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Why We Recite the Maulids

by M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen


Maulid is an Arabic word meaning the celebration of a birthday, especially that of a prophet or saint.

In this discourse, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.) is referring to two celebrations: one for the birth of Prophet Muhammad (Sal.) during the month of Rabï-ul-Awwal, and one for Qutb Muhyiddïn ‘Abdul-Qädir al-Jïlänï (Ral.) during the month of Rabï-uth-Thänï. Because Qutb Muhyiddïn (Ral.) was born during Ramadän, the month of fasting, the celebration of his life is commemorated around the anniversary of his death.

The maulids last for eleven or twelve days, beginning after the late afternoon prayers (‘asr) and lasting for about three hours. During that time numerous prayers of remembrance (dhikr), traditional stories (ahädïth), and verses of praise (salawät) are recited.

In the following discourse, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.) explains the purpose and benefit of observing these maulids – to honor the wise ones who are our helpers and to praise Allah for sending them to guide us.
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By Dr.Munir Derman (K.S)


Mâ-i Billûri, a crystallised form of the nonvanishing drop of “WATER”

(the drop which is formed from the command received in it’s disposition, in accordance with the laws,)


(Alternative translation to the sentence above: the drop taking form in accordance with the laws related to the elemental characteristics coming from it’s own disposition )


This does not vanish

It is everywhere.

It is called “billûr-crystalline”.


‘Mütevelidi’l-mai’  (Hydrogen).

Divine thing bringing forth (giving birth to) the Water. 

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…:…:… ALONE WITH MY SELF…:..:…


I had gone to visit my teacher ONE day.

I was 17 years old.

His room had only window on it’s ceiling and it was with large and high ceiling.

His room is naked.

A fur.

A bed on the floor as well…

A jug, a bowl, that is all…

There was a very beautiful fragrance in it’s air…

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Everything spins from right towards left.

There are immense true knowledge and the verse in the Qur’an  in many places, pointing to the fact that the Sun is fixed and all stars are orbiting around it and also around their own axis. Today’s knowledge accepts it as a scientific truth that everything spins around it’s own axis since Galileo tapped his foot on the floor in the inquisition court and said Even now the world is turning:Eppur si muove” [1].
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