ZAWK 1038

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ZAWK 1038


The world is the work of Asmâ(Divine Names)

One thousand and one trees are “whole-all(Kull)” in one seed

The jug of the Water of Love is made of Ice,

Rose and nightingale are present(Hazir) in HAYY(liveliness).

Look at HaQQ(Truth) by Haq(justly, rightly) ! Make a zawk [1] of the manifestation Ihvani!

What is Material – Matter(Event)- Time – Conjecture(ZaNN) [2]? Kun fayakun [3] ! A veil for Tawheed(Unity/Oneness) it is.


Kul Ihvani

26.10.1994 10:37


Look at HaQQ by Haq(Look at the TRUTH justly):


In Kasrat-i Halqiyya(Abundance and multititude of creation) ……… seeing Wahdat-i Zâtiyya(Oneness of the Self-Essence-Reality)


In Wahdat-i Zâtiyya(HAKK) ……..seeing Kasrat-i Halqiyya

Seeing Haqq(Truth) in Halq(creation). 


Turkish Original:


ZEVK 1038


Esmâ nın eseri âlem, bin bir ağaç bir tohumda küll

Aşk Suyun testisi Buzdan, HAYYda hazır gülle bülbül

HAKKAa Hak ile nazar et! Zuhurun zevket İhvâni!

Eşya – Olay – Zaman – Zann ne? Kün feyekün! Tevhide tül  


HAKKA Hak ile nazar :


Kesret-i Halkiyyede(halk) ……… Vahdet-i Zâtiyyeyi 

Vahdet-i Zâtiyyede(HAKK) …….. Kesret-i Halkiyyeyi görmek

Halkta HAKK a nazar 


26.10.1994 10:37




[1] Zawk : It comes from the root , Z’aq: to have a taste of something. When all mind (aql) and senses will reach to a saturation point, a peak point, That is called ‘zawk’.



[2 & 3] Kûn fayakûn: ‘Kûn’ is translated as ‘Be’ in English. It is the sacred command of ALLAH mentioned in Qur’an. But this word is very deep in meaning. Right  at this moment(AN), We and everything that we perceive is within this “KûN” as well. Everything is created in “ÂN” with that sacred commANd of ALLAH.


“… iza kada amran fa innama yakulu lahu KUN  FA YAKUN.” Qur’an [3/47]

“…if He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: ‘Be’ and it is.”  Qur’an [3/47]


Moment , “ÂN” is a part of the sacred command KûN. ‘Kûn’ means ‘Be’ in English.Everything is created in “ÂN” with that sacred commANd of ALLAH. ÂN is Impartible Indivisible Particle of Time(ZamÂn). The seed of Time in Sha’anullah, which is perceived as Time in this world of testimony(‘alam al-shahada). “ÂN” is the Essence and Reality of Time. Time is a Tool but Aim is to reach “ÂN”.


Time is a perception and conjecture of “ÂN”s by our minds.  That conjecture is called ‘zANn’. Time is called ZamAN in Turkish. Zam means ‘rise or increase’. So increasing AN’s are perceived as Time (ZamAN ) by our minds. At every “ÂN”, everything becomes non-existent and re-created again. But the mind perceives this as continual, in fact everything goes and comes, on and off in every “ÂN”. That is why the ones who watch this in the screen of their minds are always in conjecture(zANn). Allah knows best…


In the mind of human being,

an event(Olay) is born from the relation of two things,

time(ZamÂn)  is born from the relation of two events, and

conjecture(ZaNN) is born from the relation of two times and know that this is the basis of the Servanthood Test…


“Wa in tuti’aksara men fi al’ardi yudilluka an sabilillah iy yattabiuna illaz zANna wa in hum illa yakhrusuna: Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie “ Qur’an [6/116]

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