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Saying secrets(SIRR) to someone who is not qualified is no good, because  it causes harm to the person. Every word has a secret and every secret has another secret. The one who knows the word but who does not know the secret, deviates from the right path. The secret is like a word towards the secret of the secret. It causes harm to the one, who does not know the secret of the secret.

That is Why, somebody in Moses(PBUH)’s time wanted Moses(PBUH) to teach him the languages of the unusual animals e.g. birds, and Moses banned this person from learning it. Moses(PBUH) said to this person that you need to be like Solomon[1] (PBUH), so that knowing these languages would not harm you, otherwise learning that is like a deadly poision for you.

 [1] Prophet Solomon(Sulaiman A.S) used to speak the languages of the animals.

However, this person was begging Moses but Moses was still not accepting his wish. When this wish and his answer exceeded the limits, the man asked him to at least teach him the languages of the rooster and the dog in his garden so that He can go back home in peace. Moses was foreseeing what was going to happen to him after learning the languages of these animals, and He was denying his wish but the man never accepted Moses’ advises no matter how much Moses rejected his wish. In the end He taught to this man the languages of these two animals and he said “You should know well that, this knowledge will put you in trouble”

That kind of deep and meaningfull stories are a lot, these are desired and demanded by the people who have knowledge but only the people who know the secret of the work can get a share from these stories;

These people are the source of benefit for everybody, and they teach the people what they wish. They give thousands of wings to the bird of heart and this bird flies to the places which are greater than the angels.

But the one who does not know the door, falls in to the well because of his blindness. In this case, do not open the secrets in your heart to the ones who are not qualified and tie your tongue. Do not tell the secrets of the heart to every lifeless person, because the lifeless gets in to pain and suffers because of it. It can not be explained how much harm it could do to listen and hear it. Not everybody has the ability to hear the secrets, the free ones hide the secrets from the illiterates. Somehow, that fool who can not hide that secret from anybody, can not benefit from that secret and puts himself in difficulty with numberless trouble.

There is a secret in secret as well that it is like a piece of gold but the primary secret is like a mine. The fool one who, does not know the secret of the secret, loses his way, can not know the meaning of the secret, because he can not understand the secret of the secret. He walks on the right road in wrong way. He goes against the meaning of the secret, loses it completely, cuts himself with his own sword, and prepares a hell for himself.

If such person did not learn the secret, he would get closer to Allah with his fasting and prayers(salah) and gain good deeds. So it is better for him to worship like this and reach peace. The one who acts according to his capacity gets closer to Allah. He opens his both hands for prayer and becomes slave(abd) to Allah with hundreds of pleads and does not get hurt in the end. Getting strong-powerfull is not the business of the  person who has no knowledge. That is why Allah did not give it to everybody.

Because, the strength-power is a weapon in the hand. The one who does not have knowledge, kills himself with it. However, the one who has mind-intellect goes in to the war with it, and kills the one who is not supposed to live ( e.g killing illeteracy), finds solutions for the needy, puts everything in to it’s right place, leaves the enemies to their enemy thoughts, does whatever is necessary and fixes the world with his good intentions. All the good people get benefit out of him.

Allah gives strength-power to the believers and they do what they do by knowledge.

People find peace with their help, they spend their power for good. However, if the evil people get the same power-strength they increase the rebellion and evilness.

That person said to Moses “ there is no doubt in your truthness, filter my both ears from the doubts, the one who donates truth to the mind in both universes. Teach me by the benevolence of Allah, the languages like Solomon learned. Let me understand whatever the animals say, so that I can understand what raven, vultures say, so that I can learn all the languges of the birds and adopt what Solomon adopted. No secrets of them should be hidden from me. What is it to the man , the sayings of the satans and fairies? Let me learn what bambies, deers are saying, so that the bird of my heart will open it’s wings. In this way, I can understand that Allah has chosen me among all the believers who are wishing from Allah with their pure hearts.”

Moses said to him “Give up this idea; ask for the path of deen(religion) from Allah.

Oh Son, seek for what will give you benefit, the tree from which you will eat fruits and resurrect in that immortal world, get rid of this mortal and temporary world. Enlighten your darkness completely and live with cheers.

Let your blasphemy be pure faith;

Get rid of this ungratefulness and wrongdoing.

Ask(wish) for that kind of thing, if You have mind , and give up your other wish because your other wish is very bad. “

The man begged Moses and said “ for the sake of Allah, please! Pray to Allah for my wish.Your wish is good.

 Moses repeated again “ give up this idea, this wish is a dreadful wish.

You can not benefit from it, and it even puts you in trouble. Close your mouth!

This man resisted to Moses with his stubbornness and begged Moses by shedding tears.

He said “At least teach me the rooster’s langugage and dog’s language so that I can be happy. Show your face like a sun with no clouds. Didn’t Solomon know the language and secrets of all creatures? What happens if this wish is given to a low person like me as well? Let me learn some of these secrets which he had so that I can turn my face to Allah. What happens if you turn the wetness to the sea with your generosity? If I drink from His(Allah) sea a wink, I would thank to Him, be happy and drunk without the wineglass”.

 Moses wished from Allah for this person and made this person happy. He got what he wanted from Moses easily. He bowed in front of him and stood up then went back home but he did not even know the secret of his wish. He went home but he fell upside down in to the well as well.

This has happened so that you can learn that the secret is the enemy to the one who, does not have the knowledge, and  is not qualified to hold it.

How a low person can understand the secret? If a fool person knows the secret, his illiteracy increases , falls in to nothingness, and destroys him self with it. This secret becomes a deadly poison for him, kills him and drags him in to the wrong path.

When the man was going out of his house for buying a piece of bread in the morning, the dog wanted to bite the bread then the rooster came and grabbed that piece of bread.

The dog did not like this and said to the rooster“ Oh you tyrant,You are eating hundreds of fodders on each breath. You know that I don’t eat fodders. Why did you grab my bread? My daily food  and nourishment is bread and you grabbed it, what am I going to do now?

The rooster said to the dog” Ohh, poor, didn’t this look nice to you? Don’t get upset over this, the horse of the landlord will get injured tomorrow, you will eat some of this horse nicely and become fat. Listen to me and don’t be upset!”.

When the landlord heard this, sold the horse. His face has shined like a moon with the relaxation. He said “I have avoided this harm and trouble now ” and cheered. The day after dog started to talk when he saw the rooster. They talked a lot.

The dog said “don’t tell lie any more and speak the truth from now on. Didn’t you say that the horse would die? My heart got hurt badly because of your lie”.

The rooster said “ No-No! I only tell the truth. I do not deviate to any other path than the truth.” 

The man sold the horse immediately and saved him self from the trouble,

He transferred his trouble to somebody else and pulled the fast one ,

He put somebody else in harm now.

However this situation has turned up side down (went wrong),

He openly put him self in trouble on the path of religion,

He will understand this in the end and bite his own hand [2] 

[2] Biting someone’s own hand: to regret for something happened. 

The rooster knew that and said to the dog “ be happy! Never mind the troubles, because tomorrow his mule will get injured, and it is even fatter than his horse. So you can eat it days and nights and turn in to a lion in the end.

The land lord heard these words; he took the mule in the market to sell and sold the mule for 100 dinars. He got the silver coins and came home happily.

He said “ I got in to a game , I won the game and I will sit down and relax now “.

He said “ I made a profit, saved my self from harm, got rid of the trouble coming, and was not deceived”.

He underestimated the power-strength and thought the trouble is a harm but there was 100 harms in a profit and he could not see it and put himself in trouble now.

The day after, the dog said to the rooster

 What kind of set up is that? You keep deceiving me. How many more times will you deceive me? When will you end this? Be afraid of Allah, and do not get your punishment from him by deceiving me

The rooster said “don’t think badly about me. I am the mine of the goodness, nothing bad comes from me. My heart is the muezzeen of Rahman [3]. I tell the world only the truth. I crow to the world by saying the time of being slave to Allah has come now, the muezzeens learn lesson from me and go up to the minarets and announce to the public  about what they learned from me.

[3] Muezzeen is a person who recites adhan(call for prayer) from the minarets of the mosques. Er-Rahman is one of 99 beatiful names of Allah meaning “The Compassionate”.

If I make a mistake in my announcement, They cut my throat by making me cry, because it is rare that the roosters make mistakes. I am the translator of the sun from the beginning. The sun is up and I am down but that is the way it is. I was given a path from my inside to the sun. I have a heart which understands everything by the will of Allah. Even if they put a stone on my head in a dark night, I could know what side the sun is going and where it is in the sky by means of my heart.

I am still with the sun even if it sinks and rises day and night. Wherever it goes I run in front of it.You should know this like that.

How come the one who finds a way to it, becomes far from it’s door?

There is neither curtain nor barrier on His road. Even a breath can not be separated from Allah who is the One. Even there is the wave of this sea, this water in your heart. His body is like a shore and His heart is like a sea. You are completely body , that is why you are so far from the sea, but if you arrive the universe of the heart, you become the light.

Go to the beloved by using the path of heart,

Walk by running until you reach to the stop,

Ohh seeker, the curtain is in image; when you reach the meaning you turn in to sea

Walk towards your inside, do not look outside because the heart is the sea and the body is the boat,

Leave the boat and dive in the sea; come to the door.

I see from my heart so I guide everyone correctly.

The slave of that fooled person, will have an accident tomorrow. He himself will feel sorry. Everywhere will be full of bread and bread pieces .Both, the one who is telling the good and the bad, will eat . The children, young, old people will eat from them and take the remaining food with themselves as well. Go and call the other dogs of your kind as well, so that they will come and eat from this feast tomorrow.”

That wrong sighted person stayed in astray and accepted this “Kufr”(act of covering the truth within one’s self, infidelity etc.) as a religion. There are seals of Allah in the eyes, heart and ears. Not everybody can find the correct path. Who could help the ones who went astray and adopted the kufr as path for themselves?


When the master (landlord) heard that his slave would die, he saved himself from this situation as well by selling him and putting his customer in harm.

He was very happy and he said , “I was reliefed from a problem and reached happiness. I benefited by learning from these two languages and saved my self from three harms. From now on, I will be alright and my strength will get better and better.

He said , “I saved my self from these kazaas [4]  by trick “. He said “I tied the eyes of the kazaas and saved my self from the troubles.I benefited from the wish of Moses “.

[4] Kazaa: Explanation of this word is very deep so it was not explained in this document. Please obtain the meaning of “Kazaa” from a proper islamic book written by the scholars of ahl-i sunnat explaining Kazaa and Kadar(destiny).

Is there anybody else like me on the earth whose job brings such profits and never gets any harm?

On the fourth day, the dog saw that the rooster was coming towards it by flapping it’s wings. The dog said

Ohh the king of the liars, leader and sultan(king) of the deceivers, I have never seen any liar rooster like you in my life. I never got angry at anybody like you in mylife. You are the mine of cheat and deceit. Whatever you said it was a lie. Whatever you say , secretly and openly, they are all going to be a lie from now on. Nothing you said has come truth. Do I ever accept your cheating words? 

The rooster said to the dog :

Ohh friend, whatever I said to you was truth. Allah is my witness for that. May Allah save you from thinking like this so that you can understand that I am far from this kind of behaviour. Understand that I am innocent in the presence of Allah. You think that I am telling you lie and deceiving you. Because I lost my value in your eyes, and lost your heart, because What I said did not come truth. You hate me because of this. But you should know that I was right in these three prophecies because they all came truth because all three things have died in the hands of the customers who bought them from this illiterate man.

This man thought that he was making profit  and saving himself. He is blind from birth. Howcome a fool person could be Ibni Sina [5]? Howcome a soldier could be the king? How come a Dajjal (Dajjal is known as Anthichrist in Christianity) be the Mesiah (Prophet Jesus PBUH)?Have you ever seen a drop becoming ocean?

[5] Ibn-i Sina was a famous muslim physician. He was born in 980 CE in Bukhara . He had knowledge in various fields in maths, medicine, Qur’an and philosophy. His title for west is the doctor of doctors. He is known with the name “Avencia” in west.


The rooster said to dog that the landlord will die, his time came, and he will not save his life. He will migrate from earth and lose all his silvers, gold, and his properties. You will see what I am saying. This will appear to you like the Sun. There is nothing wrong in this promise. Put your sword in its sheath. You will see lots of food coming, lots of donations coming. Breads, cooked and uncooked meat, food remaining will be bountiful for you. The good, bad, low, high, strong, weak everybody will eat from it. The public will not be away from this feast for one week.

For his funeral, people will distribute every kind of food to every body. Go and break the news to all dogs. They will eat bread tomorrow. They should believe that this promise is true and they will all eat from this feast and they will all turn in to lions.

Their deaths (horse, mule and slave) were going to turn the” qazaa” and destiny(qadar) to the other way and save the landlord from the death, He put some other person in harm, dug his own well, then fell in to this well upside down, and died. He could not see any benefit from this but death. He was thinking that he was saving him self from losses but he did not know that these losses will cause his death.

There are some losses in life that they cut your breath, make you desperate for things, but there is good in the end. If you knew the secret of them, you would thank to Allah for these harms and troubles. However, this secret is not revealed to you, and this burns you and melts you sometimes, and makes you feel desperate.

Do not cry over the deficits you make in life. Walk(ignore)!  There are secret profits in these deficits. One harm or deficit shields against hundred losses, and it causes healthiness and well-being.

If your horse dies, Don’t get upset. If a thief steals something from you, Don’t be upset, be patient and thank to this situation. There is no end to this story my friend, come back to the landlord and explain the rest of the story.

When the landlord heard the words of the rooster, he rushed out of his house with bare feet and run to Moses. His face had become pure yellow(pale). He was crying and He said “Oh great Moses, Oh the messenger of Allah, please hold my hand willingly. You gave me advise, with your kindness but I have never listened to it by being fool and fell in to the well. If the mind had been a friend to me, I would have listened to it.

I would have never got out of its orders. You protected me with your unlimited mercy, but I have never listened because I am a donkey and I will give my life now. “


He explained everything to Moses and asked him to put a cream (medicine) on his injured heart. He rolled on the floor in front of him by tearing his clothes and biting his hands(expressing big regret). He was crying and shedding tears in blood.

Moses said to him in the end “ The arrow has come off the bow; leave crying now. You can never save your self from the death due to your own ego. No matter what you do, you will give your life now. However, I will wish from Allah for you so as you will die with faith and reach Allah’s will.


Other life is better than the earth; Allah makes the paradise a perpetual land for you. Here is temporary but other life is immortal. If you die with no faith, then you cry out for a death like that. In spite of this, When you take your faith with you, give your life easily. This kind of death is a resurrection; give your life to this kind of death. What is one life? You need to dance in the path of beloved even if you had 1000 lives.

How happy to the one who throws him self to the other life by dancing with his head and heart on the path of beloved. Give a drop (his life) and get the sea.

How happy to the one that who gave up the mud and adopted the heart. “


The landlord gave his life there and died. He died by believing in what Moses said. He went to the place of no place. He found more there than what He was expecting. He thanked to Allah for his forgiveness as well.


Oh wise brother, in this way, you should know that not every heart is qualified for the secrets. Knowing the secrets have cut his head and cut him self with the sword.


Hidden secret is the treasure of Allah. They don’t give you this buried treasure, unless you become a friend of Allah, How can you be a doorkeeper for such a treasure? How can you wear a cloth from a king like him? The traitors cannot adopt this kingdom, not every body can eat that bread. Even if a secret reaches to a traitor suddenly, he perishes like this fool quickly as well. They gave him the key of the treasure, so that he will put him self in trouble, however the station of the trustworthy one is high, he gives to the mouths taste like sugar. If you drag your nafs [6] away from your self and , you are the one who reaches the highest place in the middle of this war square (life).


[6] Dragging your nafs away : Nafs is a necessity to be maintained and purified. Nafs is an essential thing for the continuation of one’s life on this earth. Every human being has Body-Nafs-Heart and Soul. What Sultan Valad(K.S) means by “dragging it away from your self” is to cut out the blemishes of nafs-i ammara(evil commanding spirit) from one’s self e.g gossiping, telling lie, backbiting, arrogancy, greediness, misery.


Euliyahs(Saints) know the secret of everything but they never say to anybody, and close their mouths tightly, They are like the blows of the last trumpet [7] , they give life to death, sight to the blind.


[7] Last trumpet(Sur):  Sur (last trumpet) is as mentioned in Surah Al-Kahf  99. And on that day We shall let some of them surge against others, and the Trumpet will be blown. Then We shall gather them together in one gathering.


The spirit is that it comes from them; the spirit coming from the other people are like the air coming from the bag pipe. The spirit coming from the wind or air is the food of the animals. The real spirit is the one who can receive the divine messages.


Translated from the work ,”Ibtidatname, extracted between line 5800 and 6070 in original text” written by Sultan Veled , the son of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi who lived in13th century, Konya (middle anatolia). May Allah forgive my mistakes during the translations. Some of his words are extremely difficult to translate and I did my best to do it but this can not be equal to his work.


With Salaam and Muhammadi Love

Barbaros Sert

Basildon 03.12.2008


  1. s.a agaın

    we dont have to learn secrets…Allah dont gıve us thıs mıssıon…Allah ıs ın the secret of the secret ınto the heart…our mısıson ın the world…to be a good person…Allah dont say us learn my secrets..Allah cc say only us be a good person pray me and walk the way I open for you wıth Hz muhammed sav sunnah way…

  2. Hello dear friends,

    To me, the key to this post is given by Moses:

    Moses said to him “Give up this idea; ask for the path of deen (religion) from Allah.

    Oh Son, seek for what will give you benefit, the tree from which you will eat fruits and resurrect in that immortal world, get rid of this mortal and temporary world. Enlighten your darkness completely and live with cheers.

    Let your blasphemy be pure faith;

    Get rid of this ungratefulness and wrongdoing.

    Ask (wish) for that kind of thing, if You have mind , and give up your other wish because your other wish is very bad. “

    If we live the religious (contemplative) life, holiness and knowledge are sure to follow according to His Will, all in the appropriate time.

    It is enough to be vigilant in living a religious life.

    Thank you so much for this post.


  3. Alaikum Salaam Ensonhaber,
    Many thanks for your comment. The words that you say is not as simple as it is written here. What is Secret is unknown to us. My teacher “Latif Yildiz” says secret is something which we have not known, not found , not become and not experienced(lived or practiced).

    Everything in islam is in the middle. Ayats are there, hadiths are there openly but it is us who is not finding it, understanding it, becoming it and living it. Knowledge is open but we have a problem with extracting it rightly. We are not being like a honey bee mentioned in Qur’an in Surah An- Nahl 16/68-69.

    If we do not approach to knowledge with Muhammadi adab(manner), we can not make progress in our spiritual life, then the terms e.g sunnah, Qur’an , becomes only in our tongues not tasted, known and lived by us. Instead, We keep doing lip service to it. If we say that we drank a cup of tea, this means we drank it, we tasted it and it is within our cells. But today, many of us are talking about this and saying “I had a cup of tea” then having an imaginary cup of tea.

    With devotion(sadaqat), patience(sabr) and sincerity(samimiyat) in learning and practicing Qur’an and Sunnat of Rasulullah(SAW), We hope that a muslim will journey to him self to know him self and find the truth, know the truth and live the truth. As , it is said in a qudthi hadith “He who knows his Nafs(self) knows his Rabb (Man ‘arafa nafsahu faqud ‘arafa rabbahu)”.

    There are certain knowledge that they can not be understood by everybody because raw(immature/ not enlightened)people may not be in the level of understanding, or a stomach which could digest that knowledge may not have developed within them selves yet. Learning that sort of knowledge could cause problem within the system of immature people. For instance a hadith below shows the example of hiding that sort of knowledge from people:

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 3, Number 121:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    I have memorized two kinds of knowledge from Allah’s Apostle . I have propagated one of them to you and if I propagated the second, then my pharynx (throat) would be cut (i.e. killed).
    Our master, Latif Yildiz says “a secret which is opened before it’s time is a poison to the seeker”. As well as this everyone knows the story of Moses and Hidir A.S mentioned in Qur’an. I advise people to read Surah Al-Kehf carefully but learn it from a waliyullah not from a theologian :
    Al-Kahf [18/65]
    Then found they one of Our slaves, unto whom We had given mercy from Us, and had taught him knowledge from Our presence.
    Moses said unto him: May I follow thee, to the end that thou mayst teach me right conduct of that which thou hast been taught?
    He said: Lo! thou canst not bear with me.
    How canst thou bear with that whereof thou canst not compass any knowledge?
    He said: Allah willing, thou shalt find me patient and I shall not in aught gainsay thee.
    He said: Well, if thou go with me, ask me not concerning aught till I myself make mention of it unto thee.

    I would like to give a part of Al-Ghazzali’s Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din translated by NABIH AMIN FARIS below in order to shed light on this subject a little more :

    This Quotation is on Page 182 of the book.

    [ …Sahl-ibn-‘Abdullah al-Tustari once said, “The learned men, the worshippers, and the ascetics departed from this life with their hearts closed; only the hearts of the saints and the martyrs were opened.” He quoted the words of Allah when He said, “And with Him
    are the keys of the secret things; none knoweth them but He.”1 And had it not been for the fact that the enlightenment of the heart of him who has a heart with the inner light determines the esoteric knowledge (‘ilm al-zahir) the Prophet would not have said, “Consult thy heart whenever they should recommend something to thee and give thee a dispensation to do it.” Then he said on the authority of his Allah, “The servant will continue to draw near unto Me with supererogatory works and meritorious deeds (nawafil) until he wins My favour, at which time I shall be his ears and his eyes.”2 Many are the subtle meanings of the mysteries of the Qur’an which dawn upon the hearts of those who have devoted themselves to invocation (dhikr) and reflection (fikr), but are not found in the books of commentary and remain unknown to the best commentators. Yet when such meanings are revealed to the watchful devotee (murid) and are then brought to the attention of commentators they would deem them good and would realize that they are the outcome of the workings of a pure heart and the gracious blessings of Allah on the high mind which aspires to Him.

    Similarly the science of revelation (mukashafah) and the secrets of the science of practical religion (mu ‘amalah) as well as the subtleties of the passing thoughts (khawatir) of the heart are, each and every one of them, seas the depths of which are too great to be sounded and can be traversed by seekers only to the extent to which each of them has been given the power and the ability to do good.

    Describing such men, ‘Ali, in the course of a long conversation, said, “The hearts are like vessels; the best among them is that which can hold the most of good. Men are of three kinds: divine (rabbani) learned men, seekers of knowledge for the hope of salvation, and rude ruffians who follow every cry and are swayed by every passing wind. They follow not the light of knowledge and stand not on its firm foundation. Verily knowledge is better than wealth; for while you guard wealth, it is knowledge which guards over you. Knowledge increases by spending while wealth diminishes therewith. Knowledge is a religion worthy of acceptance. Through it man is assured of the ability to live in accordance with the will of Allah in this life and of kindly words from his fellowmen after his death. Knowledge governs while wealth is governed.
    1. Surah VI: 59.
    2. Al-Bukhari, Riqaq, 38.
    With the loss of wealth its value vanishes and its hoarders are dead even while they live. On the other hand the learned men will live as long as time shall last.” Taking a deep breath and pointing to his breast, ‘Ali said, “Herein is abundant knowledge, but I can find no one to carry it on. Instead I find seekers who I cannot trust; they exploit religion for worldly gain, employ the gifts of Allah for fastening their yoke on His saints (awliya), and exalt themselves therewith over His people. I find men who follow the righteous but, for the least matter, become the victims of doubt and scepticism. They have neither understanding nor insight. I find gluttons guilty of indulgence, easily led in the ways of lust. I find men lured by the desire to amass wealth and hoard it, who follow their appetite and have closer resemblance to grazing cattle than to human beings. On my Allah! Thus will knowledge perish when its people die. But the world will not be destitute of men who will champion the cause of Allah, some openly in public while others secretly for fear of persecution, lest the proofs and evidence of existence be nullified. How many are they and where are they to be found? Such men boast of the smallest number but in worth they are the greatest. They have no equals among men; their strength lies in their heart. Through them Allah will preserve the proofs of His existence until they entrust His testament to their successors or plant its seeds in the hearts of their fellow-saints. With their knowledge they attacked the basic problem and arrived at the core of the truth, penetrating what the pampered have deemed inaccessible and delighting in what the foolish have feared. They go through this life with bodies, the spirits of which look for heaven. They are the saints of Allah among His people, His trustees and deputies on earth, and the missionaries (du‘ah) who summon men to His religion.” He then wept and said, “Oh how much I long to see them!” What he mentioned at the end is the description of the learned men of the hereafter, the greater part of whose knowledge is obtained through works and continued self-mortification… ]

  4. Dear Nice Friend Michael,
    Many thanks for your comments. Nice to see you commenting on our new web site. I totaly agree with you my friend in the limits of what I wrote above. Hududullah means the limits of ALLAH. These are the boundaries put by ALLAH for the people and we have heard Hududullah from Rasulullah SAW.

    I see people trying to learn mysteries of the universe to do magical tricks like Harry Potter 🙂

    If people take Rasulullah SAW as an example for themselves and learn the manners and act accordingly, that is very well and it is expected that doors of the knowledge would be opened for him. But if they follow Harry Potters , all they will get will be a broom stick , I guess 🙂

    If such person realize this by reading this document, I would advise him not to waste this broom stick. Because it was not given to him for no reason. Meaning of it is to start sweeping the Harry Potters from the path of Allah. Sweep with it , the dirt from your manners, your heart and your ego by following the path of ALLAH and His Rasul(SAW).

    With Peace and Muhammadi Brotherhood

  5. hi!!!

    we can not carry secrets if we are not insan-i kamil..

    so we must to try to be insan-i kamil and bring upp our NEFIS..

    we can not do it ourself because we are not insan-i kamil so we need help..

    we must to find en person who is insan-i kamil like GAVS…

    AND we must to hold his hand and promise to ALLAH C.C we will not do sin ( tövbe-i NASUH)

    then he will teach us how we can bring upp our nefis..

    this is only one way to do it.. it is ZIKIR….





    SECRETS …..

    thats why we need insan-i kamil… we can never trust to secrets ,too. we can not know they are correct .. only insan-i kamil can know this things..

  6. Dear “No one”
    It would be nice to refer to you with your name as people reading might start to think that I am talking with “no one” here 🙂

    Many thanks for your nice comments and contribution to our web blog.

    It is certainly a difficult path and Insan-i Kamil knows things that we do not know. There are filters on that path filtering the intentions of the people to know who is seeking what.

    There are those who :
    *seek knowledge to give nice speeches to effect the people,
    *seek knowledge to do karamats, fly in the air or walk on the water,
    *seek knowledge to gain powers to effect the others and dominate them.
    *or seek knowledge to genuinely know themselves(Nasf) to know their Rabb and meaning of his creation.

    it is said in a qudthi hadith “He who knows his Nafs(self) knows his Rabb (Man ‘arafa nafsahu faqud ‘arafa rabbahu)”. Rabb and God are different titles. Allah is a Rabb but Rabb is a special word. When Allah creates a being , Allah becomes Rabb. Because the moment a being is created, that being will need fostering, minding, sustenance etc. Rabb is the one who does all of these for the creation. Allah is Rabb because of this. Rabb is within the central point of human’s subtleties(Letaifs). Rabb is within the point of Nafsi Aqdas. Please refer to the circular drawing on the link below: http://www.muhammedinur.com/En/islam/kaabah-of-servanthoodabdiyyat-and-enlightenment-kamalat.html

    That point is like a bottomless black hole. Allah(God) can not be known by our limited Aql(intellect). Aql(intellect) it’s self is a creation of Allah. A creation can not comprehend the creator. That is why Dr.Munir Derman (K.S), a waliyullah(a saint in islam) says Allah has not created a cell within human brain that can comprehend him.

    Hz.Ebubakir (R.A) said “Comprehending Allah is to know that Allah is incomprehensible”.

    Rumi(K.S) says,”you can not arrive in God by reaching to the levels of maturity in mind and intellect. Beneficience and bounty of the King does not accept any body but those who accept their inability.”

    With Salaam and Muhammadi Brotherhood

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