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Our Master İmâm-ı Azam(Great Imam) Abu Hanife (radiyallahu anhu) was trying to leave a work behind on his last times, therefore he was working at home at nights, writing without stopping just to give a selfless service for the followers of Prophet Muhammad(SAW)…


However there was a person and this person was going to pub when it gets dark, and drinking heavily then he was coming in front of the window of  Abu Hanifa(r.a) and starting to swear off him saying


“Oh Imam, I will do this to you, I will do that to you!”


He was telling whatever comes to his mouth at that moment…


Days were passing, the months were passing and He  was neither telling anything to this person by opening his window nor letting anyone to tell him off.


Somehow, one day, the people around Imam acts earlier than him and they get the man taken to the police station…


It becomes evening , the time keeps passing but there is still no one in front of the window. When Imam realizes this, he waits a little more than he gets out of his house when the man does not come. He asks to the children on the street:

 “Children, have you seen my nightingale, where has he been?…”

When the children says “ Grandfather, they must be beating him with the stick on the soles(bastinado) in the police station”,

Imam runs in to the police station on his bare feet…

When He arrives there , he finds the police men beating the men, and the man is crying in desperation…

When Imam-i Azam says “ Why are you beating this man, I have not complained about him, what is it to you? Leave my man!…”, They leave him.


Of course He was a great imam so no one objected to him. Imam comes out of the station and the man comes out as well…


The man rushes to the pub as soon as he comes out though.
He fills his jar with wine and goes back to his place, right straight infront of the window of the Imam, and starts swearing off the imam with unheard swearwords...

The old and tired imam comes slowly from his behind, he sees the state of him, he waits there watching the man in a state of qiyam[*]…


[*] Qiyam: it is a posture done during the prayer. The person stands on foot and ties his hands at the level of his waist line just under his belly button. Although it is formally done during the prayer, in the example of Imam-i azam here it is done informally outside the prayer as a stance and posture to express his state.

When the man turns back a few minutes later and sees the Imam behind himself at that state :


“What kind of a man are you, I keep swearing at you but you come and save me then you are at the position of qiyam infront of me!”


Imam-I Azam :

“You are my master, my giver of favor(waliyy-i nimat), I look at you and give thanks to my Rabb(Lord) who renders you like that and renders me like this…

I make hamd to the One, who makes you act in the scene of lesson(ibrat) and makes me act in the scene of wisdom(hiqmat)!…I comb my hair by looking at you!…”


Now that time, the wine within the man turns in to the tears and starts being shed from his eyes. He bows to the feet of Imam and asks forgiveness from him…


Imam-I Azam says: “ Get up son get up, lets give thanks to Allah because you woke up. The door of the forgiveness belongs to ALLAH (j.j)only”


From the book, “Oz Tasavvuf” of Latif Yildiz Ekrem (Kulihvani)

Translated by Barbaros Sert

Basildon –UK


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