Hadrat-i Muhyiddin said
 ” come back tomorrow then I will give answer to the first one!”
Then this person saw Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi(K.S) eating a dry bread , when he
visited him to learn the answer for his first question. Being upset about him, he asked him about the reason for his patience(sabr). At that moment, a world opened with a sign of Hadrat’s finger and he saw a perfect banquet prepared for him .
Hadrat turned towards him and  sayid:
“Did you see what is in our possession? But, the One who sent us here is Haqq. This dry bread is eaten as food in the prison. That is why we are acting in accordance with
our state(Hal) and doing what ever is expected from our condition. We show
contentment(Tawakkul) and patience(sabr) to what comes from Haqq.”

On second day, this person came back to Hadrat’s cell in prison again. This
time, he saw the hadrat in chains. While he was feeling upset and thinking
at that state, He saw Hadrat Muhyiddin shaking the chains off himself, and a
nice beach appeared with a boat waiting for hadrat to let him escape from
the prison. Hadrat rejected this offer as well.
On third day, that person came to hadrat’s cell again and learned that
Hadrat had died. He went back home by crying.
On that night, he saw the  resurrection day(Alam-i Hashr) in his dream. He
saw the men, who put Hadrat Muhyiddin in to prison, they were being dragged
in to hell in chains, and Hadrat Muhyiddin running after them begging,
” Oh Lord (Ya Rabbana),I do not enter in to your paradise, without those entering in to paradise before me!”, and making them recipient to intercession(Shafaat)and forgiveness. After that, hadrat turned to the person who had asked the questions to him in the prison by saying :
“Did you see Son, so this is the truth of forgiveness!”.
 Translated by Barbaros Sert from “Ken’an Rifai, Sohbetler”
Kenan Rifai is a Turkish Mystic who lived between “1867-1950”. His teachings and autobigoraphy can be found on following websites:


According to a narration, When Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi(K.S) was in prison, an admirer of him came to him by crawling and asking him about the truth of
 ” contentment(Tawakkul-Kanaat)-Patience(Sabr) and Forgiveness”.


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