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Lime is the stone,
Water is the water.
But water dissolves it,
Water is soft,
Stone is hard,
You too should become soft.
Hard ones will kneel down in front of you sooner or later.
Patience is the trick of the one having no trick.
Be patient….
[Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s)]

Kireç taştır,
Su da sudûr,
Fakat su onu eritir,
Su yumuşaktır,
Taş serttir,
Sen de yumuşak ol.
Sertler, geç de olsa önünde diz çöker.
Sabır, hilesi olmayanın hilesidir.
Sabırlı ol….
[Prof.Dr.Munir Derman (k.s)]

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    Purity determines the power of water