The similitude of the things that people collect from the beach of this world is like broken skulls, bones and pile of grave soil collected from a graveyard. How important is what Rumi (k.s) is saying below for those who come to the presence of Haqq with these in their hearts and could not empty their hearts from Masiwa(anything other than Haqq) and could not turn their hearts in to a rose garden:

”Having laid the heart which is wilted and whose spirit is rotten on a bench of ‘teneşir’ [*] , you are taking it to the Divine side!..”
Janab-i Haqq said that : “Oh insolent and impudent one! Is it a grave here and you are bringing a dead heart to my presence?!”
“Go and bring a heart which is alive with the secret of Divine to my presence , by means of it, the world is green and a rose garden.”

[*] Teneşir: It is a wooden bench on which the dead body is washed before the burial.

When we stand on prayer (salah), lets consider this example as we stand on in the presence of Haqq (The Truth).

Was Salaam and Love

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