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** Uslu is outspoken **

Salamun Alaikum friend, the year is two thousand and eleven
Sixth of October Thursday, man is so poor of heaven


He always says “give to me Oh Lord” and closes his selfishly eyes
One of them eats and the other one looks, doomsday rapidly arrives


Son of Adam never says our mother is Eve
Evolved monkey he is , his heart is like a sieve


He thinks that the world is inherited by him, and always for himself he chisels
Even if you give a mountain to him his eyes never get satisfied, and he piles up treasures


The Adz, handle and account turn in to the opposite way one day
Don’t cause the maltreated ones to sigh “AH”, your rose life collapses one day


He neither hears admonition nor warning and exhortation,
Haqq(Truth) overpowers him, There is a determined time and no neglection
Z.G. Uslu 05.10.2011-16:38 Samsun
Translated the first few lines from the poem of Z.G.Uslu

As Salam and Love

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