AL-WADUDU (j.j): [Qur’an Ref: 85/14] (insanī)( اَلْوَدُودُ) : One of the Most Beautiful Names of ALLAH j.j meaning “the Loving One”.

The ones who deserve to be a manifestation place for this ASMA(Name), will wish good and favor for the people of TRUTH(HAQQ). This is the Divine Name of ALLAH j.j expressing Divine LOVE.
When a person attains Rasulullah SAV’s akhval( belief-light of divine knowledge-light – doubtless and clear laws of Allah), Muhammadi a’mal( Sunnat-i Saniyya),Muhammadi Ahlaq (Morale, Conduct or Ethics) and

Muhammadi State (H‘al) and enlightened by NUR-U MUHAMMADI(Light of Muhammad) and see the Truth of Muhammad, understand and live this ,
The Arif (The wise) who gets perfection(kamal) will see the continuation(Daimiyat) of these features, beauties and excellence within his inner essence(Darun). He understands Al-HAYYU’L -KAYYUMU( Ever living -Self Existing One )’s and live the will of ALLAH(Muradullah) and Order of ALLAH(Amrullah)…
He becomes a manifestation place for the Divine Love. AL-WADUDU(j.j) is the Love Name of Muhammadi Lovers.

Source: Kulihvani – Esmau’l Husna Analizleri

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translated by GaribAN on 17.09.10

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