‘Innā Naĥnu Nazzalnā Adh-Dhikra Wa ‘Innā Lahu Laĥāfižūna:
We have, without doubt, sent down the message; and We verily are its Guardian .
[Qur’an – Al Hijr 15/9]‬

Mawlana Jalaladdeen-i Rumi (k.s):

“……..The loving kindnesses of God made a promise to Mustafá (Mohammed), saying, “If thou shalt die, (yet) this Lesson (the Qur’án) shall not die.
I am exalting thy Book and Miracle, I am defending the Qur’án from those who would make it more or less.
I am exalting thee in both worlds, I am driving away the scoffers from thy Tidings.

1200. None shall be able to make additions or omissions therein. Do not thou seek another protector better than Me.
Day by day I will increase thy splendour, I will strike thy name on gold and on silver.
For thy sake I will prepare pulpit and prayer-niche: in (My) love (for thee) thy vengeance hath become My vengeance.
They (thy followers), from fear, are uttering thy name covertly and hiding when they perform their prayers;
From terror and dread of the accursed infidels thy Religion is being hidden underground;

1205. (But) I will fill the world, from end to end, with minarets; I will make blind the eyes of the recalcitrant.
Thy servants will occupy cities and (seize) power: thy Religion will extend from the Fish to the Moon.
We shall keep it living until the Resurrection: be not thou afraid of the annulment of the Religion, O Mustafá.
O My Messenger, thou art not a sorcerer: thou art truthful, thou wearest the mantle of Moses.
To thee the Qur’án is even as the rod (of Moses): it swallows up (all) infidelities, like a dragon.

1210. If thou sleepest beneath a sod, (yet) deem as his rod that which thou hast spoken (My Word).Assailants have no power over his rod. Do thou (then) sleep, O King, a blessed sleep!
(Whilst) thy body is asleep (in the tomb), thy Light in Heaven hath strung a bow for thy war (against the infidels). The philosopher and that which his mouth doeth—the bow of thy Light is piercing him (and it) with arrows.

Thus He did, and (even) more than He said: he (the Prophet) slept (the sleep of death), but his fortune and prosperity slumbered not…..”

Reference : Mathnawi English Translation,REYNOLD A. NICHOLSON, Volume 3. Couplet No: 11951215
Source: http://www.semazen.net/eng/show_text.php?id=256

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