Insandaki evren

Evertyhing exists within him because of the divine manifestation and
nothing exists within him  due to his beshariyyat
[1].This is like Adam(A.S)’s situation in paradise(jannah) and his situation again after he was taken out of the paradise.

When Adam(AS) was taken out of the paradise, he turned towards Angel Gabriel (A.S) and said :

“Ya Gabriel! You were making prostration (sajda)to me just a day a go, and were humbling your self. Why have you given up this attitude now? Why do you
expel me from the paradise(Jannah)? What has changed now  and what was that
situation in the past ?”

Angel Gabriel(A.S) said :

“That prostration and humbling before, was to the divine manifestation(tajjali) appearing from you. Our current state is due to your bashariyyat now.”

There might be so many people turning around a nice and a beatiful girl and
stating their love for her  , but all of these lovers escape from that girl when that girl turns to an old woman 20 -30 years after. No body looks at her face anymore.

Now, that girl asks like Adam (A.S) asked :

“You were bowing to me and turning around me like moths before. What happened
to you now, why are you escaping from me?”

 Those then answers:

“That muhabbat [2 ] we showed to you at that time was due to the manifestation of the divine light(noor). Now that (our current act) is to your beshariyyat.”

Now that, Insan is high(big) and also low(small). There is everything and
also nothing within him. Everything exists within the ikhsan
[3 ]

of Allah… Then all Alam puts his head down towards him and serves him.Nothing exists. Because the kudrat(power) within him(Insan) is a returner
to Haqq


[4]. Look at those graves now….

Where are those who say “I” and “Mine” now?There was a famous Emin of  Dar-ul Funun, Salih Zeki Bey. He was a
authority in riyadhat


[5 ].

However , he had dementia due to a vein cracking in his brain at his young
age, and he lost all his knowledge at that moment. Once , we were sitting with our friends in Maarif. He entered there with a carer helping him.
Once upon a time, people, who are in that assembly, used to make compliments to him and salute him with respect, now this time :

“Sit, sit over there! “

they said.That is an alive example of loosing your ilm and humanness due to a
snapping vein…

Translated by B.Sert on 21.09.07 from Ken’an Rifai’s book ,”Sohbet”.



[1] Bashariyyat: Manhood or Jismaniyyat (Physical Existence)

[2] Muhabbat: The root of this word is “Hubb” means “seed”. The word “Habib” is “love or to love”. In a way, in Tasawwuf(Islamic mystisizm), this means excessive love which is coming from the tap root (seed) or main root, and it can not be destroyed as it is fed from the main root. This word is used differently in public language. Public uses this as “nice chat”. There is a hidden meaning within this word related to the beginning of creation.

[3] Ikhsan: (1)Divine(ilahi) beneficience or bless given to the creation by ALLAH who is benevolent . (2) To worhship ALLAH as if seeing Him. (3) Kindness and favour.

[4] Haqq: El-Haqq is a name of ALLAH. Roughly translated, El-Haqq means “the truth” or “the certain reality”.

[5 ] Riyadhat: Living with tawakkul by giving up dunya. Mujaahadah. Riyadhat is not to be confused with asceticism in Hinduism or Christianity . Islamic asceticism and the asceticism in other religions are different. A muslim becomes occupied with divine knowledge and worship by giving up wordly desires(his nafsanic desires-desires of self). He carries out some Islamic practices e.g. fasting, praying extra prayers, and tries not to put any materialistism in his heart. He tries to purify his nafs and breaks the worldly desires within himself. But this does not mean that he will go and live in a cave in a mountain and do excessive fasting and praying without seeing anybody or abstaining from the society completely. He will eat and drink less, speak less, associate with less people and sleep less without going in to extreme , within the limits of Islam and in a balance(Itidal). Because Allah says

“O ye who believe! Forbid not the good things which Allah hath made lawful for you, and transgress not. Lo! Allah loveth not transgressors.” [Qur’an 5/87]


In a hadith , Rasulullah SAW says “Verily, your nafs has a right(haqq) over you…”





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