…:…:… ALONE WITH MY SELF…:..:…


I had gone to visit my teacher ONE day.

I was 17 years old.

His room had only window on it’s ceiling and it was with large and high ceiling.

His room is naked.

A fur.

A bed on the floor as well…

A jug, a bowl, that is all…

There was a very beautiful fragrance in it’s air…


He was sitting down himself and his long hair was falling over his shoulders like a mane

Come here!” said he.

I kissed his hand:

I am going now, the school is finished!” I said.

He made dua (prayed for me), and gave orders in the form of admonition.

Stay in a room alone with your self occasionally!..

I accustomed to this, I do this occasionally…


I went to France for education.

5-6 years passed in between…

I entered in to my room to carry out this admonition and order…

I saw two individuals(dhats) in my room.

I was astonished all of a sudden.

Where did they enter from…


They walked away as soon as they saw me, and disappeared in the wall.

I got astonished.

They left a paper on the floor, small…

I still keep that paper…

And my amazement still continues.

Thirty-odd years have passed.

This amazement will continue until my last breath…

I could not tackle it…


A year after this incident, I returned to the country for holiday.

I went directly to my teacher…

He had grown old, I kissed his hand…

He asked me about my spiritual state(hâl) …

He asked about my brother.


Tell him to come!” he said .


My elder brother was a district treasurer in Sivas at those times.

I sent a telegram and he came after a week.

We sat beside him…

My teacher had got sick.

He gave advises(nasihad) to us, prayed and patted us…


For a moment:


Is that paper with you?” he asked.


I could not understand it all of a sudden:

As I was saying “Ha!” , he held out his thumb towards my mouth. “Shush!” he said…

“Do it as such(accordingly)…”

He turned towards my elder brother:

Kâzım, you also know that!..


After a day we left our teacher and we cried…

I asked my brother:


Have you got of that paper?


Shush my brother!” he said…


My donkey brother!” he said.


My teacher has still not left us. He reaches to us (his help comes to us)If we get distressed…


But 15 years a go, my brother went to visit my teacher at his 47…

May he rest in Noor (Divine light)!..


The writing within that paper is this, let me tell it to you and you act accordingly:


Leave the Waswasah [1]!..

No matter how much work, will and wishes you have, surrender them all to qaza and qadar [2]!.. Leave it to ALLAH who does His duty in However way He Himself wishes!..

And wait!..

Leave the anxiety!

Remove the  misery and sadness(worry)!

The path of Murad (will, wish) becomes visible by it’s self, and you go on to that path!

Be hungry, but do not tell anyone!

Do not cast your sorrows , your poverties, your suffering in to words!

May Angels even not hear!..

If you have any affliction, speak to HAQQ [3], He is sufficient for every thing!

If you fall in poverty,  be demure (WAKAR) and show patience!

Do not lift your hands up for wishes to HAQQ even!

Lift them up only for HAMD(PRAISING)!

ALLAH knows you better than you!..

To melt in HAQQ in this world is this!..”




Dr.Munir Derman (K.S)



Translated from Dr.Munir Derman(K.S)’s book ,”Allah Dostu 5.Cilt, 2.Konu”

Barbaros Sert




You can see more writings from Dr.Munir Derman(K.S) on following link:






[1] Waswasah: waswas, pl. wasawis; means satanic whispering, obsessions and suggestions giving birth to hesitations, doubts and incertitude in one’s self.

[2] Qaza and Qadar:

Qaza is in Arabic ﻗﻀﺎء  qadā’, Farsi/Urdu qazā’:  divine decree, predestination; fate, destiny; fatality; death; decree, mandate, judgment. In esoteric usage, qazā is the will of ALLAH (Muradullah).

Qadar is in Arabic ﻗﺪﺮ qadr:  measuring, determining; deciding, choosing, comparing one thing with another; measuring out; portion, part. Qadar is the manifestation of the divine decree.

Qaza and Qadar is like divine will(Iradullah) and free-will (juz-i- irada). There is no choice in Qaza because it is related to the Dhatullah(essence of GOD), but Qadar is based on choices in this test of life. The choices are also based on naseeb and qismat. Qaza can not be known by anyone but ALLAH j.j. Qaza means the Divine, indisputable decree regarding the creation of events and phenomena and Qadar means their measure size of events to happen.


[3] Haqq: This is one of the beautiful names of ALLAH j.j.

      AL- HAQQU (J.J) [Qur’an Ref: 22/62]  (dhatī)( اَلْحَقُّ) : the Truth

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  • http://adreampuppet.wordpress.com/ Michael Hawkins

    Many thanks, Barbaros, for translating this story, and especially the contents of the note.

  • admin

    You are most welcome my dear friend. There are so many things to translate, hopefully we will do that slowly in time inshaallah. Arabic terms defining Qadar and Qaza here are very deep words which need to be learned from outside. Glossary put is only to give a general description. I am afraid , people need to go and learn some things outside. Dr.M.Derman (k.s) explained qaza and qadar in one of the volumes of these books but it has not been translated yet. As far as I understand qaza is the divine will and decree given by Dhatullah. Time and place can not be applied to Dhatullah(Essence of ALLAH). In Qadar, we live this decree by the partial will(juz-i irada) given to us by ALLAH, we use our freedom of choice, and His will in qaza manifests as qadar. Somethings decreed by ALLAH never changes and some other things may change by praying. There are other deep explanations beyond this but this is the section where people thumble. Because people can not understand timelessness and placelessness. The reason for this is the “Mind”. As the mind causes duality, people keep critisizing the descriptions related to destiny. Anyway, this is a deep subject, not the subject of this title yet :)
    May ALLAH j.j bestow His mercy(rahmat) on all of us , seeking for the path of TRUTH…