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Light Shower

Inside”love” there is more joy than we know of;
rain pours down, although the sky is clear of clouds;
there are whole rivers of light.
The universe is shot through in all parts by
a single sort of love.


Poems written in the ecstasy moment of Auliyaullah are not commented upon as they are direct experience. However, we will give a little taste inshaallah without going in to details. That is a very nice poem of Kabir which is sent by a friend. Kabir is explaining the MuHaBBat here by single sort of love. Rain mentioned are Asma(Name) Showers which means the Divine Names of ALLAH manifesting (TaJaLLi). The sky mentioned are heavens inside the subtleties of Human being. Clouds being clear means the heart eye is open to see and there are nothing clouding the vision of the one who is watching. The universe is shot through in all parts by a single sort of love refers to MuHabbatullah[*] (Love of ALLAH). ALLAH(God) is Rahman and Rahiym. His love ignites the system we live in. The whole Uni-Verse is shaped with this love and compassion at every moment “AN”[*].

[*] AN:
Moment , “AN” is a part of the sacred command KUN. ‘Kun’ means ‘Be’ in English.Everything is created in “AN” with that sacred commANd of ALLAH. ÂN is Impartible Indivisible Particle of Time(ZamÂn). The seed of Time in Sha’anullah, which is perceived as Time in this world of testimony(‘alam al-shahada). “AN” is the Essence and Reality of Time. Time is a Tool but Aim is to reach “AN”.

Time is a perception and conjecture of “AN”s by our minds. That conjecture is called ‘zANn’. Time is called ZamAN in Turkish. Zam means ‘rise or increase’. So increasing AN’s are perceived as Time (ZamAN ) by our minds. At every “AN”, everything becomes non-existent and re-created again. But the mind perceives this as continual, in fact everything goes and comes, on and off in every “AN”. That is why the ones who watch this in the screen of their minds are always in conjecture(zANn). Allah knows best…

In the mind of human being,
an event(Olay) is born from the relation of two things,
time(ZamÂn) is born from the relation of two events, and
conjecture(ZaNN) is born from the relation of two times and know that this is the basis of the Servanthood Test…

“Wa in tuti’aksara men fi al’ardi yudilluka an sabilillah iy yattabiuna illaz zANna wa in hum illa yakhrusuna: Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie “ Qur’an [6/116]

[*] MuHaBBat:
It comes from the word الحب in Arabic pronounced as „Al-Habb“ meaning „Love“. The Truth of Muhabbat in Tasawwuf is to give your everything to the Beloved and not to leave anything within you for yourself.
People pf Muhabbat fall in three groups:
1-Muhabbat of Amme:
This is a love because Allah bestows upon them. Rasulullah PBUH says : “Hearts have characteristic of loving the ONE bestowing upon them.”
2-State of Sifati-Ashk(Love): This is due to heart looking at ALLAH’s glory(jalal), magnificience (azamat), power(qudrat) and knowledge(ilm). This sort of Muhabbat is experienced by the elite(Hawas), loyal(sadiq) and Men of Divine Knowledge(ahl-i tahqiq). Husain an-Nuri says that: “Muhabbat is the revelation of the secrets when the veils are torn.”
3-The State of Dhati Muhabbat: This is to love ALLAH without any reason. This is born from understanding and knowing that loving ALLAH is causeless and beginingless.This sort of love is the love of loyals(siddiq) and Arifs.
Muhabbat also includes another root term “HABBA” . Habba means “seed” in Arabic and this is the seed of Love. When you put a seed in the soil , one day this will grow to tree and it will blossom flowers and give the fruit. The aim of this seed is to have this fruit. Aim of planting the seed of Love was to grow Prophet Muhammad PBUH as a fruit.

With Love
Allah knows best…

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