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Resim“Of the Hand and foot, one of them is the map of the body, while another one is the map of the spirit and his own lawh-i mahfuz.
It is necessary to understand this.
Hand is (lawh-i mahfuz) of the spirit,
and foot is (lawh-i mahfuz) of the body. “
[Prof.Munir Derman (k.s), A Friend of ALLAH says that, Volume 2]
“El ve ayak her mahlûkun biri cesedin, diğeri ruhun haritası ve insanın kendi levh-i mahfuzudur.
Bunu anlamak gerek.
El, ruhun,
Ayak, cesedin…” [ Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s) , Allah Dostu Der ki , 2.cilt]
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