When one weaves a tapestry out of cloth, half of the threads are shown on the surface, yet the other half is hidden. Such is the tapestry of life. Yes, there is so much that we see on the surface. Yet, there are so many mysteries that we don’t see, and if we try to see them, then we risk tearing the whole thing apart. How beautiful life is if we observe from a distance and play our role instead of wasting time by tugging at the threads in a vain attempt to figure it all out.

Colleen M.Dunn

That is very true Dear Colleen:


How nice Our Rabb WeAVes the BE-ing
Loop by loop in the Muhammadi LooM thREADing
The one who rips off his own pattern (thread)
Lives the whole pattern in one breathing

As Salam


Dear Colleen,
It is our RIGHT (HAQQ) to live Our Life (HAYYat) capital which is our Mind (AQL), as a Rose Garden, by melting-purifying it from its contrasts and the SHaiYtANness of Two Thing-ness (Duality. “ShaY” in Arabic means thing) by Muhammadi Exercises and Discipline, and by watering our life vineyards, because our mind says, “What I saw- is a gordian knot”.

May we live the life tapestry which is being thREADed and WoVeN breath by breath in the LooM of life by the wool of the sheep of destiny (Qadar) rightly, in the trace-example of the friends of Allah who are Hidhir, ready and present in the presence insha’ALLAH…

Instead of trying to undo the knots (solving ) of the System of Sunnatullah in Sha’Anullah by our minds, to know-understand the moment and live it by Muhammadi Consciousness is the only path we have.

Now the melancholy comes to my heart,
And I recite a garibANish zawk..I send it to you from you…

Its head is its Last END in its “HATM”
The AYN of the DHAT is..the “fASL” of the “ASL”.. [*]
Moment (AN) is the “Fasting of Time” for the Mind…

ZAWK 4972

It is the Warp Thread coming down to earth from heaven..
The weft in Seven Colours are over.
It is beaten by the iron comb..
The carpet is born in patterns.
It is modeled knot by knot..
Place (mekÂN) is “SAAT: Clock”..
Time (zamÂN) is the Pendulum..
In the chain of “zÂHİR – bÂTIN (Manifest – Non-manifest)”..
The Tale (maSALL) that is the ZAWK of the OPPOSITEs..

30.06.12 21:31
in the limit of the pendulum…
Kul Ihvani

Dear Colleen,
In my Karaviran village at the nook of the mountain of Hasan, where I was born and lived my childhood, Yoruk brides-girls with their 40 plaited hair and with their hands coloured with henna, they used to weave the rugs and carpets in the looms which have been brought to us by centuries ..
Round and the spinning wrap beams that are assembled on the pine logs which are fixed on the right and the left. The beams go up and down on the loom.
The warp threads are prepared in accordance with the width and length of the rug which will be weaved [woven] by the centuries old experience, and they are wrapped on the top beam and fixed on the down beam.

They are threaded on the loom..There are irons from above and below for stretching. Bobins of strings like the human heads in 7 colours, which are dyed with paints cultivated from the plant roots are prepared as set up and hung around the loom before the weaving process.

By Basmala, salawats and duas (prayers):
By saying “It is not my hand, but the hand of FADIMA-our mother FATIMA (a.s)’s hand!” MOTHER tightening string across the first weft is combed amongst the vertical warp threads, and the long knots are made on every 2 strings in every colour…knots..
The end of the knots are combed and beaten by the combs, and the trimming is done with special carpet scissors [shears] by master hands.
Readings of the every knot of the sample carpet in front of them and WEAVings of its AYN..

The master carpet weaver hands work in a speed which is difficult to follow by eye, in [with] magnificent skills [skill] and a CARPET of LIFE appears as a result, and you can’t have enough by watching it.
I had a scar PRINT on my index (testimony) finger while cutting knots during the weaving in the loom, when I was in secondary school.
LIVING is a nice THINGGG..
What is not LIVEd is a LIE..

“BIZ BIR – IZ” (This can not be translated to another language)
Everywhere- every time- in every state…

Kul Ihvani

[*] The AYN of the DHAT is..the “fASL” of the “ASL”.. :
“Dhat” is the Creator who is the ONE-Wahdat
And “AYN” is the World of Manyness “ Which the “AYAN-I SABITA” sees in the MIND (AQL) Mirror.
It is said “FASL” to play the song of the “Ashk (Love)” and do “Mashk”.
“ASL” is “DHAT” and the detail (Tafsilat) being born from this are the “fASL”s. Shadows are “fASL”s.
“ASL” is the Creator and the “fASL” are the creations.

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