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 Mesaj Başlığı: Love of Gold or Love of God?
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Once upon a time in Aksaray in Turkey:

Sufi darvishes and the people of Aksaray used to do the circle of dhikr by coming together in the town square. They used to recite the names of God, recite "La ilaha illah ALLAH" to confirm the Oneness of God and their voices used to rise in to heavens and they used to lose themselves in ecstasy. There was a friend of God between them and his name was Crazy Hasan Baba of Derbent. This old man used to speak with no one in the town and he had nothing but his long overcoat to wear over his clothes and he used to call his overcoat “My House in this world”.

No one knew where he was living and what he was doing. When he used to come to the Great Mosque in Aksaray town square, he would hang his overcoat on the branch of the tree in front of the mosque, and those who knew him used to say, “There, Crazy Hasan of Derbent is inside the mosque”. Some curious people used to follow him to find out where he was living, but after walking in the hills of Aksaray, he used to disappear all of a sudden without a trace.

It was a Thursday night, and the people of the town had come together to do the circle of dhikr at that night after the time of night prayer in the Mosque of Amarat. There was a small village called Amarat in Aksaray. The Dhikr Ceremony lasted for a time and when people finished the remembrance of God, Hasan Baba came towards them and said, “There is a treasure full of gold in a large tomb in the north of your village beside the salt lake.”

The people got up immediately they arranged a few tractors and many pickaxes and many of them got in to the tractors and they drove them in a muddy land beside the Salt Lake in the middle of the night. When they arrived in the area with great difficulty, Hasan Baba showed them where they will dig and left them to dig the treasure out. Hours had passed and they were digging and digging in the dark. But there was not a trace of treasure nor a tomb. More they dug more they sank in to the mud. All of a sudden they realised that Hasan Baba had disappeared. When they got tired of digging they collected their tools and got into the tractors and drove into the village in the morning. Muddy water was dripping from their clothes and faces . When they arrived in the village, the people seeing them were all laughing at them. They asked if they had seen Hasan Baba and the people said:

“Yes he had come way before you.”
They asked if he had said anything to them. The people said:
Yes He said to us,
“This LOVE of GOD (Ashk) and this ambition of Gold can not be lived together!..”

Crazy Hasan Baba of Derbent (k.s) was one of Kul Ihvani’s teachers. He did not allow people to take a photo of him in his lifetime. The cameras were not so widespread in that period. Someone took this photo without asking him in past, and Kul Ihvani sent it to me a few weeks ago. Our teacher, Kul Ihvani, was explaining this real incident to me one day, and I wanted to remember my Hasan Baba of Derbent tonight. Kul Ihvani had said to me once, “Son, Son, many people go and do dhikr ceremonies at nights and they are hot there like an iron put in the fire, but you see them during the day doing activities which are not approved by ALLAH. While they were in a state of the soft and hot iron in the fire, with those life styles and wrong activities, they put themselves in to the water and that soft and hot iron turns in to steel then!.. Don't forget this!.."

Was Salam and Love

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