Our master said: Pleasure that I get from those words are not for my own account. I am the Rasul of Allah. That is why,the praises about me belongs to my Allah. In reality, the praises that this person give to me, is to praise the divine noor(light) that he sees within me. I am being pleased on behalf of this person by thinking how beatiful his sight is. I am getting happy by thinking of his spiritual gain as well. 


A bedeouin used to praise Rasulullah(SAW) by saying kasidas and poems for him. Our master used to listen to him with enjoyement.

A man said: How come could this happen? Rasulullah is saying that I came to complete the beatiful ahlaq(moral & ethics) yet he is listening to the praises about himself with enjoyment.


So the person who had objected, could not see this point.

Now, the noor(divine light) within Rasulullah, is going to attract you  and take you to the alam of the roohs(spirits). When you come there, angels will welcome and say: “Welcome , Salamun Alaikum tibtum fedhuluha halidin” (Zumar 73.) [1].

But, if you could not obtain that noor, you will stay in zulmat(darkness) [2] and see only your body in front of you, and you will proceed in accordance with  the degree of  ibadats(worship) and good deeds after being tormented under that zulum.

You are going to roll in alot of afflictions (bala) [3] like a ball rolling from high. After rolling, a noor will appear and so the ones who love you will start appearing.

That is why Rasulullah said  If you knew what is going to happen to you after death, you would not be able to lie by extending your feet, could not eat a meal with appetite and run away to the mountains”.

So the ones who can not obtain the noor will stay in zulmat. They have voices  but won’t sound in the nightmares, have eyes but won’t see,  have hands but won’t hold.

That nightmare lasts only a moment in the dream and when you wake up, you say:

“Oh Ya Rabbana, Alhamdulillah! That is only a moment…Imagine that it would be continuous!….”

[1] Az-Zumar 39/73:And those who are careful of (their duty to) their Lord shall be conveyed to the garden in companies; until when they come to it, and its doors shall be opened, and the keepers of it shall say to them: Peace be on you, you shall be happy; therefore enter it to abide.”
[2] Zulmat(Arabic): Zulmat in Arabic means darkness. “Zulm” means putting something to a place where it does not belong to. Injustice and infliction. Human nafs has the ability to go up or down between ILLIYYOON and ASFALEEN.  In a way making zulm to their nafs means you waste it and burry it in to darkness and put it in the direction of ASFALEEN. If the human nafs is purified, it shines. Nafs is like a sponge, so it can soak up good or evil qualities. It is us who needs to use the sponge in right way. A wise person dips his sponge in the paint bucket of ALLAH and his sponge gets the colours of ALLAH( SIBGATULLAH), as it says in the verse,
  We take our colour from Allah, and who is better than Allah at colouring. We are His worshippers.”[Al-Bakara 02/138].

This means the person gets the beautiful moralities and qualities of ALLAH. However the person making Zulm to his nafs , dips his nafs in to evil qualities and he gets coloured with evil qualities then he stays in darkness(Zulmat).

[3] Bala (Arabic): Affliction, examination,test,anxiety,worry
Translated by Barbaros Sert from “Ken’an Rifai, Sohbetler, p.170 ”
Kenan Rifai is a Turkish Mystic who lived between “1867-1950”. His teachings and autobigoraphy can be found on following websites:

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