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Ramadan and Fasting According to Hz. Mevlânâ (k.s.)

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Ramadan and Fasting According to

Hz. Mevlânâ


A study of the Mathnawí and Divan-i Kebîr of Hz. Mevlânâ reveals to us the opinions of Hz. Mevlânâ regarding the month of Ramadan and fasting:

“The passion towards fasting is very unique” says Hz. Mevlânâ.  He mentions how much he misses fasting and how strong he feels the absence of fasting.  Sometimes he regards fasting as a “Mother”.

Ramadan, the month of fasting, should be welcomed with joy and we should be thankful and appreciative to Allah.

Fasting reveals the faith of a person, the love towards Allah, the devotion to Allah, the forbearance for Allah’s sake, the abstention from the things forbidden by Allah.

During the month of Ramadan, it is necessary to abstain not only from eating and drinking, but also from speaking bad words or doing bad deeds…we have to exercise patience against bad things. 

It is not easy to fast but it helps you to develop an aptitude for many difficulties. Fasting makes the ego (nefs) and Shaitan (The devil) feeble and frail, purifies the physical and spiritual body, frees gönül (the spiritual heart) from worldly affairs, sets the soul free, sharpens the spiritual eye, teaches patience, teaches ways to escape illnesses, matures people, increases spiritual food, makes people become closer to Allah. Read the rest of this entry »


Taqwa: Between Love & Fear II

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Taqwa: Between Love & Fear

Translating Love Into Good Deeds

Various verses in the Qur’an explain the characteristics that a person should have in order to receive God’s love. One of those traits is taqwa or God-consciousness, which is referred to in the Qur’an:[For lo! Allah loveth those who ward off (evil)](Aal `Imran 3:76).

God also loves those who have trust in Him.

Also, people who constantly repent to God deserve His love:[For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean] (Al-Baqarah 2:222), which means that the door for repentance is open if a person sins, and not only does God accept those who repent, but He also loves them. Read the rest of this entry »


Musab Ibn Umayr (r.a.)

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Musab Ibn Umayr (r.a.)

Musab ibn Umayr was born and grew up in the lap of affluence and luxury. His rich parents lavished a great deal of care and attention on him. He wore the most expensive clothes and the most stylish shoes of his time. Yemeni shoes were then considered to be very elegant and it was his privilege to have the very best of these. As a youth he was admired by the Quraysh not only for his good looks and style but for his intelligence. His elegant bearing and keen mind endeared him to the Makkan nobility among whom he moved with ease. Although still young, he had the privilege of attending Quraysh meetings and gatherings. He was thus in a position to know the issues which concerned the Makkans and what their attitudes and strategies were. Among Makkans there was a sudden outburst of excitement and concern as Muhammad, known as al-Amin (the Trustworthy), emerged saying that God had sent him as a bearer of good tidings and as a warner. Read the rest of this entry »


Prophetic Love and Its Social Reflections


The human is a being that questions his raison d’etre, which makes him special and distinguishes him from other beings. When attributing meanings to his world, he tries to explain where his own existence fits in and who and what he is. Religion and religious values occupy an important place in the search for answers to the questions of: “Who am I?” “What are the basic values that make me?” “And what can I do to lead a happy life?” The words, actions and practices of our prophet, who is our role model, are our most eminent example.

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“when nature becomes your holy scripture,
and birds,rivers,mountains becomes your holy verses,then you are on your way home.”
said a friend of mine oneday !


I decided to ask this to a SaLMon in the river in this morning. Read the rest of this entry »


فَلَعَلَّكَ بَاخِعٌ
نَفْسَكَ عَلٰى اٰثَارِهِمْ اِنْ لَمْ يُؤْمِنُوا بِهٰذَا الْحَدٖيثِ اَسَفًا

[Qur'AN-Surah Al-Kahf, 18/6]

Fala`allaka Bākhi`un Nafsaka `Alá ‘Āthārihim ‘In Lam
Yu’uminū Bihadhā Al-Ĥadīthi ‘Asafāan :

English A.Y.Ali Translation:
Yet it may be, if they believe not in this statement,
that thou (Muhammad) wilt torment thy soul with grief over their footsteps.

Turkish E.Hamdi Yazir

Şimdi bu söze inanmazlarsa belki
arkalarından esef ile kendini üzeceksin

This is said by the Lord
of the Worlds to Rasulullah (SAWS) upon his his grief about the condition of the
people not believing Qur’an!.. Elmalili Hamdi Yazir(k.s) explains in his Qur’an
commentary as following: If they don’t believe in
this book, you are going to nearly kill and destroy yourself with grief after
them. Oh My Servant(Abd) and Messenger(Rasul), Muhammad who I brought this book
down to ! Those who do not believe in this book will be
helaq(perished/exhausted).​ But , you are in so deep grief in advance, because
of the disbelief of those liars who make big talks that if they do not put their
faith and die like this in this state, you will nearly come to a degree to kill
and consume your self with the grief you will have over them. In this case, do
not upset your self for them, don’t be in sorrow, and you just keep doing your
duty by making Hamd(praise) to ALLAH who brought this book down to you.

Translated by Barbaros Sert ,

[Elmalili Hamdi Yazir Tefsiri, El-Kehf Suresi 18/6]:
Belki eğer onlar, bu kitaba inanmazlarsa sen
arkalarından üzüntü ile neredeyse kendini öldürüp yok edeceksin. Yani ey bu
kitabı kendisine indirdiğim kulum ve Resulüm Muhammed! Bu kitaba inanmayanlar
helak olacaklar. Fakat sen o büyük söyleyen yalancıların iman etmediklerine
şimdiden öyle üzülüyorsun ki, iman etmezler de helak olurlarsa arkalarından
edeceğin üzüntü ve esefle neredeyse kendini tüketecek dereceyi bulacaksın. O
halde sen onlar için üzülme, kederlenme ve sana bu kitabı indiren Allah’a
hamdederek vazifeni yerine getir.


Who Can Fly As High As The the Eagle?

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   Who Can Fly As High As The the Eagle?


M y love you, my grandchildren, my sisters and brothers, my daughters and sons. It is

early morning. Shall we go for a walk? Look! A family of eagles is sitting on those trees that overlook the ocean. They have white-feathered necks and their bodies are the color of the earth. Some are gazing intently at the nearby pond, and others are peering out toward the ocean. They are searching for food.


            Do you see that lone eagle perched way up there on the highest branch? “O eagle, please come down. We want to talk with you.


            “You fly so high, with such beauty and majesty. You can fly better than all the other birds. But what do you think about as you soar through the air? You think about killing  other lives and eating them. Is that good? Is it right to kill? Please tell us why you do this?”


My grandchildren, listen carefully to the eagle’s answer. Read the rest of this entry »

(alternative translation to the Title above: END OF EVERY ‘JISM ’ BEING MATTER WILL COME )
[*] Jism: Substance.That which has mass and occupies space;matter. Everything having length, depth and width, mass and occupying space in the Universe.
“when the resistence limit of the eyes is dazed,
and the moon is eclipsed(buried in darkness),
and the sun enters into the moon, these will say: whither to flee?”
[Qur'an-Al-Kiyamat, 75/7-9]
The Sun’s brightness is increasing steadily.
Towards the end of its life, its brightness will increase by 100 times.
After that, it will evaporate and explode.
That state is an incident happening to the planets all the time.
Based on this sign, every thing in the Universe will be turned upside down(destroyed) by the Sun.
This was mentioned by George Gamow, Scholar of Physics, in (The Biography of the Earth) 1968. Read the rest of this entry »

Bottle in the sea

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If you put a cork on the bottle and leave it to the sea, it does not take a drop of water in even if it floats for hundred years on the sea, but if you remove the cork and put it on top of the mountains of ‘Bey’, It takes in at least a few drops of water in the first rain coming. [Kul Ihvani, Night Sohbat 01 July 2011] Read the rest of this entry »

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The course of time is not the mould whence issues His eternal duration, nor temperament the cause of His beneficence; without His word, time and temperament exist not, as apart from His favour the soul enters not the body. This and that both are wanting and worthless; that and this both are foolish and impotent. ‘Old’ and ‘new’ are words inapplicable to His essence; He is, for He consists not of any existences except Himself. His kingdom cannot be known to its limits, His nature cannot be described even to its beginning; His acts and His nature are beyond instrument and direction, for His Being is above ‘Be‘ and ‘He‘.

Before thou wert in existence a greater than thou for thy sake brought together the causes that went to form thee; in one place Read the rest of this entry »