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In the time of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) disbelievers made a meeting and said: “Lets kill him”. “Alright, Who will do it ?” they asked.
A man called “Ukata”said “I will kill him”.

He was a very tough man. He prepared his sword and said “ I will go in the evening towards the midnight!. You don’t need to worry, I will kill him!”
He had the power to slay 8-10 people in a fight.
Someone within their crowd said:”What is the point of killing him. Leave this idea! Lets not kill him! Lets state and spread to everyone that he is telling lies!”
The man (ukata) who was prepared to go to kill the messenger of God(Rasulullah) pulled his sword and hit the man on his head by saying
“the prophet may be against our religion but Muhammad NEVER and EVER tells lie!”.

He was called as the mercy to the worlds because of not telling lie, dear friends. The man who tells lie is in shirk(associating partners to God).
(Taken from the voice records of Dr.Munir Derman K.S)

One of the beatiful names of prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was AL-EMIN meaning “most trustworthy”.

With Salaam and Love

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    As salaamun alaikum brother. I would love to read more stories like this on this website.here is one more from me, Muslims had entered to Mecca after siege.They were so happy to be in holy city again.One man who disbeliever started to walk towards to Probhet.Probably he was going to tell something to him but he was shaking with fear.Prophet saw him and said “do not be fear i am the son of Meccan woman who ate dried meat” The best human being of the world had no love of holding power or anxthing like that.Truly greatest personality.Thanks

  • admin

    Wa Alaikum Salaam brother Hilmi. Many thanks for your comment and beatiful narration related to Rasulullah SAW. We will put here more articles in time inshaallah. Keep reading , I will publish divine vibrations from Dr.Munir Derman (K.S) soon inshaallah. It is still at the stage of translation.

    Was salaam