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Like the Sand
Like the Candle
Love made of Snow
Like my Hope


Sand grain of the Secret(SiRR) Beach…
Crystal Snow of the Love Mountain.
They speak by
KûN fa yaKûN:Be and It is [1]
It is for the Mind(Aql), Nonexistence- Existence.
Body is the bottle of Testimony(Shahadat),
It is the electricity of soul/life(JaN) coming and going.
Man, made of sand,
Man, made of snow…
What is in “Be-ing[2]is His Fire(NaR) and Divine Light(NuR)

Kul Ihvani
13.02.11 14:38


[1] KûN fa yaKûN:
اِذَا قَضٰى اَمْرًا فَاِنَّمَا يَقُولُ لَهُ كُنْ فَيَكُونُ

“… iza kada amran fa innama yakulu lahu KUN FA YAKUN.” Qur’an [3/47]
“…if He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: ‘Be’ and it is.” Qur’an [3/47]

[2] Be-Ing: In Turkish this is “OL-AN”.
“Be” is “OL” in Turkish.
“Ing” is shown by “ AN” here. It is representing “Now” and “this moment”. So Be-Ing means to BE at this Moment. Moment , “ÂN” is a part of the sacred command KûN. ‘Kûn’ means ‘Be’ in English.Everything is created in “ÂN” with that sacred commANd of ALLAH. ÂN is Impartible Indivisible Particle of Time(ZamÂn). The seed of Time in Sha’anullah, which is perceived as Time in this world of testimony(‘alam al-shahada). “ÂN” is the Essence and Reality of Time. Time is a Tool but Aim is to reach “ÂN”.

Turkish Original:

KuM Gibi
MuM Gibi
KaRdan SEVgi
UMUDum Gibi..

ZEVK 4346

Sırr Sahilin ZeRRe KuMu.. AŞK DaĞın Kristal KaRı
“KûN fe yeKûN” KONUŞurlar.. AKIL İÇin YoKu-VaRı
Şehâdet ŞİŞesi BeDeN, cAN CeRRyanı “GiT”en “GEL”en
KaRdan ADAM KuMdan ADAM.. “OL-AN” daki NûRu NâRı…
13.02.11 14:38
GöKlerin Kuşağında
YERlerin Kucağında..

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