Translated by Barbaros Sert from internet


A group of philisophers came to Rumi (K.S). They stated that they would like to ask some questions. Rumi(K.S) sent them to Shams-Al-Tabrizi then they came to him. Shams al Tabrizi was in the mosque showing the students how to practice tayammum(a form of ablution) by using karpich(sun-dried mud brick). The philosophers coming, stated that they would like to ask three questions. 


Shams Al Tabrizi(K.S) said “There you are ,ask!”  


They elected one amongst them as a leader. He was going to ask on their behalf.


He started asking:


“You say, there is Allah, but he is unseen, show us so that we can believe”.


Shams Al Tabrizi(K.S); said “Ask your other question as well!” .


He said “You say the satan was created from the fire then you say satan will be tormented with fire, does ever fire torment the fire?”.


Shams Al Tabrizi(K.S)said; “Alright, ask your other question as well!” .


He said;“You say, every one will get what they deserved , they will be punished for what they did in hereafter. Leave the people alone, let them do whatever they want, do not interfere them!


Upon hearing this, Shams Al Tabrizi , hit the man on the head with the karpich(sun-dried mud brick) in his hand. The philosopher asking the questions went immediately to see the judge of the time and gave Shams Al Tabrizi to court.

He said “I asked questions and he hit me on the head with the karpich”.

Shams Al Tabrizi said “I only answered to his questions”.

The judge wanted him to explain this matter.

Shams Al Tabrizi explained:


“Dear Sir, He said ‘show me glorified Allah so that I can believe’. Now lets see if this philosopher can show the pain in his head to us.”


That man got confused and said “It is painful and aching but I can not show it”.


Shams Al Tabrizi said, ” So glorified Allah exists but He is unseen. Again, this man asked me how satan can be punished with fire. I have hit this man with clay(earth) and the clay has hurt his head. In fact his body was created from the clay(earth).


Again he said to me ‘Let anyone do whatever they like. Leave them alone. There would not be any responsibility for what they did.” So I fancied hitting him on the head with karpich. Why is he holding me responsible to ask his right? why does he not leave it alone! If the rights are asked for small incidents like that in this world, why should the rights not be asked for in infinite hereafter.”


Shams Al Tabrizi was the teacher of Sufi Mystic Jaladdin Al Rumi



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