(alternative translation to the Title above: END OF EVERY ‘JISM ’ BEING MATTER WILL COME )
[*] Jism: Substance.That which has mass and occupies space;matter. Everything having length, depth and width, mass and occupying space in the Universe.
“when the resistence limit of the eyes is dazed,
and the moon is eclipsed(buried in darkness),
and the sun enters into the moon, these will say: whither to flee?”
[Qur'an-Al-Kiyamat, 75/7-9]
The Sun’s brightness is increasing steadily.
Towards the end of its life, its brightness will increase by 100 times.
After that, it will evaporate and explode.
That state is an incident happening to the planets all the time.
Based on this sign, every thing in the Universe will be turned upside down(destroyed) by the Sun.
This was mentioned by George Gamow, Scholar of Physics, in (The Biography of the Earth) 1968.
“Resurrection Day (Kiyamat)”
“There is existence at every moment(‘AN [1]’), nonexistence every moment (AN) and then existence again.” (Verse [2])
That is the end of the Universe, the Qur’an declares…
There is the end of the Universe, declared by Science…
One of them refers to the spirit(Ruh)…
The other one refers to the mind getting stuck in matter…
They are both the same…
“Religion without science(ilm: Knowledge) is blind, science without religion is lame!” [Einstein]

“I believe not in God who philosophers , thinkers, mathematicians and physicists found by their minds but I believe in GOD and Divine Revelation declared by the holy books(Muqaddas books) and the Prophets.” ( Pascal)

There are ones crying out that “The Universe is a dream!”
If you participate in the choir of this song,
You will have sung the song of “From the atoms to the galaxies the order and existence of millions of stars and the space have existed(become) by the combination of many coincidences!”

This thought would be to think and accept that the emergence of the human intellect starting from the protoplasma and coming to a state that it would be able to go to moon and the other planets, is a chain formed by millions of coincidences. This makes the human being a figure of fun.

As long as the notions and thoughts remain within the circle of science, the world and the universe seems to us like a place being subjected to a uniform order and laws. But, in the subject of the emergence(coming to existence) of this order, the thought would not have any value anymore.


To be able to say a word in this matter, it is necessary not to be strict at this point,
It is required to know the things which the belief (faith) explains(comments about) and to give ear to them with manners(adab). Considering this way, is neither fundamentalism, nor fanatism/bigotry (taassub), nor foolishness.

Pythagoras had these writings engraved in gold on the door of Temple of Delphes :

“The Nature (Adat) is the law of the Universe
The Perfection(Advancement) is the law of the Life
The Unity(Oneness) is the law of God…”

We keep spinning together with millions of stars in an endless space which human cognition(idraq) and mind cannot comprehend and penetrate easily.

We know a lot of things by means of using tools , telescopes and analogy, and mathematics which do nothing but increase the power of our senses(sense of the organs e.g. eyes, ears, nose, hands, tongue). These are concepts like motion (movement), time, place (mekân), and number, which are the basis of earthly comparative measures and these concepts lose their essence in an endless environment (medium), and they occur as a throne for a divine law which our cognition (idraq) is not capable of comprehending.
We are in such a state that we are incapable of expressing the distance between two stars by hour, day, year and centuries…

We have to use the light years only.
This is a Universe archetype of a universe which is sliding into infinity and striking our telescopes, and is based on the astronomers’ observational studies and their personal discretion and estimates. They are the community of data reaching to our rough senses.
For us, the other ways of the Universe are completely unknown, immense and obscure.

Our lack of knowledge, and mind need to be complemented by the belief (faith). Showing reverence to what is beyond mind, giving into it and understanding your inability (ajz) where mind stops, means to believe in ALLAH. If we say by mind, respect, reverence and refined manners(aDaB), in accordance with the scale of our mind ( ‘aql ) and cognition (idraq), God has three qualities:

“(God) creates, sustains and annihilates.”

There is no cell in the human brain (dimağ) that can determine and recognize(identify) His Essence-Reality (mahiyet). The doors of doubt denying this have been closed completely by the knowledge of mathematics, physics, and astronomy today.
(God) creates (makes ‘khalq’), this means there is no beginning for Him.
(God) sustains (makes ‘idama’). All unchanging necessities of the Universal laws occur.
(God) annihilates, this means every matter (jism) comes to an end.

If we speak by means of material knowledge:

The One who has no beginning is only the Uncreated One.
The One who has no beginning is the One being ‘No thing’.
Every thing is in nothingness.
There is nothingness outside the world (dunya).
Nothingness is ready/present (hazir) and watching(nazir) everywhere.
Realities exist.
Possibilities/Potentials (imkân) exist.
Concepts exist.
Forms exist.
The principal giving form is God.
God is separate from everything and “Single/One”.
He has multi appearances. Like a rose appearing between two mirrors…
Stone is matter.
Fish is matter.
People are matter too.
Anything other than God is matter.
God is the First (awwal), and the Last (Akhir).

Space is limited (space has a limit).
Because it is the border of a certain substance (jism).
There is no space without a substance (jism).

[alternative translations to above sentence: 1.There is no substanceless space. 2.Substanceless space does not exist. 3.Substanceless space is nonexistent.]

There cannot be an empty space either.
A space cannot be without substance existing.
Just as a border would not exist without a country…
To be and not to be are only on the earth.
The planets spin in non-existence (nothingness).
Everything being existent is in nothingness.

When God turns the universe system, which He created, into nothingness again, there will be nothing but the uncreated one (nothingness) in its place, just as before the beginning of the world. These sentences are a revolution for the immature brain…

The suffering is both the happiness and affliction of humanity. It is both the destiny and the greatness.
This is the last limit of the human eye, ear, thought, reasoning, cognition and scientific opinion analysing matter (material).
The spiritual expression of this is:
Neither a voice (ses) nor a breath (nefes),
What is felt is only endless and borderless loneliness…

There was quite emptiness or not.
There was
No Earth.
No Sun.
No Day.
No Moon.
There were no stars yet either…

There was
No Milky way .
No light.
No Galaxies…

(Alternative translation to above lines: Earth did not exist. Sun did not exist. Day did not exist. Moon did not exist. Milky way did not exist. Light did not exist. Galaxies did not exist…)

There was only “WATER” below and above.
“to Exist” did not even exist.
There was only a single “HU” encompassing the endlessness of these non-existences.
There is no cell in the human brain (dimağ) that can determine and recognize (identify) His Essence-Reality (mahiyet) and put IT through the border of concept (define it as a concept).

After that God has appeared as if a rose had appeared between two mirrors. Non-existents have been existent.
And after that, God made Âdam a shirt.
He has put him on.
He has decorated the world with His own ornaments in the form of human (insan).

Human! It is not known where (human) comes from.
(Human being) is born by hiding himself under the veil of a mother and father, grows up, lives and gets old. He glides and goes to the endless land called death.
Like a star…

It is not understood what state this is.
It is not known.
But the cycle/circulation (dawran [*]) is set up in that way and spins like that.
Men think that non-existence comes from existence and existence comes from non-existence.
In fact every moment becomes existent and every moment becomes non-existent!

The Rasûl (the Messenger) said:

“The world is but a moment.”

God lets us know in His word:

“Every moment everything becomes nothing, and is created as new again.[3]

That is the way this universe is established…

[*] Dawran(Arabic): Circulation,cycle,time, world of matters, city of matters, life of world. Dawr means to circulate around a fixed point. DawrAN means to make that circulation in “AN”. All creation is created in “AN” is circulating around the Noor-u-Mim (Light of mim) which is the central point where divine manifestations occur.

God has given two traits to the human being (insan):
Shame and forgetfulness.
One of them is the limit of ‘adab[*], the other one is the source of finding strength again.
Adab ’ is the limit of everything for the human being.
It is the limit where the mind stops, concepts languish, the head comes to prostration (sajda), and the human comes nose to nose with the ONE who is closer to him than himself…
“As much as a bow length”…
The veil between is the veil of shame.
The trait notifying about the resistance limit (e.g. capacity).

[*] adab (A [derivation: 'aDuBa, to be well-mannered]; spelling in T: edeb, edep): refined manners, proper conduct, courtesy and respect, self-discipline. In Islam, adab is to act in accordance with the Sunnat-i Rasul(Tradition, moral conduct and etiquette of the Prophet of Allah). Adab is a power(malaka) protecting someone from committing things which will embarrass him in the end.

There is willpower (irade, ihtiyar) in human beings.
It is the power of doing or not doing everything…
Shame is outside of that limit.
Don’t be ashamed (if it is in your hand) then!..
There is no willpower on this limit.
Human willpower is not even “Zero”…
The one feeling a deep pang of sadness because of what he did, has committed a sin.
He hurt the boundary of the ‘adab ’.
If He felt a pleasure from the work he did, and had relief,
He performed good deed.
This means he is within the ‘adab ’.

God has laid down the “elbow grease” and the effort as a condition so that man can reach to his own worth…
Because, in that way (man) wouldn’t pretend to be God and fall into shirk (associating partnership to God)…
God does not want the ‘shirk ’.

It is arrived at the limit of the mind, power(quwwat), and thought by the feeling of ‘Hayâ [*].
Safeguarding the feeling of ‘Hayâ ’ happens by freeing one’s self from the nakedness of body(wujud), spirit(ruh) and sense.
By means of these;
Love together!
Grieve(feel upset) together!
Suffer the poverty together!
Live the troublesome years together!
And never fed up with each other!
Comfort each other!
But do not forget that you are alone(single,one)!..
“ALLAH is single(alone, one)!..”

Dr.Munir Derman (K.S)

Translated from Dr.Munir Derman(K.S)’s book ,”A friend of ALLAH says that, Volume 1. Chapter 2(Allah Dostu Der ki 1.Cilt, 2.Konu)”
Barbaros Sert

[*] Haya: it is an Arabic word derived from the word hayat, which means life. This term covers a wide number of concepts. In English, it may be translated as modesty, shyness, self-respect, bashfulness, shame, honor, humility, etc. The original meaning of haya refers to a bad and uneasy feeling accompanied by embarrassment, caused by one’s fear of being exposed for some unworthy or indecent conduct.
Islamically, haya is an attribute which encourages believers to avoid anything distasteful. It keeps them from being neglectful in giving others what is due upon them, and if for any reason they are not able to keep up with their commitments, then they will feel extremely uncomfortable and ashamed about this. The main reason for this uncomfortable feeling would be the knowledge that they had displeased Allah.


[1,2 &3]
“There is existence at every moment(‘AN’), nonexistence at every moment (AN) and then existence again.” (Verse)
“Every moment, everything becomes nothing, and is created as new again”:

Dr.Munir Derman (K.S) is refering to ‘Sha’anullah’ here. What is ‘Sha’anullah’ then?
Sha’anullah: This means the Sha’N of ALLAH. It needs to be understood by reading the Qur’AN. Sha’N is mentioned in 55/29 in the Qur’an:

يَسْأَلُهُ مَن فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ كُلَّ يَوْمٍ هُوَ فِي شَأْنٍ

Yas’aluhu Man Fī As-Samāwāti Wa Al-’Arđi ۚ Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fī Sha’nin : Of Him seeks (its need) every creature in the heavens and on earth: every day in (new) Splendour doth He (shine)!

‘Sha’nin‘ here is like a new manifestation(tajalli ), new Splendour at every moment(ÂN). ÂN is Impartible Indivisible Particle of Time(ZamÂn). The seed of Time in ‘Sha’anullah’, which is perceived as Time in this world of testimony(‘alam al-shahada). “ÂN” is the Essence and Reality of Time. God creates new things at every moment(ÂN) and keeps creating. Every moment is a new Sha’N in Sunnatullah…






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