“I have not remembered My own Name unless I remembered your name together with My Name!”
[ALLAH j.j., Abu’l-Fidâ, Tafsîr, Volume 4, p.525, Suyûti, Durru’l-mensûr, Volume.6, p.364]

Our Prophet (a.s) also made explanations related to this subject in one of his noble hadiths saying:

When I have been free from the works of heavens and the earth and the the things which were commanded to me:

“Oh Lord (Rabb)! There are no prophets before me to who you have not been generous.
Oh Lord! You took Ibrahim (Abraham) for a friend (khalil), and Musa (Moses) for “kalîm” [*].

[*] Kalîm: A title of the Prophet Musa (a.s). In literature “Kalîm” means the one who is addressed/spoken unto. As Allah spoke unto Musa (a.s) (see Qur’an, al-Araf, 7/143 and 144), this title was given to him.

You have made of service the mountains for Dawud (David) and the wind and devils (shaiytans) for Sulaiman (Solomon)!
You have raised the dead for Isa (Jesus)! I said.
‘What did you do for me?’ I asked.
Allah Almighty:

‘Have I not given you the most superior one than all of these? I have not remembered My own Name unless I remembered your name together with My Name!’ He said.”

وَرَفَعْنَا لَكَ ذِكْرَكَ
“Wa Rafa`nā Laka Dhikraka : And raised high thy “dhikr: remembrance” [ Qur’an, Al-Inshirah, (94/4) ]

It is commented that the rising of the name/honour in the verse above, is the remembrance of the name of our Prophet (a.s) together with the Name of Almighty God, ALLAH, in the Kalima-i Tawhid (La ilaha illa ALLAH Muhammadan Rasulullah), in the adhan (call for prayer) and in the Qur’an…

In the conquest (fath) of Mecca, When Bilal-i Habashi climbed on the Kaabah (The house of God) and while he was reciting the first adhan, having heard “Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullah: I bear witness that Muhammad is the Rasul of ALLAH”, Abu Jahil’s daughter Juwayriya was not able to desist from saying: “I swear over my life that Allah has raised the name of Muhammad. Allah has honoured you and raised your name! Your name, your fame is raised!” [History of Islam, Asim Kök ]
Translation by garibAN

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