Where is my behind, where is my front
Where is Kibla …Where is the direction towards
Give your cloud mane to the winds
Turn friend turn! Turn friend turn!


jaNNat jahaNNaM (Heaven –Hell) is HeRe, It is set HeRe, the SIRRat!
In the garden of jaNNat, in the jAN.. look ResimFlowing Resim Nile and EuPHRaT!
Its sayhAN is nice!..its jayhAN is nice!. Fire of the Beloved remained waterless!
“WE” are the horse of the Heart WheelResimSEE the BLIND in the CYCLEResimKıRaT[1]

[1] KiRaT is a white horse with sparse black hair amongst its white hair. [Kul Ihvani]

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We made it NiLe to the jaNNat of
SayhAN-JayhAN and EuPHRaTes:

Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said “Four rivers have well forth from the jannat (garden):
Euphrates, Nile, Sayhan and Jayhan
[2] [Abu Huraira r.a; Imam-I Ahmad, Musnad, 2:261, 289, 440]

[2] Two rivers have been known as Jayhan/Jayhun. One is in the eastern region of Turkey (east of Anatolia). It starts from the Jayhan region and is joined by several tributary rivers, flows south, but then takes an eastern turn at the end and falls into the Delta of the Mediterranean Sea. Its companion River is Sayhan/Sayhun which runs almost parallel to it in the West in the Adana region. The Prophet said that Jayhan, Sayhan (Adna River), Neel (Nile) and Furat (Euphrates) are rivers of Paradise.

A second river of the same name Jahun is in Central Asia which starts from the mountains of Afghanistan, and skirting the borders of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, falls into the Aral Sea. This is the largest river of Central Asia. It is also known as Amu Darya. Great many scholars arose from both sides of this River. Its companion River is also known as Sayhun/Sayhan and is in the same region. However, according to some scholars, Rivers Jahyan and Sayhan are different from Jayhun and Sayhun which are in Central Asia.

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