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The world is the veil to the hereafter (ahirat).
And plunging into the hereafter (ahirat) is the veil to the world and the Owner of the other world.
Being engrossed in the creation separates (us) from the Creator.
Whatever creation you lose your heart to, you will have curtain off from your spirit window…

[Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s), A friend of Allah says that, Volume I ]

Dünya âhirete perdedir.
Âhirete dalmak ise dünya ve öbür âlemin Sahibine perdedir.
Yaradılmışlara dalmak, Yaratan’dan ayırır.
Hangi yaratığa gönül kaptırırsan ruh pencerene perde çekmiş olursun

[Prof.Dr.Münir Derman (k.s), Allah Dostu Der ki, C.I]

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