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"Alive we are, we don’t die
In the darkness, we don’t lie
We neither become earth nor mortify
There is no night and day for us"

[Somuncu Baba (k.s), Shaikh Hamidi Wali Aksarayi ]

Commentary of Somuncu Baba's Poem by garibAN:

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahiym.
Allahumma Salli wa sallim wa barik ala sayidina Muhammadin, Abdika, Wa Nabiyika, Wa Rasulika, Wa Nabiyu'l Ummii Wa Ala Alihi, Ahlibaytihi, Wa Sahbihi, Wa Ummatihi.

We are alive (HaYY) by the name of GOD Who is AL-HaYY (The Everliving ONE). He is the source of life, the ONE who gives life to everything in the Universe creating everything at each moment. There is no fatigue or tiredness from doing this for Him. He is the ONE our lives depend on. The ONE who holds everything with the manifestation of His Name Al-Hayy. The OWNER of the fountain of liveliness. Our light is from our own essence . Shadowless WE are!...Al-HaYY and Al-NUR manifests within us. Blessed olive oil illuminates from the niche of our hearts. We tasted the Death , we don't die. We came out of the duality, there is no night and day for us. We are in the "Lam" of "Ma-La-Mi". The Oneness of AHMADIYAT. We got coloured by the colour of God, which is colourlessness. Sibgatullah. If you can pass by the boundaries of the heavens pass Oh Man but you can not pass unless the power and grace of God manifests within you. We passed through the heavens and seen the Sun within us. The Sun which does not sink anymore. It is always bright.

Don't think that our body is the darkness of the grave or our bones have been dust. It is Him who keeps us alive forever in eternity by his boundless grace. We are in isthmus . We stand in the middle of the scale of Righteousness. The scale of Tawhid (Unity and Oneness). La ilaha –illa ALLAH (There is no God but ALLAH).

“Moon and sun in our province(homeland)
Always reside with persistence
Reaching to it, dubiousness at times
Fullmoon never cresent becomes “

There is no impersistence within or province (homeland). We are sphyre like the fullmoon. Our state is such a state that nothing can shake it. We lean on God alone in the heart of the Rahmat an lil Alamin (Grace to all worlds). By this grace we are unshakable. By this grace we are “WE and ONE”.

“The roses in our rosegarden
Stay fresh, they don’t fade
Being Autumn they don’t fall
There is neither winter nor spring for us”

Our roses are fresh in our rosegarden. Autumn-Winter-Spring and Summer are your perception. These are like earth-fire-water and air. We unified them in the heart of the Grace (Rahmatan lil alamiyn). We live the Oneness only. For us everything is fresh as we live in timelessness. Time is your perception. We unified the past and the future in the Moment (AN) in Oneness. In our essence reality, we witness the freshness of every moment. WE are the roses of the rosegarden as rose garden. We have been the garden. As –SALAAAM! The Sun is yellow to you during the day, orange in the evening, and it disappears during the night. In each heaven it is in different colour. Pass through the heavens and see that it does not sink. It is green there illuminating always. Brown and the green of the autumn and spring turn in to everliving freshness of the green within us.

We drank the vine
[*] of Love
We migrated to the land of relinquishment
We caught flame and burned up with Your Love
There is no “tahrik ü târ [*]” for us[/color]

[*] The vine : The vine mentioned here is “the Divine Love”.
[*] Târ: Somuncu Baba is using an abbreviation here and Târ ü Mar: Confused, Messy, Perturbed.

We are not effected by the others and get perturbed by them. No one can cause us to be perturbed as we are the friends of Truth (Haqq). There is no fear nor worry for us. We drank the vine of Love.

Since reaching to the light(noor) of Sun
My body is a drop from an atom(zarra)
What a drop!, it is a spring!
It is Bottomless and shoreless.

Leave Oh Hamid the real existence
If you wish to see the beloved
When you see that manifestation(tajalli)
There is no superior enlightenment [*] than this [/color]

[*] Real Existence: This existence is the existence of the TRUTH(Haqq). His existence is real and any other existence is temporary. Somuncu Baba whose name is Hamid, is stating that one should leave owning the real existence of the Truth by showing to the public his own existence. Leave saying “I”, “me”,”mine” to the public because there is only ONE “I” and that belongs to ALLAH only.

[*] Englightenment: Somuncu Baba uses the term “Kamalat” here instead of englightenment.

Allahumma Salli wa sallim wa barik ala sayidina Muhammadin, Abdika, Wa Nabiyika, Wa Rasulika, Wa Nabiyu'l Ummii Wa Ala Alihi, Ahlibaytihi, Wa Sahbihi, Wa Ummatihi.

As Salam and Love
06.01.2012 05:06

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