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The violet darkness of the evening wraps the mountains of Bey,

When people make their way home one by one,

When the birds fly hither and thither anxiously,

When a lament pervades inside me,

I think of YOU… 


I go down to the pier,

When I feel as if I see YOUR vision,

In the bosom of the paths steep and deep,

In the cuddling and kissing of the wavelets and the chiselled rocks in pieces,

And their laughing like a broken vase,

Tiny fishes swimming  towards a drop of bait,

And the children of the fishermen,

In the greenness of the sea,

I think of YOU…



A storm breaks out,

The earth closes up un to heaven,

The leaves are scattered and the sea goes mad,

A downpour lashes the Windows,

Inside me…

I think of YOU…



28.12.1981 Antalya / Turkey


Translated by Barbaros Sert





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  • hilmi

    salamun aleykum, i am glad you have translated this lovely poem and shared us.this poem made me THINK.thanks for everything you have done for muhammedinur-english site.great job.

  • admin

    Wa alaikum Salaam brother Hilmi,
    May Allah bestow his rahmat(grace) upon you and your family. May your juma be mubarak. It has been a pleasure to translate this little poem of my teacher to English. It speaks so much to the human’s soul. I am happy that someone could benefit from it. We will translate more in the future inshaallah.
    With Peace and Love
    Barbaros Sert