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By knowing your Lord if you do “dhikr (remembrance)”
By prostrating in sajda if you do “fikr”
To His “Kahr (Crushing)” and “Lutf (Blessing)”, If you do “shukr (to thank)”
They write (you) in the Darwish Log, Oh my Friend…

They make you a rose bud on the tree of the Beloved
By hanging you like Hallaj in the gallow tree
They hang your head on the tree of Secret (Sirr).
They skin you with the blade of patience, Oh my Friend…

They make you eat the food of tribulation
They make you shed bloody tears from your eyes
They crush the head of self (Nafs) that is worthier than your life
By the hammer of Onenes, Oh my Friend…

Be aware, friends of ALLAH don’t shelter the strangers
Friends of Allah do not like and tell a lie
Friends of Allah eat “Halal” and don’t eat “Haram”
They lay the table of contentment, Oh my Friend…

If you wish to pursue the Truth (Haqq)
It is impossible for the wet branch to be straight
In the “tandir [1]” of the Union (Wuslat), and in the Fire of Love
They throw and barbecue you nicely , Oh my Friend…

[1] Tandir : Tandoor. Oven consisting of a clay-lined pit or a large, earthen jar buried in the ground. An arrangement to cook meat etc.

Brethren (ihvân) live amongst creation by the Truth (Haqq)
Brethren make the honey of Oneness ( Tawhid) in their essence
Brethren untie all their ties
They adorn by the “Ridha-i Haqq” [2], Oh my Friend…

[2] Ridha –i Haqq: Arabic Terms. Contentment of the Truth. Haqq is one of the Divine Names of God in Islam, meaning the Truth. Ridha: riZâ (A, riDâ; spelling in T, rIzâ): lit., "contentment." This term is often used in Islam to mean contentment with whatever the Will of God brings. That is what is meant by the Contentment of the Truth.

If your essence and ear are in a secret love affair
If your hands and feet slide into “Haram (impermissible by God)”
There is no difference between far and near (for them)
They sense this by the permission of the Truth (Haqq), Oh my Friend…

How is your state (hâl) with Truth and Falsehood
Is it “Haram” or “Halâl” what you gather as livelihood
Do you have sincerity (ihlas) in your faith and actions you stood
They strain you through the strainer of “Taqwa” [3], Oh my Friend…

[3] Taqwá (Arabic: التقوى‎ at-taqwá) is the Quranic concept of Self-awareness which in a broad sense involves thankfulness and respect for Allah and His creation.

”O Children of Adam! We have revealed unto you raiment to conceal your shame, and splendid vesture, but the raiment of Self-awareness (At-taqwâ), that is best. This is of the revelations of Allah, that they may remember.” [Quran, al-Araf, (7/26)]
Term “TaQWa” hides the word “QaWi” :strong within its self. In Asmau'l-Husna, there is a Divine Name of Allah: AL- QaWiyyu (J.J) [Qur’an Ref: 42/19] (dhatī)( اَلْقَوِىُّ) : the Possesser of All Strength. “Taqwa” is to use this strength within your self to be strong against the desires of the ego and to guard yourself against the sins, haram (impermissible things stated in the true-haqq-religion) and suspicious things which might be haram. Self-awareness and God-consciousness means to be aware of things which are haram and to guard yourself by being awake all the time by being conscious that God is present and watching you all the time.

They wash the dirt and rust of your soul (Nafs)
They strip your soul off from the worries of this world
They kill you, by making you die before dieing
They dig your grave aside, Oh my Friend…

In the mountains, HU, In the saddles
[*], HU, In the plateau, HU
In spring and winter, HU, In summer and autumn, HU
By His Love “ILLAHU”, within you , within us HU
Never say “I”!...They get angry at the one saying, Oh my Friend…

[*] Saddle: A mountain pass (also gap, notch, col, saddle, hause) is a route through a mountain range or over a ridge

Even if your road runs in to evil, crookedness and ugly (unpleasant),
Be in good, righteousness and beauty
Otherwise, if your state goes in the opposite way,
They erase your Name and Frame [*], Oh my Friend…

[*] Name and Frame: In original this is Name and Substance (Ism – Jism). Name refers to inner (Batin), Frame refers to Outer (Zahir). Kul Ihvani is his Name in Batin, and Latif Yildiz is his Frame (body/susbtance) in Zahir. He means “They erase you in both batin and zahir from the log of the Lovers. “

Kul Ihvani
22.06.1980 Antalya
1st Notebook of Poem.

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