“It is by Divine Love (Ahsk-i Rabbani) that human being can reach [1] to the TRUTH (HAQQ).

It is essential to melt in the melting pot of Muhammadiness to supply this love (ashk). It is requisite to get “faydh” (emanation) [2] from faith to be able to get into this melting pot. Every cell of the dirtiest animal falling in to the salt lake, turns in to salt. For a human being falling in to the saltpan of Muhammadiness, every kind of his brigandage [3] transforms in to bliss, every kind of his intensity (kesafat) transforms in to transparency (letafet) [4]. Therefore, the world was called the world of opportunity (Alam-i imkan).”

[Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s), Garden of Spirituality-II]

[1] Reaching to the TRUTH: Dr.Munir Derman uses a Turkish term “Vasıl “ here instead of “reach”. Vasıl (Wasl): This word is a special term hiding the term ASL:Essence-Reality within its self. Vasıl is derived from WaSaLa in Arabic and it means to reach, to attain, and to arrive at but it also hides the meaning e.g. Manifestation of the essence and reality of something. In some English translated Sufi texts, this term is translated to English as “union with God” however belief of unification with ALLAH is not accepted in Islam. 

[2]Feyz (Faydh): The overflowing, outpouring, flux, effusion, emanation; al-feyz al-akdas: ‘the most holy outpouring’, i.e. principial manifestation.

 [3] Brigandage (English term): Dr.Munir Derman (k.s) uses a term called “şekavet (shakawat)” which means thievery, in his original writing. Shakawat is the life and practice of a bandit or brigand. It is the act of following and committing evil and falsehood.

[4] Kesafet and Letafet: These two opposite words are used to define a purification/refining process. Dense and intense fluid which is contaminated by dirt may turn in to a transparent and fine consistency. This transformation or purification process in human being is mentioned here by Dr.M.Derman (k.s). The person falling in to saltpan of Muhammadiness will transform to a Muhammadi person.In his speech, in his acts (amals), in his morale (ahlaq) and in his spiritual states (hals) he will be Muhammadi who conforms to Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)

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