Ucan hali
Ibn Arabi (K.S) is a blessed waliyullah(saint) from medieval period in Spain. He was also a traveller searching for wisdom from the saints in many countries. In one of his journeys, he saw prophet Hidir(PBUH) walking on the sea . As well as that, another time there was this man who was not believing the miracles of the prophets and He saw prophet Hidir again because of this man. Ibn Arabi explains this matter with his own words as below: 
  “Once, I was in a journey to the far countries. Our ship had stopped on the way at a city for a break. Time was the noon time. I entered in to a masjeedprayer hall) which was in ruins. A non-muslim man had come there and he was watching around. We chat a little. He was not believing the miracles of prophets and the karamats of the saints. A few travellers came in to masjeed(prayer hall) while we were talking. They started praying. One amongst them took his praying mat from the floor and lifted up in the air and laid it in the air parallel to the floor. Then he got on to it and completed his prayer on it. When I looked at him carefully, I recognized that he was prophet Hidir. After the prayer, He turned towards me and said :“I did this because of this munkeer man(the one who denies)”When the man heard these words, he became a muslim on that spot.”

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