Translated by Mehmet Demirkaya from Turkish to English

The men of the Truth should be very much loved both spiritually and physically. One should act carefully with contemplation to find the Truth. It will be insufficient unless one should, spiritually and bodily, practice with the Book and the Truth.






The seeker becomes separated in comparison with the degree of his seeking. Only his suffering troubles become his benefit as he has brought what he is seeking for with himself to the place where he wanted to arrive.


When the circle starting from the point comes full end at the same point, every line of the circle becomes the point. This point is both the first (azal) and the last (abad). Its beginning and end are in mesh(intermingled). As it has no beginning, it has no end or vice verse. The circle’s surroundings (muhit) is its essence (zat) and the surrounded one (muhat) is its quality (sýfat); the two are the one and the same. The one who is looking into the inner sees its outer as the one who is looking at the outer sees its inner. It is He Who sees Himself and Who is seen, in the same instant (an) as well.


There is no time! Time means entirely deny. In the same breath you subsist in the earth with your body (jasad), in the isthmus (barzakh) with your soul (nafs), and in the Other World (ahirat) with your spirit (rooh). All of them are neither in mesh nor different. Since there is no transition from one to the other, there is no time to pass and space. What separates you is your illusion (zann). If you make  your body, your soul (nafs) and your spirit the same altogether, then, you will see that you subsist in the three worlds simultaneously; in the instant (an) you live in the three worlds, and time disappears. Your being which you believe you have vanishes too. The Necessary Being (Vajibul Vujud) [1] with whose real body which is light(noor) manifests from you and reigns from, by and with you.


[1] Allah is the only Necessary Being (Vajibul Vücud) but the world is the possible one, not the necessary one. God’s being is necessary because all existence is possible with His Being.


Self (Jan) – The Beloved (Janan)


You have already become extinct but He is. It is He Who sees, hears, and executes by, with and from you. You have reverted to your essence before the ordinary annihilation which is called death catches you. With the flame of love, you have left yourself to annihilation (halaq) in yearning. At this station, as depicted in a poem, now you see that:


          Know that Judgement Day comes, the archangel Seraph’sTrumpet sounds

          What the doomsday is for the folks of the world is a rose garden for us


          Atoms rise, and resurrect, no one endures so stands in line

          Sacrificing their self many are by now the Sovereign


          Washing their corpse many say God is the Greatest and commit themselves

          To That Guide Who is the Mother of the Eternal Book


          That Essence, the Beauty of the Truth sparkles His light from the House

          Nothing remains of self just is the Beloved there


          The mercy of God’s Lion is certain for us

          Now is the time that Kemali is getting naked from all possessions


Thus, the divine manifestation (tajalli) at which station you have annihilated appeared as your beloved in your heart. Already, a time has passed away over you as human being in which time you were not the mentioned thing. The concept of time which seems to have passed in your opinion faded away; in the unique instant (aný vahit) by the command of “Kün” (Be) you have found substance (baqa) which is permanent in the Divine Knowledge. Now, you realize that you are the light which is in reality the divine manifestation of the Lord of worlds, the One and the Unique, and which manifests from one of the divine secret’s steps due to the fact that its being beloved one by one at different stages of annihilation. You are not but God’s light, the light of both the heavens and the earth. But neither you are He nor does He enter you. Once you had fallen apart from the Sea of Unity (Vahdet Denizi) as water vapour, now, you have become rain and drizzled, become snow and blizzard, and fallen onto the earth. You have taken shape to shape, whether you be a stem and flowed, or be a river and overflowed. Finally, you have arrived at the Sea again. You have not been the Sea, either the Sea has not been you since in the essence there is no difference that makes you other.


Spirit (Ruh)


You believed that there were living and dead ones since in your knowledge you compare and contrast the rays which are light appearing from the Father of Spirits by degrees are, first,  being descended at lower stages as beams in imperceptible immaculacy again by degrees; then, they become spirits (they are called according to their appearances) which are apparent at certain spots through gathering together proportional to their possibilities in their immutable essences. However, you see now that in the world there is not any place where could deprive of the rays of the Father of Spirits (Abu’l Arwah) which are light. At whatever face you look your essence, say it be spirit or self, you will see nothing but only light. There is no other than He Whom you can distinguish.


Since every appearance which you see with your physical eyes and which exists in your opinion is nothing but The Supreme Spirit (Ruhul Azam), you too conduct your affairs in the world like the wises who have openings. Do not carry out your relations based on those appearances which you see with your physical eyes, but conduct them as if you were seeing the Father of Spirits whom you are not yet able to see with the eye of heart. This means The Prayer in Perpetuity (Salatý Daimun)[2]. If you attain this state, you will be on The Prayer in Perpetuity, and you will lean towards in perpetuity. Thus, your being turned to The Supreme Spirit (Ruhul Azam) in perpetuity is meant to turn to God as you lean  towards the Truth from the Truth in the Greatest Spirit.


[2] Prayer in Perpetuity:  the state of always being in prayer (Mearic, 70:23)


Soul (Nafs)


Everything in the world, whether you see or not, has a soul and all is God’s soul as a whole. Now, you know that soul is the essence of things which become visible from God’s soul which is whole, and it is the omnipotence over things which become visible from Himself.


When God, the Designer, turns to design more perfect designs, soul begins to have a capacity of becoming the essence of all beings in the world while the body stays on its most beautiful form (ahseni takvim) due to the Divine promise. This state goes to the extent that it attains to the first manifestation which is the essence of essences. That is called self-conceit (izzat-ul nafs). The one who has self-conceit is Hu (He); namely, it is the state of the Universal Soul (Külli Nafs) in which He becomes visible in the world by the first manifestation as He appears Him from Himself.


Soul which you think you have, and which you see behind several veils in your opinion, and which you call different names due to these veils belongs to God as a whole.


After seeing that to whom your soul belongs, now instead of purifying your soul, come and attempt to emancipate yourself from your illusion so that you can perform prayer; namely, you can turn to the Truth. In this way, you return to your essence which is light, and thus you become light. Otherwise, you stay on the illusion that you have a being which means you oppress your essence or self-conceit (izzat-ul nafs), for it does not accept any illusion.



Being (Wujud)


Know well that your opinion of having a being is the greatest concealment (kufr). The greatest veil concealing the Truth is your being, and it becomes concealment  because of your opinion of having a being. In reality, what could be in the presence of God and whose vigour and strength could conceal God?


In your opinion, the Creature (halk) is apparent, and could be sensed and seen while God is a concept in mind or whatever you think. You could see nothing but things in the world of existence (varlýk alemi). In reality, God is apparent, and could be sensed and seen whereas the Creature is a concept in mind. Because beings which are constant in the Divine knowledge by the command of “Kün” (Be) have no existence other than God’s Being Who covers the reality of their immutable essences (ayaný sabite). Therefore, it is impossible for you to have an independent being. Your existence is only your reality in the immutable essence whose appearance the Truth covers.


As said by Osman Kemali Hazretleri,


He who does not see the Truth is seen, and is unseen, and is lasting

How should know that Man is the Truth, and the Truth is Man


Quoting his poem, we could approach to this reality in verses:


          See that wise is the one who is lasting by the Essence of God

          He is in austerity to everything except his essence

          Know that he is lasting in the Sea of Unity


          He is not wise who does not know that being Man is an instant

          Every breath God’s Essence is the fellow-friend in his secret


          Glance at your heart and see you are love’s flame

          And the Beloved’s beauty is the one in your secret

          Move to Only without asking What the world of No is [3]


          [3] Here is implied the word of unity :”There is no god but Allah.”


          He is not wise who does not ruin his being in the sea of No

          He is not wise who does not know that he is intimate with Only


          See that apparent is God’s face from all directions

          And Man’s beauty is meant to be God’s Beauty

          Grasp sure, if you are wise, What Man is


          He who does not see the Truth is seen, and is unseen, and is lasting

          How should know that Man is the Truth and the Truth is Man


          Do not you see that all is the Breath of the Merciful

          Do not you know that your heart is God’s cellar

          He who does not attain this secret is disgraceful in the two worlds


          He who hears the secret of “He who knows” [4] is lasting by God’s self

          He who does not know his self does not see it crude and ill


          The Perfection (God) knows Kemali as the companion to His love

          Delivering one’s self is the only road to his secret

          Under His foot’s dust is the market of life and death


          Unless abandoning his being and being one in the existence

          Kemali does not understand what a vague the secret is


[4] A qudsi hadith we heard from Prophet Muhammad(PBUH): “He who knows his Nafs(self) knows his Rabb:Man ‘arafa nafsahu faqud ‘arafa rabbahu”





Prayer and Peace be upon our Lord, the Prophet, the Honour of Worlds, who is the origin of beings, and to whom we are incapable of praising not only by our tongue but also by our essence, said in one of his sayings: “God has eighteen thousand worlds and this world of yours may be considered merely among one of those worlds.”


The eighteen worlds are essential as we are informed by our Masters, who have inherited the truth of our Lord, the Prophet Whom protected the sun with a white cloud from His Essence’s ruinous Light [5], and who have  brought the knowledge of His honoured accounts down to us. They are the Universal Intellect (Kulli Intellect), the Universal Self (Kulli Nafs), The Throne (Arsh), The Footstool (Kursi), the seven Heavens, four elements, and three Creatures (Mevalid). Since each world has a thousand particulars in itself, the existence of the eighteen thousand worlds is certainly obvious.


[5] In the Epoch of Happiness (Asrý Saadet) the wandering cloud above our Lord, the Prophet, the Honour of Worlds was not protecting our Lord from the heat of the sun, but protecting the sun from His ruinous light. Had it withdrawn from there the sun would have been annihilated by our Lord’s light. 


Man whose essence collects all names (Asma) is the secret of the world. Finding the road to his secret, man sees the world in his essence. Since the existence of the world as a whole is not other than God, in this station the witness (the seer, subject) and the witnessed (the seen, object) should be one and the same. This is the realization of the Quranic verse, “Allah bears witness that there is no god but Him” [6] in man. So man who is said to be the lesser world (microcosmos) (alemi sagýr) and the greater world  (macrocosmos) (alemi ekber) are one and the same. In this situation the former should be exactly the same as the latter. Therefore, we know and witness now that the greater world is in the shape of The Perfect Man (Hazreti Ýnsan). If you want proof, the Glorious Qur’an (Hazreti Kur’an) is enough, for God created you in His shape. Indeed, as your being which you ascribe to yourself is not distinct from God’s Being Who covers its reality in the immutable essence, the greater world (büyük alem) is apparent in the shape of the Truth. Thus, God made Him seen in His appearance.


[6] Qur’an- Surah Ali-Imran [ 3/18]


Here, a question may come to the mind: How could God accept a shape and become visible though He is above of time, space and shape? Being above of any shape, matter, and name or anything whether imagined or not, the Absolute Essence [as wises could not name this station, they employed names which are not related to anything in the world such as The Hidden Treasure (Kenzi Mahfi), The Hidden of Hiddens (Gaybül Guyub), The Unapparent (La Taayün), The Mother of The Book (Ümmül Kitab), The Absolute Invisibility (Mutlak Görünmezlik), or The Oneness (Ahadiyat)], at whose Essence all is annihilated and ruined, wanted to be known and deigned to appear Him from Himself and became apparent with the name of God. The world and all names, known or unknown, became visible at this station of the first manifestation. Be careful about that He did not appear by His Essence but by His manifestation!


In the station of Oneness (Ahadiyat) exists neither name, nor quality, nor thing, nor creation. His Being apparent is the station of His first manifestation. Whether you have the Lower Intellect (Akli maaþ) or the Knowing Intellect (Akli mead) the visible world that you see and know or you assume to know is not the Sea of Unity but the foams of that Sea’s waves.


Let us turn to Osman Kemali Hazretleri and listen to the truth from him:


          Waved the Sea of Unity has

          Waves have multiplied and fallen everywhere


                    Foamed and stirred that Sea of the Rigour has 

                    One drop of it has outpoured to the possible[1]


          The essence has sprung from that great Sea

          There was no direction, time and space


                    Nobody knows the essence, only the Truth

                    His exact appearance dropped on Man


And now we know that the world of beings, everything whether known or unknown, is only one drop of the Sea of Unity.


This existence (var olus) which we are not able to grasp not only by our intellect or in any thought of our imagination is only a drop from that Sea. In the presence of this majesty (azamet) even to annihilate one’s being is nothing but the state of impotence.


The greatest world is the Perfect Man Whose apparent is the world of surrounded (muhat) and Whose Essence is the world of surroundings (alemi muhit); it is again He who surrounds His appearance. The composition of the eighteen thousand worlds is the Perfect Man. He is the Whole (Kül). The Name of the Greatest (Ýsmi Azam) is He. If you put the eighteen thousand worlds altogether in his heart, He does not feel even their existence there. Because His apparent is a drop from the sea in comparison with His Essence.

The Perfect Man, the world, and the Glorious Qur’an are one and the same. The essential one is the Perfect Man because the world is His particulars (tafsilat) and the Qur’an is His interpretation.


The Perfect Man with His Essence and His apparent is not other than our essence’s light,  our Lord, the Prophet, the Honour of Worlds, Prayer and Peace be upon Him. He is the Lord of the eighteen thousand worlds. The appearance of the eighteen thousand worlds is our Lord’s blessed body. He is the One who reigns His apparent through His Essence. Let us listen to this truth again from Kemali Hazretleri in his verses:


1.       Love’s Sovereign wanted to see his beauty

          And revealed his beauty which is the source of love 


2.       The unique and matchless essence sprung from that source

          Love hides a thousand suns in the particle of its light


3.       The essence of Muhammed’s Light is the ferment to the seed of being

          And love’s glory is certain and known with Him


4.       Love appeared from Him and He is the recipient of love

          Many a thousand years love showed respect and honour to Him 


5.       What an essence! That is the source of beginning and last

          What an essence! Love is the admirer of his qualities


6.          Appeared the Whole Intellect and the spirit became the world of light

          Love has spread out and continued from the blessed mirror’s abundance


7.       Came the Pen out of Light and its one point is the world

          All became the Tablet and all written is love’s canon


8.          Written the World’s page and emerged love’s secret

          Love dignified the chosen one, Ahmed, as the beloved


9.           Affection became a sea full of wisdom with Muhammed

          Love’s ocean stirred up and surrounded the worlds


10.     To that beautiful face the pure love in joy

          Made the possible world (the visible world) an oath to the ground under His



11.     Under His foot is laid down the nine heavens, the earth and sky (sema)

          Love revealed the Covered bridge, Judgement Day and the scales


12.     The Throne was His home and the Footstool was His monarch

          Love watched Him by Himself in the light


13.     Many a quality given to Him and in many a name called Him

          Love read Him in the beautiful form of the Qur’an


14.          Water, fire, land and air sprung from Love

          The compassion of love’s rain revealed the secrets of birth


15.     That light’s rays became countless angels

          And became Love’s adorers and worshipers under the command they took  


16.     Many a heavens and stars were born from that light

          Love concluded worlds just as the world of joy and mirth


17.           Gathered spirits and angels and knelt in prayer before Love

          Love dismissed Satan who fell under the delusion from that love


18.     The One who became his veil to Himself saw fire instead of the light

          So Love revealed heaven and hell


19.     One who doubted the light fell into fire and suffered

          Seeing His light many became Love’s beloved


20.     Love, for showing its beautiful form to the world 

          Chose the most perfect man of love


21.     The name of the Restorer recurs Muhammed’s essence for ever

          Uncovering Love’s veil many became Love’s sacrifice


22.     As the light is Love and the lover, love and the Beloved  

          Not knowing of Love many remained on the plurality of names and qualities


23.     The source of Love’s treasure is He who is Ahmed Muhammed Mustafa

          Love sent the Qur’an to explain His Wholeness


24.     With Love prayer and peace be upon that Light

          Of seeing His Face’s light many burnt with the flame of love


25.     Both the Kind and the Compassionate is He who has the greatest


         Love’s eternal Beauty is seen under the sun of His beauty  


26.          Lovers are delivering their self for His foot’s dust 

          By their feet’s dust Love’s fountain of life water (eternal life) is laid down    




Oh! The Lord of the Worlds, favour us with that we may inherit the truth of our Lord’s, the Prophet’s, the honour of worlds, Prayer and Peace be upon Him. Open the door of our Guide’s, our Lord’s spiritual power so that we can attain that truth from this door.


Emancipate us from the opinion of having a being so that we can see the truth with our eye of the heart not with the physical eye which is a half-handful of sand.


Unfortunately, even the eye of the heart is doomed to melt down before the sea of light. Even if we melt down, we, at least, are to be the dust of the land on which our Lord stepped and with this honour our name goes beyond the seventh Heaven.


Alhamdulillahi Rabbul Alamiyn

“All praises belong to Allah who is The Lord of The Worlds.”



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