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Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam had prayed to Allah in Daru’l-Arkam on Monday:

“Oh Allah! Make Islam aziz (victorious) and reinforce it by one of those two men, who is the dearest one to you, Abu Jahl or Omar B.Hattab, ” Read the rest of this entry »

Health and Free Time

As reported by Ibn Abbas, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

Health and free time are two great blessings the benefits of which most people are deceived about.”

This hadith invites us to consciously make use of the “time” that starts with our birth and ends with our death in the best way. It focuses our attention on the two important blessings which we possess and use selfishly, unaware of their value or destiny: Health and free time. Is it not meaningful that of all the blessings that flow through our hands these two were brought to the fore? We are speaking of two important values that act as springboards in the development of physical and spiritual values. Without health there are many forms of worship that we cannot perform and we encounter difficulties in our social life. If we do not have any free time in which to be on our own, we cannot proceed on the spiritual journey. Read the rest of this entry »


On Not Complaining

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Eighteenth Discourse from Futuh al-Ghaib

                              On Not Complaining


The Shaikh (may Allah be well pleased with him, and grant him contentment) said:

Let me give you a piece of advice: Never complain to anyone about your luck, whether he be friend or foe, and do not accuse the Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He) of treating you badly and making you suffer misfortune. You should rather proclaim your blessings and your gratitude. Better even to tell a lie by expressing gratitude for a benefit you have not received, than to state the plain fact of your situation truthfully but as a complaint. Who is totally without the grace of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He)? Allah (Exalted is He) has said:

And if you count the favor of Allah, you will never add it up. (16:18)

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Once upon a time, Mehmet Jamalattin Efendi requested from his students to bring him some flowers. All of his students came to the presence of their teacher with various beautiful flowers. However there was one student, Yusuf Sinan, who came with a wilted hyacinth in his hand. When his teacher asked him about the wisdom behind his attitude, his answer was : Read the rest of this entry »


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“Son! Son! Honey is not put into a terracotta jar used for vinegar!!! ..”[ Kul Ihvani's Mother]

“Oğul! Oğul! Sirke küpüne bal konulmaz!!!” [ Kul İhvâni’nin annesi]


Alif Allah - X
Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA)

Allah favored you and you memorized the Quran
but the veils were not removed
__O Hu! Read the rest of this entry »



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As soon as we came to know
The significance of the Name
The love shone more radiantly __O Hu! Read the rest of this entry »


Whoever is for God then God is for him

“Walk! The one who hears by Me and sees by Me is you. What does it mean to be the owner of the Secret (SiRR)? You yourself are the Secret (SiRR). Since you have become the manifestation place (mazhar) for the secret of “Lillah: for ALLAH” [1] , I too become yours. Because “Whoever becomes God’s, God becomes his . [2]

[Hz.Rumi (k.s), Translation by garibAN, Mathnawi] Read the rest of this entry »

Sultan Bahu (RA)-Short Biography

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Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) |Sultan-al-Faqr, Sultan-al-Arifin| (1628_ 1691)

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) is one of the most renowned Sufi saints of the later Mughal period in the history of Indo-Pakistan sub-continent. He is often called Sultan al-Arifin (the Sultan of gnostics) in the Sufi circles. His ancestors belonging to …a tribe of Alvids called Awan and coming from Arabia via Hirat (Afghanistan) had settled in the Soon Sakesar Valley of Khushab District in Punjab. His father, Hazrat Sultan Bazid Muhammad, had served in the army of the Emperor Shah Jahan as a high ranking officer and so in recognition to his services had been awarded a jagir in the Shorkot area. The family migrated to the place and settled at Qalai Shorkot, a settlement at the bank of River Chenab (now in District Jhang, Punjab) Hazrat Sultan Bahu was born there, probably in the 1628 A.D. His mother Mai Rasti (RA) saw a vision of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that soon she will be blessed with a child with inherent spiritual qualities whose light of Faqr will benefit many seekers till the end of time. She was instructed to name the child `Ba Hu’ – meaning – `With Allah’. This name, most certainly suited this holy personality, for he was always drowned in the Love of Allah. Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s (RA) name is incomparable and has no parallel. His very name reflects his lofty spiritual station, pure qualities and attributes. Thus was given the name Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Bahu (RA). Read the rest of this entry »