Letter- K

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Letter- K

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ResimMuhaMMedî Melâmet’in ÂNlaşılaBİLmesi ve ÂNlatılaBİLmesi için Kul İhvÂNi(Latif YILDIZ) tarafından KELİMElerin ılımları!

S harfi ile ilgili KELİMElerin ılımları;
(gariban tarafından ingilizce çevirisi yazılacak )

Kitmîr: Kitmîr is mentioned in the Qur'an as the dog of Ashab-i Kahf (People of the Cave). Kitmir is a similitude used to show something as very low and worthless. Kitmir is used by Kul Ihvani as a title here. He calls him self "Kitmir" of the Caravan of Rasulullah (S.A.S). Kitmir is also the name of the thin membrane covering the surface of the date seeds.

KıTmîr: Kitmir is the name of the dog of People of the Cave(Ashab-i Kahf) mentioned in the Surah al-Kahf in the Qur'an. This is the spiritual title given to Kul Ihvani who regards himself as the KiTmir of the Caravan of Rasulullah SAWS journeying in the Desert.

KA’B: in Turkish , Ka’B means a pot or a vessel designed to keep something in . It is also used in the context of a“ box” which is specifically designed for a particular thing to protect or keep it . In public language, public will use this as symbolic in many areas referring the outer layer of the things.


KAMAL- KAMALAT-KAMIL (Kemâl-Kemâlat-Kâmil):

Manythings are said in the sufi literature about the word Kamalat e.g.perfection, completion, maturity, enlightenment. We are going to analyse this term, ‘Kamal’ by looking at the Essence-Reality of it then reduce it to our level as much as we can understand inshaALLAH.

It is made of letters kāf (ك) – Mim (م)- Lam (ل). Using the ‘Muhammadi’ Power(Kudrat) of the ‘Lutfullah’. ‘Kamalat’ is the occupation of using the Divine Power within one’s self. This is a sayr-i sulook. ‘Sulook’ happens after the ‘Sayr’. When ‘Lutfullah’ comes to ‘Muhammadi Kawn(BEing existent at instant moment)’, this is called ‘KaMaL’. It is to use the ‘Lutfullah’ by the pot of Muhammad SAWS e.g by his hand, his ear and eye. ‘KaMaL’ is the ‘Kun fayakun’ of ‘Lutfullah’ in ‘Muhammadiyyat’…If the Muhammadi reflection of ‘Lutfullah’ is coming to ‘Kawn’ and BEcoming “Kun fayakun:Be and It is” then this is ‘Kamal’. What is ‘Lutf’? ‘Lutf’ is such a word that it is a concept reflecting the all beauties and features of ALLAHU ZUL JALAL. Its description is very difficult. It is a word like the NuR(Divine Light). Even the ‘Nur’ is within this word, ‘Lutf’. Allah is 'Latif ul Khabiyr(acquainted with all things/ the Subtile and Aware) 'because ALLAH gives ‘lutf’. ALLAH’s act of creating , His blessings to the creation, His generosity(ikram) to the creation, all of these are Lutf, which is like a river of ‘Lam (ل)’.

The reflection of this ‘Lam (ل)’ is Muhammadi . Why? Because Matter and Ma’Na are created from the central point, ‘Nur-u-Mim(Light of Mim)'. What is Ma’na? It is ‘the MeaNing’. It is the inner face of something. Inner hearings e.g. notion, thought. Ma’na is the reason/cause(SaBab) for an action to occur.The diacritical signs above and below the letters of Arabic Alphabet are called ‘Harakat’. Letters are silent by themselves without these signs. ‘Harakat’ means action in Arabic language. So the action of ‘Nur-u-Mim’ in Divine System creates the matter and ma’na. From the ‘harakats’ of ‘Nur-u-Mim’, all creation manifests. This system of ‘harakat’ is within this ‘Lutf’ of ALLAH. Allah is not a thing. A thing becomes a reason for the creation of another thing in causuality. Allah is not a cause(SaBaB). Allah is the Creator of the ‘Cause and Effect(Illiyat)’.


Now ‘Kamal’ is such a thing that Possession of Lutfullah comes to ‘Kawn(Existence by manifestation at every moment’ , this is ‘Kamal’. In a plain example: Blessings and Lutfs belonging to you are loaded in your mother board or in your mind. You need to do something with this mind given to you. You need to use your will power to choose. The river of the Lutf is flowing and there are fishes left for you in this river and they all bear your name on it. They are your Nasib though not your kismah! What do you need to do? You need to cast a fly to catch them! Fishing tackle you use is called “Kismah”. You were created to cast a fly of ‘the Cause/Reason(sabab)’. If you can do this fishing in the Muhammadi Level, if it BEcomes ‘Kun fa yakun(Be and it is)’ and fish comes in to your palm then this is called your “kismah”. Here you go, It is said “Bona petit:Afiyet Olsun” to you!.This is called “Kamal”. The one possessing this feature is called “Kamil”. There is only one ‘Mukammal’ person in this world and this is Muhammad Alaihis Salam. He is the ‘Whole of Kamal’ as a creature in this field. We can not say ALLAH is ‘Kamil’. Because ‘Kamil’ is an attribute of the servants (Abd) of Allah. There is another word called ‘Mukammil’. Mukammil is a person who is Kamil him/herself and he/she also has the ability to cause another one to be ‘Kamil’. Mukammil is also Rasulullah SAWS. How does he make the others possess ‘Kamal’ ? By ‘Mim (م)’!..

Kul Ihvani
(GaribAN's Sohbat Notes , 11th of March 2011)

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