Everything is becoming non-existent and existent again harmonically. As the electric bulb is going ‘on’ and ‘off ’ at 50 times per second, we are thinking that it is ‘on’ continuously. (Everything) is becoming non-existent and existent in a moment (AN) which is unrestricted by time!

Now,“Kun!” (“Be!”) is this.
It is out of time and space (zamAN and MekAN).
That is why we are not able to put it through the limit of our perception/comprehension.

There are some pious ( salih) people whose consciences are so calm and at ease that they are unapproachable by others unless they would participate in the peace and tranquillity (sükun) manifesting in the hearts and words of these people.
It has been possible to approach such a blessed one (mubarak) like this some day, and the lines in this writing just happened to be lined up after this conversation by their material. So I am also explaining to you.
Presumably, it will appeal to you and please your spiritual taste (zawk).

Those who can not approach this kind of people, make the “haram” “halal” by making commentaries about the verses conveyed (tabligh) by the Rasul in their minds. They issue “fatwas” [1].

[1] A fatwā (Arabic: فتوى‎; plural fatāwā Arabic: فتاوى‎) in the Islamic faith is a religious opinion concerning Islamic law issued by an Islamic scholar.

They try to blur the spirits (ruh) of the clean-hearted believers (mumin). They are members of a devious association working for a particular aim and consider themselves to be very wise.

They mention religion (din).
They cast the spiritual concepts in moulds in their hearts.
They draw maps of the spiritual world (manawi alam) as if they have seen it. Then they counsel people and give a lot of sermons saying things like “there is no other world, the world (‘alam’) is one”, which even an ox can’t believe.

The meaning (ma’na) expressed by the terms, ‘Mahshar’, ‘Qiyamat’ and ‘akhirat’ expresses one of the absolute judgements of Allah.
‘Mahshar’, a gathering place…
‘Qiyamat’, the resurrection of the dead…
‘Akhirat’, the other world, the world where people will reach/arrive (Vasıl [2] ) after death.

[2] Vasıl: This Turkish word is a special term hiding the term ASL:Essence-Reality. Vasıl means to reach and to arrive but it also hides the meaning e.g. Manifestation of the essence and reality of something. For instance, in the above text, it is possible to understand the last line as “the essence-reality of the other world will manifest to the people after death, and this is Akhirat”.

In accordance with the Qur’an, the life of human being does not end in death. Death opens the door of another world to a human being…

Life of this world is not a goal. It is a vehicle to accomplish one of the stations of perfection in the material constitution.
Entities (beings) need to come to the world in order to complete their maturation. The deficiency in the creation of every proportional and relative thing is a necessity.
When we say white colour, we will have defined a shortcoming (deficiency) of something. That shortcoming is its deprivation of the other colours.
Every adjective/attribute (sifat) is the definition of a deficiency.
Every thing is defective/imperfect with the lack of things which are other than what was attributed to it.
The relativity and proportion of the Creator (Al-Haliq) is out of the question (they don’t apply to the Creator).

The grave is a place in the earth, and there is peace of the Garden/Heaven (jannat) behind it.
We have come to the world in the form of a human being, after “HAYY[3] is manifested in the earth.
When “HAYY” recedes, the body (jasad) will recede to its old place in a manner of courtesy (adab).
In the grave, a general chemical breakdown starts.
HAYY’ is in the aim of becoming earth again in the earth it has transformed…..

[3] AL- HAYYU (J.J) [Qur’an Ref: 2/255] (dhatī)( اَلْحَىّ) : the Everliving One who gives liveliness to the creation.

There are great wisdoms hidden in applying some formal (religious) procedures to the body before it was consigned in the earth.
Here, time, place, preparation, and spiritual (manawi) service suppositions rise up suddenly.

As well as
Death of a single person being “Kiyamat-i Sughra”,
Death of the generations as a whole is “Kiyamat-i Wusta”,
And the day of ‘Hashr and Nashr’ is named as “Kiyamat-i Qubra”, (that day) is also named as Judgement (Karar) Day, Account (Hasap) Day, Compensation (Telafi/Ta’wiyd) Day, Gathering (Jam) Day, Arising (Huruj) Day, Tevafün Day, and the Day of Religion (Din). The manifestation of that day will be by the direct manifestation of the Lord of the Worlds (Rabbu’l-alamiyn) without an intermediary (wasıta).

The conclusion which son of Adam (mankind) has come to, since the day he tried to explain death by using his mind and knowledge, has remained in the explanation frame of “Nonexistence/Nothingness”- “Adam”.
Therefore, son of Adam (mankind), by his knowledge, his science, his ambitions, his books and scholars (âlims) and by all academic institutions of science, have not established any monument of manifestation and explication about death other than pain, sobbing, tears and affliction (agony).

He has battled to explain death
as a result of
a disorder in the muscle of the heart,
a cessation in blood circulation,
a vein snapping in brain,
hypertension and hypotension,
cancer, tuberculosis, and many more illnesses taking thousands of names , in order to find consolation.

If we had asked the scholars and scientific institutes in the world about the sudden disappearance of a human being, who is speaking with us, perfectly healthy, always smiling and occupied with his work, and what has or will become of the killers or virtuous men of knowledge (‘alim’) in the end, the answer we will get will only be:
“I don’t know!”
This phrase is as dark as death itself.
Man who wants these darknesses to be illuminated, can only listen to this and learn this from the pulpit (kursi) of faith (iman).

Faith (Iman); is an unavoidable spiritual (manawi) tie linking the man to the Creator (Haliq), and it constitutes a big chain from particle (zarra) to atoms, from atoms to molecules, from molecules to stars, from stars to herbs and from herbs to animals…

In the book of Allah (Kitabullah):

“Heavens, earth and the whole existence (mawjudat) make ‘tasbih (glorification)’ to their Creator(Haliq). There is nothing but acts and makes tasbih to Him by His ‘hamd [4]’ and praise.
Herb, tree and everything prostrate/bow in adoration(doing sajda) [Related to Al-Rahman 55/6].

[4] Hamd: This Arabic term is usually translated as “to praise” in English.
This term is a very deep term used in the Qur’an. Its meaning wouldn’t fit here. Dr.Munir Derman will mention this term in a special chapter related to Hamd and Shukur in this volume of his book . Please refer to Islamic Resources to study this term.

Seest thou not that all things that are in the heavens and on earth, the sun, the moon, the stars; the hills, the trees and the animals are in prostration (sajda) and glorification (tasbih) of Allah? [Related to Al-Hajj 22/18]

Thousands of birds glorify Allah in mornings [Related to Al-Nur 24/41]
All of this creation, the living and non-living
have been maintaining their glorification (tasbih) and supplications to Allah everywhere by knowing and knowing [5], since they have been created.
Allah also knows well all that they do yet ye don’t see and ye don’t hear and understand their glorifications/praises (tasbih) to Allah! [Related to al-Isra 17/44]

[5] Dr.M.Derman(k.s) repeats the “knowing” twice here…

The Whole Universe has been coming and going as a temple (ma’bad) of praise (hamd-u-sana), supplication and glorification (tasbihat) since it has been created.
Except for the human being, all living and non-living that are created know and do this without exception.
Unfortunately the son of man (mankind) has not entered in to a common circle of obedience (taat) and glorification (tasbih).
Ones adapting themselves to the flock of avarice and materialism like Cane (Kabil) killing Abel (Khabil), dug the ground and drilled the mountains to satisfy their ambitions, and have been the bringer of the good news for today’s science.
In contrast to this, those of the group of Abel have remained within the frame of ‘qaza and qadar’ [6] , in trust (tawakkul) in Allah.

[6] Qaza and Qadar:

Arabic, ‘Qadā’ , Farsi/Urdu qazā’: divine decree, predestination; fate, destiny; fatality; death; decree, mandate, judgment. In esoteric usage, qazā is often used to describe the unlimited, Divine aspect of life.  Arabic, ‘Qadar’: measuring, determining; deciding, choosing, comparing one thing with another; measuring out; portion, part. Although qadr is considered by some to indicate destiny or pre-determination, qadr may be used to describe the limited, measured-out, part of life called free-will. Qazā means the Divine, indisputable decree regarding the creation of events and phenomena and Qadar means their measure size of events to happen. Qaza and Qadar is like divine will (Iradullah) and free-will (juz-i- irada).

The Meaning of this short story, expresses the struggle between the concept of virtue, morality (ahlaq), contentment ,which are required to fit in to a 60 year life span, and the concept of lust (shahwaniyat), and desire of avarice and material worship. The mentality caused by the incentive of diverging from the light of the truth, have propounded that religions preaching the traits of morality (ahlaq), justice, virtue and righteousness to the son of Adam, are preventing the satisfaction of avarice and the desires of the soul (nafsanic desires). By this mentality this struggle has consequently brought about a mankind looking at each other in avarice and hostility, being in a state of readiness to slaughter each other at any moment, and the world today has turned in to a chain of sorrow for those thinking by that mentality.

Yet death is not a swamp of nothingness and existence.
It is the last darkness of a morning which will glow brightly.

It is a very difficult and terrifying job to explain to a narrow-minded head, which thinks that life is only a short distance between cradle and grave,
that the morning of immortality will rise and net behind the grave mountains.

Only the people setting out on a journey of faith (iman) in the light of torch being held by Prophets, can understand and succeed to open (uncover) the truth of death, which was closed (covered) by books and judgements of applied science and knowledge expressing it by the words of tears, suffering and agony.
There cannot be anything as sad as the sudden drift of the taste and pleasure that a human being, who was ambitious in life, who clung to (this taste and pleasure) while in the world, into his death, which he believed to be nonexistence.

(Alternative Translation to above sentence: There cannot be anything as sad as a man, who believed that life was only as meaningful as his sensory experiences, desperately clinging to the tastes and pleasures of life as he slowly drifts towards an afterlife he believes is a meaningless abyss.)

While a faithless person is going in to a dark fate from the world, his nailed ambition and spirit are removed and separated creakingly from each other. On the other hand, a human who has faith, is in a sweet union (with his beloved) while he is spelling the word, “death”.
He closes his eyes and goes to eternity (abadiyat) in a close embrace with death, by waving his life like a handkerchief (remained from his beloved) in farewell.


Today’s knowledge and science, sending ASTRONAUTS to the vast depths of the shimmering stars giving awe to man, is describing liveliness and life from a biological point of view as following:
First live atom of the life is accepted to be the cell.
The first cell has arose from the inorganic molecules being melted and ionised into an unknown power (qudrat).
This scientific and scholarly secret reached by organic (live) organism chemistry, is the mirror and explanation of that verse which the Qur’an states as the beginning in chapter ‘Al-Anbiya’:

“…Wa Ja`alnā Mina Al-Mā’i Kulla Shay’in Ĥayyin…”
“….We made every living thing of water….” [Al-Anbiya, 21/30]


There is a very fine (subtle) meaning and truth hidden here.
Unfortunately, until now, the greatness of this precious verse has not been flung to the face of western scholars by their own scientific terms, in the mentality of the short story that we explained above.
Matters in the universe have not existed previously, and they have come to existence afterwards.
This means ‘matter’ non existent before is being created afterwards.
In reference to the acceptance of matter being nonexistent before and coming in to existence afterwards;
Which means inorganic (non-living) molecules are melting in the water.
Then (they) are being ionised.
And the first organic (live) molecule cell is forming.
In this case, existence of a creator for it is appearing spontaneously.
When matter becomes existent, concepts of time and place are arising imperatively, and this means live being is also restricted (muqayyad) by time and place. For the life of this live cell, existence of previously prepared conditions is also a necessity.

Because the earth (‘ardh’) is (situated) at a most appropriate distance from the sun, this ionisation has taken place in the earth.
This is not a coincidental situation.
Today, in reference to the propounding stated in accordance with the study of astronomy, there are no ionisation and also no life in a lot of explored stars, so it comes to light that these conditions do not exist there.

Most perfect architecture of live molecules is in the human body.
Although the string in this architecture is a fixed and unchanging chemistry, it is a chain of harmony acting and thinking hard consistently.
This is not a work of coincidence, and nor can it ever be.
No force can ever change this harmony.

Many matters taken as nourishment in the protoplasm, which is the essence of the organic (live) molecules, leave their places to new matters and get out of the body. This means the organism is in the ‘mahshar (gathering place)’ of renewal at every moment(AN).


There is no force that can affect the seed of an animal, a human being or a herb within both its body or outside, in the work of structuring its offspring (generation). It is out of possibility to confuse (the seed in structuring its offspring).
A plum tree does not produce an apple
A cat does not give birth to a rabbit.
An ant can not give birth to a fly.
In this case, the event of being able to be live is an expression of the harmonic unchanging order of the molecules.

Sequence of matters in this harmony, is the ‘tafseer (interpretation)’ of the Divine Name ‘Al-Badi’ [7]. It consists of the ‘tajalli’ vibrations of ALLAH by His Divine Names.

[*] AL- BADI‘U (J.J) [Qur’an Ref: 2/117] (kavniy)( اَلْبَدِيعُ): the Originator

99 Divine Names (Asmau’l Husna), is the manifestation place of the power (qudrat) in the creation of the elements (anasır) on the Mendeleev’s periodic table.
The death is the unravelling of the harmonic string (sequence) of live molecules instantly, and their goings to disintegrate into chemical elements. Last remainder of these disintegrating chemical elements, held by hand, is the bone.
Is this piece of bone not the pile of non-living molecules whose harmonic string (sequence) is upset?
Its return to become an alive molecule again, depends on a manifestation (tajalli).
Allah can make the harmony existent, non-existent, at the moment He wills.

This is the verse stating “ ‘Kûn fayakun (Be and it is)’, everything will return to its origin (its essence-reality) [8]”.
We see a lit light bulb to be continiously ‘on’.
In fact, it goes ‘on’ and ‘off ’ 50 times per second.
Because it is out of our perception limit of time and space, we are not able to comprehend it to be “Kûn fayakun!” outside the time and space (zamAN and MekAN).

[8] “…if He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: ‘Be’ and it is.” [Qur’an, 3/47]

The Sciences of Geology and Astronomy are accepting of a compulsory end of the earth (ardh). Earlier claims saying ‘a change in the heaven or a comet hitting the earth will bring about this end’ are not satisfactory.
Because, the openness and space amongst stars are so immense and terrifying that it is impossible for stars to collide with each other.
This terrifying vastness is a hindrance to the occurrence of the great events that seem simple. Entering of the Sun in the moon, total eclipse of the moon (Kamar), and verses of Qur’an, are therefore expressing that the balance within matter will be turned against its self.
The end, being one of the absolute decrees of ALLAH, explains the situation of the ‘Qiyamah (the resurrection of the dead)’ which will occur by the manifestation of the Lord of the Worlds (Tajalli-ul- Rabb-ul-‘Alamin) without intermediary.
Now, this state is but Allah giving an order of renewal to the earth’s energy system without intermediary.

In this energy change, new and fresh atomic systems will come into existence, and this opinion is taking the strongest place amongst the laws of physics. This speech within the constituting of matter and system by atoms, is expressed to us by the word “Kawn” proclaimed by the verses of the Qur’an, and this word denotes that by the ‘Takawwun[9] of the convenient conditions, and by restarting the ionisation which the materialists are screaming about, the protoplasm and the cell will be able to form (tashakkul) and the harmony of life will be established again.

[9] Takawwun: To come to ‘wujud’. Coming- into- being. To come to existence. Formation. To come to “Kawn”.

This orderly habit in molecule and atoms, will weave our architecture again on that day, and that beautiful and immortal spirit (Ruh) of the “Alam al-‘ Amr: the World of Command” will resurrect the body’s state of liveliness by ornamenting it again in this harmony of being.
In that case, that dry piece of bone in the earth, will revive by putting forth fresh sprouts.
We will rise (from death) again, in that case…

Lets analyse the ‘Ruh (spirit)’, who is made known by Rasul-i Akram, and who is from “Alam al-‘ Amr: the World of Command”:
Applied Knowledge and Science have gone astray (have gone to denial) by accepting the brain as a centre of spiritual (Ruhi) actions and manifestations. Today, brain maps are available in very fine detail. Analyses of these brain maps embarrassed the ones denying the spirit (ruh).
In autopsies done for brain deseases, and in brain maps in the hands, centers of various motions e.g. motor functions of legs, hands, fingers and every other motor functions, were found in brain.

But neither the concepts of feeling e.g. fear, pride, command, nor some spiritual faculties (malaka) centralising the human qualities e.g thinking, imagination, have been able to be allocated to any side of brain. In the autopsies done after death, no abnormalities could be found in the brains of the murderers, thieves, abnormal libidinous people, brutal tyrants who are addicted to the diseases caused by the deficiency of some moral traits linking the people and communities to each other. In the electro-graphic analyses , which have been done over the brain in recent years, no differences or changes have been found between the people having normal and abnormal faculties (umde [10]) of mind, thought, intellect, courage, and virtue (fadhilat [11]).

[10] Fadhilat(Fazilet in Turkish): Virtue. Goodness. Merit. A high degree in respect of goodness, knowledge, faith, ahlaq and wisdom.

[11] Umde : A turkish term meaning, principle, base, main source, reproduction point, safe source of flow, a constant natural faculty/power(malaka)

To overcome an unknown, we can only apply another unknown which is very difficult to tackle, when there is no reasonable theory leaning on any positive and explained proofs found in our hands.

As a result:
There is a hidden spiritual essence apart from brain and cell within human body. Western Scholars believing in today’s academic knowledge are conceiving of the spirit (Ruh) wrongly.

They feel something invisible, which is entering and exiting the body but they get scared of acknowledging the meaning of the Spirit (Ruh).
If the meaning of the spirit (ruh) in Islamic philosophy and Qur’an was known to them, they would not hesitate to acknowledge the existence of the spirit and surrender. But there is no doubt that a day will come and they will cry out and acknowledge this by faith.


We can explain the spirit (ruh) by leaning on Rasul and Qur’an as following:
The human body is like a radio device as long as it maintains the live state of the “Divine Name of the Sense (Hiss)” [12]. The brain is like the electrical wiring, lamps and technical components (accessories) of this device.

[12] Divine Name of the Sense: “Asmau’l-Hiss (Arabic)”, “His esması (Turkish)”. “Hiss” in Arabic means the Sense, sensation, feeling, perception, consciousness, emotion.

In this radio device, just as the radio speaker speaking in the central radio station is broadcasting his qualities (hassa: attributes, qualities, feelings) from the transmitting device distributing real radio waves, The Lord of the Worlds (Rabbu’l-‘Alamin) is addressing to the whole world from the “lawh-i mahfuz (The Preserved Tablet) [13]”, which is the centre of radio transmitter, where all spirits (ruhs) are.

[13] Lawh-i Mahfuz: Arabic word. Dr.Munir Derman describes this as the “lawha: board, tablet, plate on which whatever will happen in the universe is written.

Just as the spirit (ruh) giving man the quality of being human being, they are the sense waves called the spirit (ruh) transmit from the radio transmitter, giving the radio the quality of being a radio.
By its external appearance, the radio composed of a material device and the electricity current.
In fact, as long as the radio transmitter neither transmits the radio waves nor speaks, all the radios including this material equipment are completely quiet and inactive. Eternity of the spirit (ruh) is relative to his world (‘alam).

The eye and ear, as they worship matter, can in no way comprehend the pearl word of venerable (muhterem) and blessed (mubarak) Rasul-i Akram crying out to the world that the spirit (ruh) is from the “Alam al-‘ Amr: the World of Command” more than one thousand and four hundred years ago.

Thousands of volumes of books are being written by the words cooked in thousands of knowledge cauldrons and poured in to various moulds and strained through the strainer of logic, and today, the radio found in the houses of everyone and in every place all over the the world is proving to us that:

The real radio is the transmitting station, and the speaker speaking there is the real radio. Grand friends of God (Waliyullah) receiving the sense waves and vibrations in every wave length, cried out years ago that the “wujud is wahid (wujud is one)” [14] , and they have used the expressions e.g. ”Muassir: Effectual “ and “Muassirun fih: The one being affected”.

[14] ‘wujud wahdat’ is all that the mind can sense or perceive. ‘Wujud’ is what is visible at the tail end, where the mind understands and gathers all that it can perceive but it is the mind’s conjecture (ZANN) at the tail end.

If all the radios in the world are smashed, the radios become one (wahid).
When the working radios come to a state that they are not able to receive waves one by one, this means ‘Qiyamat-i sughra: The small resurrection’ is occuring.
One day, all radios will come to a state that they are able to receive the waves, then ‘Qiyamat-i Wusta/Qubra: The great resurrection’ will occur.

The spirit (ruh) leaving the human (insan) existence expresses that the radio has been suspended (Muattal [15])

[15] Muattal : A Turkish word meaning “to be suspended”, “to be out of use”, “to be inactive”.

When it was said, “The broadcast of Ankara Radio is over. May your night be well!..”, this doesn’t mean that the radio will not speak tomorrow.
It is not right to say that a human being will not be resurrected tomorrow just because the spirit, who is the vibration of the World of Command ( “Alam al-‘ Amr”), has left.
In the occurrence of the “Great Resurrection: Qiyamat-i Qubra”, Janab-i DhulJalâl, who is the Single speaker of the Universe, speaking repeatedly, will speak again, and the radio devices which remained silent for years, will start making sound, and that is now “Ba’thu bad-al-mawt: Rising/resurrection after death”…
Which seed was sown and not grown…

أَلَيْسَ ذَلِكَ بِقَادِرٍ عَلَى أَن يُحْيِيَ الْمَوْتَى
“ ‘Alaysa Dhālika Biqādirin `Alá ‘An Yuĥyiya Al-Mawtá :
Has not He, (the same), the power to give life to the dead?
[ Qur’an, Al-Qiyama, (75/40)]

Mansūr al-Hallāj listened to the real speaker without a radio and:
“There is no radio but speaker only!” cried out he.
“Ana’l-Haq: I am the Truth”.
Those hearing this deep truth couldn’t understand it, like the human masses listening to the radio in the villages but not knowing by what mechanism it functions…And they shot it!..

The Pharaoh also was toppled down because he claimed to be the Lord (RaBB). [16]

[16] Referenced to the Qur’an in following verse: “And proclaimed: “I (Pharaoh) am your Lord (RaBB) the Highest” “ [ Qur’an, Al-Naziat, (79/24)]

And Mansur also said:
“I am the Truth!” [17] and he was beheaded.
But he has risen to the paradises (firdawses)…

[17] Please refer to the explanations of Dr.Munir Derman (k.s) about Mansur Al-Hallaj in his book “A friend of ALLAH says that – Volume 3. Chapter 52, (Allah dostu derki 3.Cilt, 52.Konu) ”. You can read it in following link:


There are terrifying colossal differences from understanding to understanding, from saying to saying.
Objecting to the clear truths drags the people to disaster.

A blessed (mubaraq) person amongst the friends of ALLAH(God) visits his Sheikh’s grave as he is effected by the migration of his sheikh to the world of eternal subsistence (`alam al- baqa’). While he was returning:
“What is in this world for me after this? My sheikh migrated, and it is meaningless to live now!..” he was thinking.
Just at that moment, a light (NuR) appeared in front of him.
The light (NuR) kept growing and became intense; it took the form of his sheikh when he was alive.
By reaching out to his disciple (murid):
“Don’t be hasty my son, I haven’t even died yet. Why are you getting prepared to die!” he said.

Great Bastami is stating:
“After I reached the Truth, I understood that I was mistaking in those:
I was thinking that I was seeking Allah.
After that, I understood that Allah was seeking me.
I was thinking that I was remembering ALLAH (I was doing the dhikr of ALLAH).
Then I found out that Allah was remembering me (Allah was doing my dhikr)
I was thinking that I was doing what I was doing for my own benefit, then I’ve learned that I had already reached ALLAH!”

The whole of mankind by their scholars, by their books, by their universities, have spoken, scribbled and cried out about death along the centuries.
After everything, summary of it all is:
weeping, tears, and agony…
And thousands of various disease names, diagnoses etc…
(Mankind) has strived to find consolation by the meanings of these words constituting that one line above.
Everyone has murmured about the death and its beyond.
Those who consider themselves to be mature, by learning a few things from anyone, couldn’t understand the perfection (kamâl) and subtleties of the religion (Din).

Libraries have been filled with articles and books strengthened by some number of false logical evidences which oppose the belief of Islam.

It is difficult to discover and explain some sensually hidden things by the sense of sight. May you calculate the waters of the seas mathematically then consider the amount of tonnes turning in to steam every day , in that case calculate what will be subtracted from the seas, and after that you will arrive to a mathematical conclusion that the seas will be consumed after that many years.

When that time arrives, you will see that the seas are still in their place.
Because sea is able to change its waters in that many years. Why are you not thinking of this?

Man faqada hissan faqada ilman: One who loses his sense, also loses his knowledge. [18]

[18] Losing one’s Sense: Losing one’s sense means losing one’s sensing power (malaka) which enables him to comprehend knowledge by feeling, realising and bringing it to the state of consciousness.

Consequently, about death:
You see that we would remain alone with a conjugation “I don’t know!”. Answers about death need to be learned from the pulpit of faith (iman) not from the University rostrum.


My dear reverend readers, who have been following me from my writings for years, now I am living only for my memoirs.
A man carrying a lot of memoirs resembles a dried oak tree in forests.
That oak tree doesn’t ornament its self by its own leaves.
Sometimes It covers its nakedness by wild herbs/plants growing on its centuries old branches.
The reason that I will be away from you for some time, is not to be separate (from you) in the eternal world (abadi alam).
Life is temporal.
Human’s family passes and goes by like a day.
Measure (Taqdeer [19]) of Allah disperses it like a smoke.
Son and daughter know their father very little,
Father knows his son and daughter very little,
Brother knows his sister very little,
Sister knows her brother very little
Oak tree sees the acorns growing around its self, but the sons of Adam (mankind) are deprived of this bliss (saadat) too.

[19] Taqdeer: measure, ordainment, fate, judgement, decree.

These words resemble a source, which hides itself in the deep darkness of the night, and manifests its existence by its waters leaking through the rocks.
May I request you to understand this source.
I am leaving your presence by adding my name to the words said by my friend who reached to the grace of God.
I would wish your ‘Dua’ (prayer).

Those who look at me,
See my body
However I am somewhere else…

When its day comes,
Those who bury me,
Bury my body.
Even there I am somewhere else…

Come and uncover me,
What do you see ?

Can you see Where Doctor is ?
What has become of Derman?
What is happening to me and to you, has happened to him too…

He has disappeared all of a sudden
Under his own white coat…

Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s)

(May your spirit be rejoiced Oh my reverend (Aziz) Teacher)

Reference: Prof.Dr.Munir Derman(k.s), “We shall rise again”, A friend of Allah says that, Volume 1.

Translated by Barbaros Sert 12.10.2011.
English Grammar editing: Colleen Dunn
Explanations of the terms referenced inside the text were added to the text by the translator. There are no dictionary information in the original text!..


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