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Hafiz(The one who memorised whole Qur’an) Münâvî had a young student. He used to study Qur’an along the night, staying awake until morning to memorize Qur’an and reading it completeley at least once per night. 

In the mornings he used to come to his teacher with a pale and tired face and try to explain what he studied to his teacher. When his teacher saw his state, he got curious and asked to his friends about his state. His friends told him that this young student was busy with memorizing Qur’an everynight, and reading it at least once per night.

Hafiz Münâvî felt a necessity to warn his student and he spoke with him :

“My son! Qur’an must be read in the way it was revealed. The secret(skill) is not in reading a lot, the real skill is to think(contemplate or reflect) over it. From now on, read Qur’an as if I am in front of you and you are reading it to me”.

The student listening to his teacher’s suggestion, read Qur’an at that night as if his teacher was in front of him.
When it was morning, he went to his teacher to present his learning.
His teacher asked “My son! How much Qur’an did you read tonight.”
The student said to his teacher: “My teacher! I could only read the half of Qur’an. Because I tried not to make mistake and read slowly and more carefully, when I imagined you in front of me.”
His teacher likes his start(progress) and said to his student :
” To night, read it as if our beloved master Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is in front of your rahla(it is a small ,portable table which is used to support Qur’an while reading it) and you are reading it to him”.
The student tried to feel the spirit of Prophet Muhammad(SAS) and read it sensibly, as if he was reading to him then he went to his teacher in the morning again
His teacher asked “What did you do last night?”
The student answered: “I could only finish Surah Al-Bakara(2nd.Surah)”.
The teacher cheered by thinking “That is fine, this will work out fine” and said to his student “Read it to night as if the Messenger angel Gabriel(A.S) is in front of you”.
The student tried to read Qur’an at that night as if he was reading it to Angel Gabriel(A.S).  When it is morning, his teacher asked:
“What did you do last night?”
The student said; “My teacher! I could only read Surah Al-Fatihah.”
When the teacher heard this, he got very happy from his progress and he said to his student as last ”  Read it tonight as well by thinking that you are in the presence of Allah, lord of the Universes.Read it as if you are talking with Him and present your work to Him.”
The student did it in the way his teacher described to him, that night. When it is morning he came to his teacher’s presence and his teacher asked him what he did.
The student said ; “Wallahi(I swear by Allah)! My teacher, I started with Fatihah then I came to “Iyyaka na’budu: Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. ” but I could never complete this verse. Whenever I tried to read this verse, I felt embarassed and asshamed in my Rabb’s(Lord’s) presence because I could not be a proper servant for Him and could not do my duty properly then I said to my self  and questioned my self  ’ Are you realy being a good servant to Allah  and not beseeching any other thing?’ . I have done this questioning so many times that it was morning and I was still not able to pass the verse of iyyaka na’budu- Qur’an :02/05″.



Translated from Turkish to English in 2008



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