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“The reason for PRAYer(dua) and remEMBERence of Allah(ziqrullah) being commanded and advised repeatingly and insistently to humAN BEing IN the Qur’AN is so that human being, who is a creation by his mind and conscience, can establish a link between himself and his creator.” (Kulihvani)


“From ANother POINT of view: Islam does not say to the mind ‘establish the order’ but it says ‘read the divine(ilahi) order (Sunnatullah) and conform to it’…” (Kulihvani)


“If the EYE of our hEARts do not function, eyes of our heads will confuse us and even cause us to faLL!..” (Kulihvani)


’SoHBat’ is the ‘SaLaH’ of the ‘SaDR’…” (Kulihvani)


“’SoHBat’ is to be ‘SaHaBa’…” (Kulihvani)


“We are like the rivers flowing in to the sea. To death our migration is…” (Kulihvani)


“The death does not chase after anybody, people come to it’s feet! That is why, the ones who send their migration before migrating are the men of the heart…” (Kulihvani)


“Everybody dies but the death is very alive…Aql-i Salim, Aql-i Salim ! And Consciousness…” (Kulihvani)

“Mind is the mouth of LOVE!” (Kulihvani)


“ Sacred(Kudthi) happiness:  Being intimate, inmost(Daruni), sacred(kudthi) and with mind (Aqliy), it is within Anfus, center and kernel of the kernel(lubbu’l-lubb)…” (Kulihvani)


“ In divine(ilahi) and MuhaMMadi M-ethod, mind is the mirror of the ‘Essence(ASL)’. Mind is the veil(Hijab) of creation where the shadow of the ‘ESSENCE(ASL)’ is watched…” (Kulihvani)


“Mind is Rasulullah(SAW)’s conveying successor. This trust (amanat) or inheritance(Varasat) is on the shoulder of the believer(Mumeen) who reached to his rushd[*] and is Aql-i Salim(Safeand trustworthy mind) (Kulihvani)


[*] Rushd: Rushd is to find the right path and direction(istiqama), and to get connected to it. Rushd is to walk on the path of Truth(Haqq) firmly, steadily and directly.

“Tribulation is so whoever is to make their troubles trouble for themselves die of their troubles, whoever  is to make their troubles pleasure (zawk) for themselves are resurrrected in zawk[*]…” (Kulihvani)


[*] Zawk: Pleasure, Taste, Fancy, Enthusiasm, Delight


“ The one who UNderstands ‘UN(AN)[*]’ knows ‘Time(ZamAN)’, and thinks the conjecture(zANN) is non-existent…” (Kulihvani)


[*] AN: AN is a part of the sacred command KUN. ‘Kun’ means ‘Be’ in English.

“… iza kada amran fa innama yakulu lahu kun fa yakun.” Qur’an [3/47]

“…if He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: ‘Be’ and it is.”  Qur’an [3/47]

Everything is created in “AN” with that sacred commANd of ALLAH. Time is a perception and conjecture of ‘AN’s by our minds.  That conjecture is called ‘zANn’. Time is called ZamAN in Turkish. Zam means ‘rise or increase’. So increasing AN’s are perceived as Time (ZamAN ) by our minds. In every AN, everything becomes non-existent and re-created again. But the mind perceives this as continual, in fact everything goes and comes, on and off in every ‘AN’. That is why the ones who watch this in the screen of their minds are always in conjecture(zANn). Allah knows best…


“Wa in tuti’aksara men fi al’ardi yudilluka an sabilillah iy yattabiuna illaz zANna wa in hum illa yakhrusuna: Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie “ Qur’an [6/116]


“The one whose ego head is not cut off is a fool . That person’s mind is under his feet and his thought is in his stomach!..” (Kulihvani)


“ There are many uncried birth, and many unlaughed death…” (Kulihvani)


“ Flower of the LOVE is tribulation(suffering)…” (Kulihvani)


“Mind(Aql) is ALLAHU DHUL JALAL’s love mirror!.. Love is the enlightened(perfect: Kamil ) state of the mind which had reached to it’s rushd [*]…”(Kulihvani)


[*] Rushd: Rushd is to find the right path and direction(istiqama), and to get connected to it. Rushd is to walk on the path of Truth(Haqq) firmly, steadily and directly.

“Mind(Aql) is the mirror in which ALLAH j.j watches His  power (kudrat) and magnificence…Mind is light of ALLAH(Nurullah)” (Kulihvani)

Translated by Barbaros Sert


6th of November 2009

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