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No matter how the separation breaks the waist of the hope,
No matter how the pain and sufferings tie the hands of wills and wishes,
The heart of the lover (ashik) who is intoxicated with the Love of ALLAH, does not despair.
He does not cut his hope from the TRUTH (HAKK). People undoubtedly reach to what they make effort for, no matter what happens, under no circumstances, they open a closed door by “himmat[*]

[Rumi (k.s), Selections from the Divan al Kebir, Şefik Can, v.4, word 184.]

Translated by garibAN,

[*] Himmat: (A) means, in sufism, strong spiritual determination and aspiration. In Turkish sufism if more often has a secondary meaning of the spiritual grace and favour of the saints (living or passed away), viewed as “true men”. Himmat is for the heart to turn towards the sacred and the Truth (Hakk) by all its power. It is a serious effort that is shown by the will of Heart. Himmat is the spark that reach from the Truth (Hakk) to Rasulullah Sallalahu alaihi wa sallam and from him to the murshid. It ignites the divine powers within the one who asks for it and triggers them. It is the spark that will be given by the murshid.

Turkish Original Translated by Şefik Can Effendi:

“Ayrılık, her ne kadar ümidin belini kırsa, ızdıraplar, cefâlar isteklerin emellerin ellerini bağlasa da, ALLAH sevgisi ile mest olan âşıkın gönlü, ümitsizliğe düşmez. Hakk’tan ümidini kesmez. İnsanlar, gayret ettiklerine muhakkak ulaşırlar, her ne sûretle olursa olsun, kapalı bir kapıyı, himmetle açarlar.”

[ Hz.Rumi (k.s), Divan-I Kebir’den Seçmeler, Şefik Can, Cilt 4, Söz 184]

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