help from me with reverence by crying to me in order to defy this enemy. If you wish it with your heart and soul by being fully devoted, I give my own power to your hands and make your hands stronger and braver than his crushing power(Kahr). In the end, with my power, you cut the head of the enemy by the sword of devotion.

In this way, I will have killed the enemy, not you”.

The greatness of my infinite generosity is to a place such that,

I slay the enemy by your hands and regard this as if you have done this ‘gaza(holy struggle)’ ,

I praise you and reward you; and I nickname you “Haydar: Brave one” and “Pehlivan: Wrestler-Strong”.

I grant you a robe of honour(Hil’at), Union(vuslat: Union with someone’s origin-essence), and an eternal possession(mulk) and a permanent reign as a reward for the work you have done.

And you too will say “ O God! I have not done all of these. You have done . Where is the power within me to struggle against such an enemy who is struggling against and replying against a God like you ?

“And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration.

(Allah) said: What prevented Thee from bowing down when I commanded thee? He(Iblis) said: I am better than he: Thou didst create Me from fire, and him from clay…( Qur’an –[7/11-12])”. 

The one who can make a claim in the presence of a God like you is a satan.

I am that I am lighter than a piece of chaff in regard to the weakness.

How could I uproot such a mountain from its foundation?

How could I turn it to a grain of sand and give it to the wind like the dust ? “

God says that “ When My help/benevolence(inayat) is tied to a piece of chaff, the mountains become lighter than an atom(zarra) in front of it. However, (you) being in inability(acz), because you keep the fidelity(loyalty) of God (within you) and strive against such an enemy by putting your trust in Me, by knowing Me ready, awake, and victorious , I grant you strength(qudrat) for your inability, and power(kuwwat) for your weakness. No matter how much I have done it in reality, I regard this as if you did and I make everyone grateful to you.

This is similar to this : For instance, a father gives something (heavy object) to his child while he is playing with the child and he holds the hand of the child and lifts his hand up with the object. He says to his child :  

“Well done! Such a strong man you are, how powerfull are you.”   In reality, it is father who lifts the weight not a child. But , I am the Creator, is My mercy, My compassion and favor less than My creation(human)? I give strength to my servants(slaves), give sight to them, then, they defy the enemy with My giving and sight and I accept(see) it like they have done this, I feel gratefull and give numberless good deeds and awards to them. “

Translated to English by Barbaros Sert in April, 2007,  from a Turkish Translation of the book , “Maarif”  of  Sultan Veled. Maarif  was translated to Turkish by Meliha U. Anbarcioglu in 1949. 

About Sultan Behâeddîn Veled [ Kaddesallahu Sırrahu]:

Son of Mawlānā Jalāl-ad-Dīn (Rumi) Muhammad Balkhī, who is the writer of famous Masnawi, a great mutasawwuf, muslim poet and scholar. Sultan Veled was born in Karaman in Turkey in Hijri 623( 1226 AD) and died in Konya in Turkey in hijri 712(1312 AD). He was highly educated in Islam by his father in his father’s environment. He dedicated his life in path of Allah, and  his 90 year life span is full of “deen-religion”, “ilm-knowledge” and “love of Allah”. Mawlavi Order (Tariqat) and it’s formal traditions were established by Sultan Veled,  after his father’s death. Some of his valuable books are…






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