Alif Allah XVIII

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Alif Allah XVIII

This body is the cell
of true Lord.
It is the garden
where the spring
blossoms and blooms
__ O Hu!

All the gugglets and prayer-rugs
are within. There
I prostate a thousand times
__ O Hu!

Kaaba and qibla are also within
where I recite illa l-Lah
__ O Hu!

I have found out
the perfect Murshid,
says Bahu,
he himself will take care
of us
__ O Hu!


Kaaba: The square House at Makka. The place of pilgrimage for the Muslims all over the world.

Qibla: the direction towards kabaah during the prayers five times a day.

illa l-Lah: The second part of the formula of dikhr. There is no god except God.

| Abyat -e- Bahu (Says Bahu) | – Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). Translation with an Introduction & notes by Prof. Syed Ahmed Saeed Hamadani.

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