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"My son, do not set out to measure the mind of another. If you understand his qualities, you will know. If they are good qualities, put them to good use within yourself.
If a person has evil qualities, avoid him. Do not linger and speak ill of him. The spoken word can be a fault, but an evil thought is a scar imprinted deep within you.
If you find fault with another, the fault will come back to you. When you assume God’s duties in performing judgment on another, you become guilty on two counts. First, for finding fault with another, and second, for usurping the function of God. Think of this.
The other man is doing what he came to do. You must also do what you came to do. If you have wisdom you will understand this. If not, find a man of wisdom and learn."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 310 ]


"Do not think to rule the world
In the state of the “I”
With the strength of your tongue.
Day after day, the strength of God will crush you, reducing the strength of your tongue and the conceit of your ego."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 311 ]

"Dilinin kuvveti ile, “Ben”lik hâlinde iken, dünyayı yönetmeyi düşünme.
Gün be gün, Allah’ın kuvveti dilinin kuvvetini ve benliğinin kibrini küçülterek seni ezecektir."

[ Şeyh Bawa Muhyiddin (rh.a), Sufi Şeyhi’nin Altın Sözleri, Söz No: 311 ]


"My son, keep only Allah
Forever alive in your heart
And you will never die."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 312 ]

"Oğlum, ALLAH’ı kalbinde daima diri tut ve o zaman asla ölmeyeceksin."

[ Şeyh Bawa Muhyiddin (rh.a), Sufi Şeyhi’nin Altın Sözleri, Söz No: 312 ]


"My son, do not wear Allah on your head as you would wear a cap. Such a cap will turn into a cast iron helmet and crush your head.
Like this, my son, there are so many who enjoy great praise and fame in the world. Instead of truly understanding and nourishing Allah within their hearts, they strut about, proclaiming, 'I have studied. I am learned. There is no one greater than I. Look at my beauty and my titles and how I recite the Qur’an!'
"Rather than extinguishing their pride, their cravings, and themselves, they wear Allah just as they wear their caps. Eventually, they will be crushed. This group is in the majority; only a rare few keep Allah alive in their hearts.
"My son! Always see Allah as the wisdom within wisdom. Exist as the qualities within His conduct, and grow as the compassion within His compassion, never deviating from His meanings, words, and actions. Keep Him alive an make Him grow within your qalb, your innermost heart. Do this and you will attain eternal life."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 313 ]


"My son, the human generation consists of seventy-three groups. Three of them say they have the faith, certitude, and determination in God which is known as iman. Of these three groups, the people in one group say they love land, gold, and women -- and also God.
Those in the second group, although they have faith in God, place their trust in themselves, their titles, and their own abilities. They praise themselves and always claim that their actions are correct.
Those in the third group lose themselves, forget themselves, and with bowed heads, worship only God. Offering their very heads into His care, they surrender to Him.
Those in the other seventy groups have the appearance and speech of human beings, but their actions do not conform to their words. They may speak of God, but their thoughts, actions, and behaviour belong to satan. They perform the four hundred trillion, ten thousand actions of ignorance which are the ‘miracles’ and actions of animals. Although the human generation is perfectly pure when it emerges from God, the qualities and actions of these people change when they arrive in the school of the world to study. Therefore, they fail to complete their examinations. Although they come to study their history and the history of God, they give up both and concentrate on studying the history of satan. Ultimately they end up in the hell that was given to satan.
Out of the first three groups, the one which worships God in humble homage reaches God directly without having to face questioning or judgment. The other two groups have to face their verdict on Judgment Day. According to that judgment, they will spend some time in heaven and some time in hell.
May you realise this and remain in that one group without ever straying from it. It is the group of the mu’min, the group of true believers."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 314 ]


"Do not let greed
Overturn and eat the world
Or it will lead the way
To the house that belongs to hell."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 315 ]


"Do not let the monkey mind,
Your monkey mind of desire,
Turn somersaults in the world.
Fasten the chain of wisdom around its waist and tie it to the unshakable tree of the faith, certitude, and determination known as iman. The monkey will jump up and down, trying to pull itself loose, but finally it will become exhausted and give up."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 316 ]


"Do not adorn your body
With gold, possessions,
And colourful costumes
For the sake of physical beauty.
One day the body will turn into a corpse and be eaten by the earth. Reflect on this with wisdom and adorn your inner being and your face with the beauty and the qualities of Allahu ta’ala Nayan, whose beauty will never perish. Nothing can erode or destroy that beauty."

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 317 ]


"Look within with the clarity of the seven levels of wisdom that are inside you. There you will see Allah. When you see Allah, you will be within Him, and within you will be the ocean of profound knowledge called ilm. All the universes and all of everything will be seen within that ilm. What more could we possibly need?"

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 318 ]


"Those who claim to have learned everything in the world know only as much as a handful of earth. Whereas all that has not been learned and all that needs yet to be learned is greater than an ocean without a shore.
If a man learns this, examines it with wisdom, and sees that which has no shore, then the ocean of profound knowledge called bahrul-ilm, which cannot be encompassed by the eyes, will be here, there, and everywhere, existing in perfection as one, as one letter, as one God. It will be seen as the plenitude within everything. What else in there, O Father? All the worlds and boundless realms will be there as one, O Father.
Realise this with your wisdom, perceive that resonance, and know the explanation of grace as the heart within the heart, the life within life, the food within food, and the clarity within clarity.
If you see the clarity of the seven levels of wisdom within you, stand within that clarity and look, you will see God within that wisdom, you within God, the ilm within you, and all the universes and all of everything within the ilm. O my Father, what else could we ever need!"

[ Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (rh.a), Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh, Word no: 319 ]

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