Letter- S

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Letter- S

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ResimMuhaMMedî Melâmet’in ÂNlaşılaBİLmesi ve ÂNlatılaBİLmesi için Kul İhvÂNi(Latif YILDIZ) tarafından KELİMElerin ılımları!

S harfi ile ilgili KELİMElerin ılımları;
(gariban tarafından ingilizce çevirisi yazılacak )

[*] Sellim:[/color] This term is used in salawats usually e.g."Allahumma SaLLi wa SeLLiM wa ala sayidina Muhammadin wa ala ali sayidina Muhammad......" and it includes surrendering- submission (taSLiMiyat) which is to be "SiLM". Kul Ihvani says "SeLLiM" is the owner of the Muhammadi Lutfs (blessings) which are represented by two "LL" and "M" in this term. Letter "S" gives Sahibiyat (Possession). The one who surrenders to Allah and Rasul (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) will have access to these blessings. "SeLLiM" is for surrendering and submission to ALLAH and Rasul whereas "SaLLiM" is for the direction (Istiqama). "SeLLim" is for being safe (selim) from "La ilaha" and "SaLLiM" is for being a traveller in "IllaALLAH" and reaching the transmission (Naql) .
The one who does not surrender and submit will never find direction. First, you need to put your plug in to the socket then you will get the transmission so that your device will start working!. SeLLim is to plug in where as SaLLim is to reach transmission. The socket is the Light of the Rasul in your heart...

Shariq: 1.Emerging one, 2. manifesting one, 3.moment of birth, 4.Birth, 5.Shining. 6. About ‘KhuNNas’ in the Qur’AN..

Sayran(Arabic): to be watching around and moving around. Sayr (a): An Arabic term meaining going, moving around, walking, making motion. In Tasawwuf, making sayr means to watch the dawran and to ascertain the origin and the fact of material(ashya). Term “SayrAN” is to watch the “AN”.

Sidratu’l-Muntaha: A sign which is delimiting the world of Universe(alam-i KaWN). Knowledge and ‘amal(deed, act)) of creation(ilm-i mahluqat) find termination at that limit. According to the narrations, it is the last station on 7th heaven where our Prophet Alaihissalatu Wassalam has reached. It is the end of SaDR in terms of Mind(aql) and the beginning of SaDR in terms of “Naql”.


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