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“Tawheed(The Unity-Oneness) has been proposed to human with his mind(Aql). If the mind is purified , it becomes Zakâ. Zakâ means clean, pure and refined. The controlled using of Zakâ in truth and good(haqq and hayr) is called firasat. The people who have the firasat will understand ‘Lubbu’l-Lubb’[*] before saying ‘Lubb’…”

 (Kul İhvani)  

[*] Lubbu’l-Lubb: It means ‘the kernel of the kernel’ or referred as ‘ the Essence of the Essence’ and ‘the Secret of the Secret’ in Tasawwuf.

”Qur’an-ul Kareem; is from Dhat-I Haqq (j.j) to Rasulullah(SAW) then transferred(Naql [*]) from him to us!” (Kul İhvani)


[*] Naql: This term has deep meanings. In Turkish “Naql” is used to transport, transmit or transfer something from one place to another.In it’s noun form , it means the transported, transferred or transmitted. The Word of Allah coming to Rasulullah SAW is a “Naql”. The knowledge transferred between the minds are also naql. In this term, “N-aql” , there is “N” and “Aql”. N refers to Noor: Light and the term, “Aql” means “Mind”. So “Naql” happens when the mind is enlightened with divine knowledge or light


“Aql (the Mind) : “The mind (Aql) is a light which is the Essence of the essence, understanding the quantities and qualities and expressing them and enabling them to be lived, “ (Kul İhvani)



“If Naql is a continious voice, Aql(the mind) is the ear !”
(Kul İhvani)


“Naql is single(one), but aql is in infinite number”
(Kul İhvani)


“In Our religion(Islam), naql is the foundation and it is the religion of logic which will understand the Naql and act upon it!”
(Kul İhvani)


“The mind (Aql) is the addressee of the Divine Discourse! “
(Kul İhvani)


“the essence of the word is that :

when the Aql(mind) finds it’s perfection that is LOVE;

when the wise completes it’s perfection(when his mind is ripened, enlightened, refined and perfected) , becomes the LOVER…”
(Kul İhvani)


“The mind(Aql) becomes Islam if it submits it’s self to Qur’an by the divine knowledge(ilm) and will power (irada)… It becomes mu’meen mind if it is in Qur’ani direction by comprehension(idraq) and participation(ishtiraq).”
(Kul İhvani)


” The mind(Aql) gains perfection in order to adjust it’s self to the Divine Order.”
(Kul İhvani)


“The mind, for the human lataifs[*] is such a thing like whatever the electricity is for a factory or a house” (Kul İhvani)


[*] Human Lataifs or Latifas: Subtlety of man. There are traditionally distinguished 7 subtleties of man. These are illustrated as below:




“The mind(Aql) is the Light of Muhammad(Noor-u Muhammad). In it’s own essence , it is the Light of Allah (Noorullah), Sacred(Kudthi) and Divine(Ilahi)”
(Kul İhvani)





“In a way,  the mind (Aql) is a light(Noor) being transmitted to body, nafs(soul) and heart by the spirit(rooh) that is from the ‘Alam-i Amr’[*], and mind is like their liquidty in the life market!”
(Kul İhvani)


[*] : Alam-I Amr: the world of Allah’s command


” What is GOING TO happen, happens and we can not stop it, we can only make dua(prayer) so that they will be Good(Hayr)!..” (Kulihvani)


“The summoner of the Truth(Haqq) and Good(Hayr) for human being is Rasulullah (SAW), the angel and the power of mind (aqli kuwwat).

The summoner of the falsehood and evil (sharr) is iblis, lustful(shahwani) and power of fury and anger (ghadabi kuwwat).”

(Kul İhvani)


If you ask “Why did ‘iblis(devil) fall in to this situation while he was worthy in the level of his RABB?”, We say “ He objected to the absolute Divine (ilahi) decree(Nass) by comparison.” [*]

(Kul İhvani)


[*] Qur’an Al-Araf [7/12]: (Allah) said: What prevented Thee from bowing down when I commanded thee? He said: I am better than he: Thou didst create Me from fire, and him from clay.


[7/13]: (Allah) said: Get thee down From this: it is not For thee to be arrogant Here: get out, for thou Art of the meanest (of creatures).


“And we believe that Rasulullah (SAW)’s right index(shahadat) finger shows ‘La ilaha illa ALLAH(There is no God but ALLAH)’ as direction(istiqama) by the balance of sincerity(Adl-u- Ikhlas)...

“Kun-fa-yakûn! [*]” is his direction (kiblah)

 (Kul İhvani)


KUN: ‘Kun’ is translated as ‘Be’ in English. It is the sacred command of ALLAH mentioned in Qur’an. But this word is very deep in meaning.Right  at this moment(AN), We and everything that we perceive is within this “KUN” as well. Everything is created in “AN” with that sacred commANd of ALLAH.


“… iza kada amran fa innama yakulu lahu KUN  FA YAKUN.” Qur’an [3/47]

“…if He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: ‘Be’ and it is.”  Qur’an [3/47]


Translated by Barbaros Sert

Basildon-UK 13.11.09

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